• Your Father

    This aight at best.
    Definitely not worthy of being on a Doggystyle sequel.
    Doggy don’t do it. Don’t destroy your legacy…

  • Jimmy

    This will be a Dissapointment Comapred to the First Doggystyle

  • rap

    no mainstream beats!!!!!!!!!!!!! wait after detox so dre can be on ur production!!!!!!

  • Android

    Snoop Dogg was laid to rest the day he accepted tht phonecall from Katy Perry.

  • dannidavito

    yeah dont put this on the album. jus keep it on a mixtape or something

  • Ernest

    I miss the old Snoop Dogg, of Death Row, and the one who made Tha Last Meal

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  • Post no billz

    Snoops been lost in garbageland for so long.. His last decent album (ego trip) was ghost written for him..ive lost faith in the former doggfather…

  • bigjay2501

    i like this track….living up to the original Doggystyle will be a tough task though. Snoop will always be in my top 5 of all time.

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    This guy raps about the same old shit….dude your married with kids….you aint pimpin, you aint hustling, you aint a fuckin crip, just shut the fuck up….and rape your stupid fans for their money.

  • i do like this alot, while ya’ll hatein??? atleast its keepin him away from katy perry songs


    Not Bad.
    compared to “Gangsta Luv, Pronto, or all his last 3-4 albums” this wasn’t bad.
    STILL….nothing will ever top original Doggystyle.
    I dont even think Dre (today) can!!

  • junk juice

    ehh, sounds like some leftover malice n wonderland

  • Belize

    I really hope this doesn’t make the cut…

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  • L

    what the hell are you thinking! Oh! I get it, you have sold out I guess Suge was right. You say you are the king of the west coast but from what I have been hearing on the last three records I would say you are not even the prince of the west coast… You should have never left dre’s side your records should always have dre’s production along with warren G and swizz beats.

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