• tpm2810

    mac miller = the next rich hill! white boys enamored with drugs that use them as a scape goat for inspiration to make meaningless songs about getting high and how psychedelic their perspective on life is! get myself into rehab music @ its best!

    I aint hatin! but i just aint got no love!

    “…get these whack c**k suckers off stage, where the f**k is Kanye when you need him?…” shady

  • Dre

    Shit is crack! Props to whoever produced this track cause it goes hard (pause)!

  • What do u mufuckaz see in this wack ass nigga???? Get tha fuck outta here! I should have a deal if this kid can get one!

  • OneDeep

    Who he jack this beat from?

  • OneDeep

    @Dre we’ll never know who produced this joint because dude’s a sucka

  • i know jay-z said not to but I skimmed through this and stopped on a part and he said “back and forth like a windshield wiper”

    fuck outta here, son.

  • Guegz Guevara

    @[email protected]!

    HA! how come u ain’t got one?

  • Yea [email protected] you must not be doing something right..

  • seriously?

    Somebody smack this fool, this guys a joke, cant believe dipshits like this moron actually get fame.

    I wish 2pac was still around to smack these morons around.

  • Eyerone

    and as always…the haters go out of their way to hate.

    if you dont like the nigga, stfu. theres other posts for you to comment on.

  • KIDS was one of the best mixtapes of the summer, most of you guys will disagree cause you are always rocking out to some Triple OG Hood waka flaka gucci bullshit . I love Mac’s sound, good flow with a nice laid back feel to it. Seems like everyone here expects a fuckin classic every time any rapper drops a track. Was this his best? No, Was it bad? No. Also, who the fuck cares if he or anyone else makes a song about drugs, it aint the first or last time it will happen.

    Some of you people are too hard to please, and to those that can’t believe this kid is signed and you aint, sure, maybe your flow is better, but why the fuck arent you signed then? Prolly cause you sit around rap radar trollin like douchebags all day. Get outside and make some fuckin moves if you are so good.

  • Young Mo Fo

    COSIGN @ Smokin bleezies

  • Dis dude good

  • richyrich13

    damn yall hating, i like mac, he’s better than half the rap that people are producing today and getting play. not bad for an 18 year old white boy

  • Thomas

    This dude is straight up wack. I don’t see the appeal. Sorry.

  • Post no billz

    He’s dope..I think people hate on him cus hes white..

  • Billyumh

    ya’ll notice there is always one person on here that rides his dick extra hard each post ex.”smokin bleezies” < either he is a dumb ass or that black kid that alwayz follows this guy around Mac Miller fuckin sucks and his Jew Uncle that has his music on this site sucks too

  • i am feeling that beat, he flows steadily on it… something different

  • tpm2810

    smokin bleezies must b gettin paid hella by the rostrum street team!

  • gusto

    Pre-Order that Lloyd Banks HFM2 on iTunes NOW!! Classic album yall. HFM2 Nov. 22nd Support Hip Hop! Spread the WORD!

  • everybody

    why post music from white people? It brings out way too much negativity on this site. There is plenty of music out there from other ethnicities to post. we do not need these people. nobody wants to see, hear, or smell anything from no pussy ass whiteboys.

  • Go_white_rapperz

    @seriously? Dude this guy isn’t that great but come on man. When r people gonna just realize tupac is dead and he’s not coming back and biggie isn’t either they were both great but still no better then em or ap or benefit

    If u don’t like it then go fuck yourselves

  • Go_white_rapperz

    @everybody just cause ur an ignorant racist jigger doesn’t mean everyone is
    Where u read ur first book big man? In the pin hahahahaha wannabe Internet gangsters just like lil Wayne is just a studio gangsta and never pops nines

  • Go_white_rapperz

    Meant to say nigger*

  • slowbot10

    yall do realize that dude just turned 18….

  • syd

    mac is the future. im growin up w mac

  • LacedUP

    RAZ FRESCO ON DA BEAT…dude da dopest producer in toronto hands down!

  • Yall FUCK UP ! he is dope bet half yall will sayy he go hard when you hear him on your radio so stfu.. im trippin nowww…. haha Mac miller ♥

  • jdub8

    Stop the fucking hate guys, rap and hip hop is not exclusive to black people. Besides I really like Mac Miller and unlike most of the rappers out there these days, he’s not rapping about popping bottles in clubs, fucking bitches, guns, or about all the cash he has, which is a good change. His music is chill. Give the fucking kid a chance. And @everybody, you are one dumb mother fucker to be thinking like that. I hope for your own sake that you aren’t as culturally impaired as your idiotic comment proves you to be. You think you are superior or something? Stop being a pretentious little bitch and shut the fuck up.

  • yung a.k.

    All you hater of mac can smd

  • wakka

    the beats on kids mixtape were extra delicious + nice flow intelligent lyrics, poetics. Fucking love ‘the chronic’ and ‘doggystyle’ but i cant deny that lyricwise this is a whole other level, more like a nas/tribe/gangstarr vibe. I think he’s gonna be around for quite a while