T.I. Checks Into Prison

For the second time, T.I. returned to Forest City Federal Correctional Complex in Arkansas. Officials told TMZ the rapper checked in “sometime this afternoon.” Apparently, his information has yet to be processed. In related news, Lil Wayne will walk out of Rikers Island a free man, this Thursday. Whose turn is it next?

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  • Shakin’-My-Fuckin’-HEAD!…

  • jam jizz

    I think this nigga likes it in there lol

  • Haters are annoying–> Android, Mac Weasel, and others

    that was quick smh, i feel sorry for his kids, i hope he learns his lesson…..

    on the bright side wayne’s gettin out in 3 days !

  • In T.I out Lil Wayne

    Lil’ Wayne will walk out of Rikers Island a free man, this Thursday………


    The Best Rapper Alive Is Coming Back Yessssssssssssss………..

    Now I Can Throw Eminem Cd’s In The Trash………..

    Ha !

  • Hater

    When will this niqqua learn

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    [email protected]”The Best Rapper Alive Is Coming Back Yessssssssssssss.” [email protected] wayne sack chasing groupies kill me sometimes. The FUNNY about the T.I. situation is that he named his album “KING UNCAGED” way before this situation happen now look @him. The funniest thing to happen since we found out William L. Roberts is Sheriff Buford T. Justice.

  • he went back cuz his boyfriend is still there

  • Black Shady

    lil wayne got male groupies? LOL sad………..

    T.I…….you’re just one dumb nigga

  • scorpio



  • jacob

    @In T.I out Lil Wayne

    Are you lil waynes babies daddy or sumthing?

  • Word

    Wayne has more homosexual fans than Drake. No way should a man get THAT excited about another man getting out of jail unless they family. And thats @In T.I out Lil Wayne

  • Belize

    Why can’t the small gayne do TI’s time for him?

  • mac DIESEL


    …HA!!!! FUCKIN’ DUMBASS!!!!


  • Michael


    The hate for him is pathetic…U talk about wayne more than ur fav rapper…S-A-D



  • Yousef

    When will people realize that lil wayne is wack? The fuck is the world coming to?

    Keep Real Hip-Hop Alive if you know what I mean.

  • Soulja hurricane cris

    Slim shhady better off retiring ya here me– twitter age times changed like time zones he don’t want prolemz wit the base gahd and Dem young headz

  • cocking my head to side like Ed Lover- “Com on son”

    he played himself and his ole lady going to next november…. Ha, the king caged yet again

  • Alright children. He fucked up making a u turn on sunset. He was being targeted. For not understanding that he’s now dealing with the consequence of not being on point when your suppose to. But all this judgement is crazy we are humans we make mistakes havent yall? over and over So I ask anyone who has a opinion about T.i Would you want people on blogs talking wreckless about you for a mistake you made. And the only time TI got my money was paper trail and that had 2 many R & B chourses on it and Urban legend from the bootleg guy

  • zoie

    i seriously think t.i. jinxed himself into going back to prison when he told chelsea handler jokingly that prison was great and he couldn’t wait to go back.

    wtf’s wrong with him? thought he should be more responsible than this since he has kids.

  • johnny

    hahha wasn’t he preaching to highschool students about drugs and guns and not doing taking the rigth path.. classic bullshit. wonder what the kids are thinking

  • no one cares anymore

    I hope T.I. be aight in prison. Things happens for a reason. Maybe we just are clueless of the reason. T.I. HOLD YOUR HEAD. FREE WEEZY!

  • bill

    weezy out t.i goes in somehow unbelievable.hope t.i changes next time he comes back

  • Jazz

    He’ll never change. Him and Lil Wayne be playing musical cells.

  • Word


    LMAO. This nigga said musical cells. Imma have to borrow that.

  • Bandit

    If you think T.I. hasn’t grown up you haven’t listened to any of his recent music. Dude’s changin his life in major ways and even got the community involved as part of his plea bargain.

  • Clos1881

    Man niggas is haters you got niggas on this site that go jail to for bullshit all the time.

  • I cant believe this Nigga is going back in the can ….I mean what the hell is wrong with him?


  • Mandrostar

    “Whose turn is it next?”


    Apparently gucci’s

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  • G

    c’mon now your names jam jizz

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