New Music: Saigon “Bring Me Down”

Saigon’s The Greatest Story Never Told will finally be unfurled on February 15th. VIBE, attended the listening session last night and comes through with first single off the long-awaited project. Sounds electrifying. Atlantic, you lost.

Yesterday: “I Want It All” (Video)

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  • ben

    saigon is ill.

  • manuvsteel

    who makes that new york hat he got on? thats ill.

  • NYC4Life

    Amazing. Good to hear new york rap essence. with new elements added. That’s growth

  • dc


  • Fan

    This is what we wanna hear from Saigon!

  • GSNT

    Time to tell that story, Sai! And make sure this joint is on there.

  • Crazy

    This song is catchy and got lyrics. I need to hear more of his new shit now. like that guitar

  • buzz

    He’s been building a big buzz last couple of weeks. Starting to catch everyone’s ear again. Great song

  • Rick

    Saigon is dope

  • saigon is a dope artist.

    The Music Majors
    Music Production @ TheMusicMajors. com

  • Sick

    Sick! Is the release date real though?! any industry people in here????

  • PTownWa

    You gotta want to see this guy succeed… He is a great artist! Lookin forward to the album Sai

  • Atlanta404

    Daaamn! That guitar in the middle there is fierce!!! NY is bringing it like that now??

  • Yo Joe

    I know an employee @that studio where Saigon did this, Stadium red up in harlem. The team there is phenomenal, from just blaze to the musicians & the engineers. Music like this will save NY, mark my words.

  • Turtle

    Good stuff. Took ya long enough, way to drop my ally-oop.

  • Vinny

    You Make Me Sick was str8 spitting. I Want It All was cool but still not that raw Saigon. This shit right here is that perfect yardfather flow for 2011. Bout to turn it up to 11 and get my led zepplin on…

  • Drama

    Maaaan frruck nikki minaj. Let the good music post breathe, YN!!

  • wow… this man I wasn’t even going to listen to this song, but I’m glad I did.

    “you know the feeling when your back is up against the wall
    people say they love you but you aint convinced at all
    tell them they full of ish and they’ll tell you you’re insecure
    callin you immature, does that makes sense at all
    you ever feel like its against the whole world?
    like everybody is scheming even your own girl?
    your homeboys seem to be counting your money
    tell em you aint got it and they lookin at you funny.”

    Posting this. damn.


    Respect to saigon for that Corona Bottle! HA!

  • E

    Get this guy back on Entourage. This song’s a fuckin winner!!!

  • Andrew

    it’s so nice to see some real hip hop getting attention… god damn Saigon is not playing!
    this is some of the best new music i’ve heard from a rapper in a while.
    i’m really excited to hear the rest of The Greatest Story Never Told… if this single is any indication, it just might live up to it’s name

  • Gordon B.

    Shit’s dope just like that joint that dropped yesterday.

  • mac DIESEL



  • Yo Hip Hop

    Yo… I heard this song a year ago from a cat named Radio Ramone… I like ramone’s better
    The DL link is dead but the player still plays it.

  • Ya

    the guitar’s one of the best parts! Its a rock beat, wut do want flutes?? Rock on, Saigon!!

  • Best

    This is still the best post of the day, by far. Damn YN, what does it take to make your top 5 list nowadays? Remove hammer from the list

  • crookedJ

    shit is tough

  • Jamaal

    Yo Saigon dudes from way Back in Somalia be bumping your shit. 2 Gunz up Saigon, real recognize real. I wish you nothing but success fam. 2010-2011 YOUR YEARS. GET EM NIGGA!

  • Guegz Guevara

    Just Keep doin your thing! Say no more!


  • Eyerone

    that was pretty ill. he just restored my faith in the project! saigon, u got my 12 dollars!

  • tough


  • cmark

    Song is fire… Production is solid, Guitars are perfection

  • mike

    fuckin amazin shiit right here, glad he signed to sub noize whoop

  • steve

    cosign @cmark and @mike. Saigon!!!

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