Nicki Minaj YRB Feature

Now that’s what we call the perfect storm. In Onika’s YRB cover story, she touches on some interesting topics. In the excerpt below, her alter-ego Roman Zolanski has some words for Kimberly.

“These girls aren’t mad at me. They’re mad at themselves,” she states, shooting down questions on why she never took Kim’s bait. “[It’s] jealousy, insecurity and being broke. When you haven’t capitalized and you see I’m about to capitalize on this shit like it’s never been done before, then you’re mad at yourself.”


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  • The Truth

    Nicki needs to take the high road on this one… Stop talking. Let the people speak for themselves!



  • 1) Are those tampons circling around her?

    2) Isn’t Roman a male name? Not judging…just saying…. lol

    3) She speaks truth, especially about that insecure part. That being said…Lil Kim should respond in a song and OD like she did on Lil Cease and Junior Mafia throughout her last album, “Naked Truth”…and anything less would be a loss for Lil Kim, because although people may not LIKE Minaj, she’s hot right now, and it’s never a good idea to go at someone unless they can back it up…

  • mac DIESEL



  • Your mother’s “Friend”

    She’s right tho , kim played herself

  • TRUTH!

    Humility is essential with each triumph…try to remember that next time Nicki.

  • PTownWa

    This bitch Nicki needs a slice of humble pie… 1st & foremost…without Kim there would be no Nicki Minaj… and up until 2005 Kim was the 2nd wealthiest Black Woman after Oprah… Nicki hasn’t made major cake like that yet! We don’t need to get into the whole convo of skill level/ rapping…. Nicki = Basura!!



  • MinajBangher!

    Def hit it though…..

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Word to god this chick look like a dude.

  • Nathaniel

    key word, “about”…. you’re ABOUT to capitalize. but presently, you haven’t done shit so shut the fuck up and keep your nose clean. keep working.

    i wonder why new artists these days are so quick to toot their own horn. niggas really be thinking they’re indestructible. there’s some fickle fans out here, shawty.

    and hold up. Kim definitely capitalized… she had a nice run. and she pioneered an entire, newly interpreted image of a female mc… a tradition you follow. her place in history is solidified, even though she fell off… and EVERYBODY has to fall off eventually. yeah, you too. cuz you can’t keep that barbie shit up when you’re 35. trust. then what?

  • MXL


    There is no fuckin’ way on Earth that Kim was EVER “the 2nd wealthiest Black woman after Oprah.” If I had to take a wild guess as to who is, I’d say Cathy Hughes, founder and CEO of RadioOne. I don’t know who gave you that ridiculous idea about Kim’s massive wealth, but you need to punch that person in his fuckin’ face.

  • dr

    @MXL and @PtownWA
    not to mention the black woman who started BET… no way lil kim was ever 2nd wealthiest black woman.

  • dashing

    @Nathaniel. Well put.

  • That’s What’s Wrong With Hip-Hop

    At least she is honest about being a Gimmick…

  • Fuck Ya Life

    People kill me with this alter ego shit. So Nicki didn’t say this but her alter ego Roman Zolanski. Thats just like T.I. a couple years ago. When something bad happens it wasn’t T.I. it was T.I.P. shut the fuck up. Her claiming to have 4 personality don’t make her unique it makes her look fucking crazy.

  • still best rite now!!

    fuck Lil Kim…..Latifah showed Nicki nuthin but love & offered guidance, same with Foxy n even Remy had nuthin to say bad about Nicki, just congratulated her from! This is the biggest female debut in over 10 years, and its great for HipHop as a whole! i wish Nicki much success….

  • nofilter

    did this ignorant ass ninja say lil kim was the second wealthiest black woman next to Oprah?…really…really Oprah the billionaire?….the woman who owns her own magazine, tv network, production company….. rap music has fucked up your brains beyond belief

    kim maybe has a million dollars stashed some where… maybe if that..and thats if she was smart with her bullshit pub checks… which i doubt she is…how could a human being say something so ignorant .. lil kim was the second wealthiest black woman next to Oprah that shit ruined my day to think theres ppl out there that dumb

    fuck you rap music

  • Lay

    Kim is nowhere near the second wealthiest BUT Kim has paper from royalities and that pussy cat show plus other shit. Nicki needs to keep her trap shut and stay humble. YOU ARE A GIMMICK! Kim’s music is still classic and listenable to this day, Nicki Itty Bitty Piggy aint shit even now. You are not classic, you are hot right now. BIG DIFFERENCE!

  • Belize

    BROKE?? Kim got twice+ the money you got Onika. Get the fuck outta here and admit she’s three times the artist you wish you could be.

  • Jaye

    Kim prolly spent the 2nd highest amount in her surgeon’s office! That bitch ain’t NEVA had no money. She never amounted her career into anything, that’s why she’s so fucking salty. Maybe if she wrote her own shit she would have some money; but I’m sure she would blow that on a bad nose job too. Like it or not Nicki’s here, and making money, and kicking your fave’s ass. If you want to keep denying the truth headbutt a knife, please!

  • original will

    kim is broke IDK about that one and she didnt capitalize kim sold like 3 million on her 2nd Lp Nicki aint even released her 1st one I mean and lets be honest if drake can only go platinum Nicki at best is doing 500 k 600 k what is she talking about what is she doing Missy Elliot is worth like 200 something million

    These motherfuccas get gased and think they doing the unthinkable when that shit is mediocre to what the greats have done fucc a download era if eminem can still be in the top 5 in the country every week all this buzz around nicki and drake they should be right there too

    humble yourself down Missy get yo shit on shelves 1st

    Nicki has no classic joints Man I still throw on that “Magic Sticc” when Im fuccing a chicc LOL come on Lighter’s Up, Quiet Storm

    Man What the fucc are yall Smoking to even be entertaining this bullshit

    I mean yea right now Nicki is hotter but her legacy is nowhere near lil Kims shit when she 1st came out thats who she was trying to be and she still is doing the samething kim is doing fake body parts face lifts WIgs all this pink shit man

    this is on the same level of when Wayne try to diss Jay-Z its like come the fucc on be serious

  • bigjay2501

    LMAO @ kim being the 2nd wealthiest black woman.

  • original will

    and another Kim really set herself out there becuz she was coming off the hills of the sister souljas Like Queen Latifah and MC Lyte and shit and she went a whole nother lane and suceeded

    I can already see this is going to be just like last year when Drake compared himself to Jay-Z and J.Cole to Nas its like WTF get a barcode 1st

    get that Miss Cleo fortune shit outta here release something of that quality before you do comparisons on your career or any1 elses on that matter

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