Charges Against Gucci Mane Dropped

Well damn, at least someone in Georgia got lucky. Access Atlanta reports that prosecutors dismissed all charges against Gucci earlier today. La Flare was released from Fulton County Jail after he was arrested yesterday for multiple traffic infractions and obstruction. They brought him down, but for now, he beat it up.

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  • lucky dude! please learn from your mistakes this time Gucci

  • KING

    2 Kanye west Leaks!!

  • KING

    Edit: Kanye ALBUM LEAK!!!

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Dammit i was really hoping for the electric chair…..

  • mac DIESEL



  • KING
  • KING


  • Belize

    Good for him I guess. But bad for Hip-Hop.

  • CTE

    mac weasel we all know you are white and in that case have no reason 2 talk refeshing the page every 5mins ha what a loser closet fan.

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    @ CTE

    He needs a job. Badly.

  • Yaowaaaa

    i think hes a damn loser too, but white people cant be hip hop fans? smh. some white people have it just as hard and come up just as hard. come on now.

  • ben

    its gucci!

  • Itz Yourz

    Good for him. He dont need that type bullshit right now. Its open season on these rappers with the police, so be on point out there.

    Ok so i guess its back to Gucci Time!…instead of Jail Time!

  • Karloos1

    that nigga aint got no muscles just some big flabby ass arms lmao

  • Joshua

    @King do your research its not the complete album but this will do for now good lokking out homie. Kanye all day

  • Briana

    How the fuck do you get off when your caught intoxicated driving on the wrong side of the road? #letmeknow

  • Cause his head is a lemooon!

    For some reason he looks like a black teenage mutant ninja turtle…
    Dnt hate on ma opinnion. (LOL)

  • CTE

    Not trying 2 sound racist or offend anybody but whites always calling a successful black person a monkey or a bama or a black ninja turtle based on their actions not funny or cool so stop posting immoral shit but yeah if u damage gov. property i believe that is at lest 5years in prison prolly 2 boost album sales young jeezy is real and defintly dont have 2 prove it like this guy

  • Word


    No, bamas refer to people from the south. that’s the derogatory term used for southern people no matter what color. Yela Wolf a bama too.

    Im black,but why does everything sound racist to black ppl? And y’all think there’s still a “struggle” too. Like I said im black, And not suburb black or anything but still. Y’all want rappers to talk bout the struggle, but they rich! lmao its crazy.

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  • So Icy Boi!

    Haters thought Gucci was gone ha you haters never succeed

  • sweetbabygigi

    i love him..they always tryna get him on something

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