Kanye On George Bush; Taylor Swift Sales

Kanye called Devi Dev this afternoon on 97.9 The Box in Houston. Ye gave his reaction to former President George W. Bush‘s comments on Hurricane Katrina and Taylor Swift’s record sales for Speak Now. In case you haven’t heard, what homegirl did was silly.

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  • Black Shady

    a milli….crazy

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Charges Dropped against Gucci Mane !

  • K-Lam

    Holy shit, she did a milli

  • TRUTH!

    Kanye please!

  • So Icy Boi!

    The Illuminati got Kanye apologizing to everybody now

  • Nicki’spussy

    She did a milli and previewed every song on her album on tv i thot pple would lose intrest…fuck

  • YoYo

    “Humanitarian level?” step ya vocab up yeezy

  • kofi

    She did great numbers but we live in an age were people equate great numbers with quality material which is sad.

  • gerold

    Taylor Swift won..

    Kanye Lost especially with previewing his damn album on G.O.O.D. Fridays

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    I thought people was talkin crazy when they said Taylor Swift sold a Million copies i look it up yesterday and they were right…Clap for HER !

  • Donn

    Her album is actually good and she writes her own music, if your a fan of all music you take a listen to every thing, but wat do i know right, no one on this site likes anything but rap right…..smh

  • sidshowraheem

    Every generation has an artist who appeals to this same demo of teenage girls they sell a bunch of records and eveventally there audiance fades aways as they get older…it wont be impressive to me unless shes moving this many units 5 or 10 years from now.

  • smokeyou

    taylor has more talent than the majority of the rappers out there. writers her own lyrics/music/plays guitar.

  • kofi


    I listen to almost every genre of music and this chick is not talented her song writing is mediocre at best and her voice during live performances is below average. If you want some good country music listen to alt-country artist like Addie Brownlee or Ryan Bingham

  • smokeyou

    ^^definitely cosign on Ryan Bingham. that is the music business’ secret weapon right there.

  • mutha

    kanye f***** up messing with this girl.he’ll do ross numbers himself.

  • Haters are annoying–> Android, Mac Weasel, and others

    yah all the country hill billies bought that album ! she cant sing either

  • Android

    From what ive heard from Taylor SHIT so far im not impressed. That voice is terrible, engineer prolly does major tuning. Her songs are juvenile(which is okay, she’s young) but high school boyfriends and cheerleaders NAHH please! And kanye did put her on , i know many people who were on only on taylor shit after YE put her on!

  • Ell B

    For ALL of the bullshit he’s popped off over the years… this is definitely the worst.

    Really, you and Dubya are on the same page?

    I know Kanye thinks that dinky award show was an epic tragedy, but its not… Katrina motherfucker?

    Look at the scale: I didnt give a fuck about the VMAs because the crime was an interrupted speech and the victim was a rich young pop star. That’s different from doing nothing while a city of people drown and starve for days. Sympathize… fuck outta here. I was with you when you spoke truth the power, but the only thing youre standing up for now is your sensitive fucking ego. STFU, b.

  • smokeyou

    lol taylor sold more than kanye did with her first 2 albums. she was famous before the mtv awards. swallow your pride.

  • YoYo


    If Kanye put her on why has she consistently outsold him? Put her on to what? a group that bootlegs albums then complains when radio plays the same 5 songs? o ok.

  • smokeyou

    besides lil wayne the past 5 number one albums have been country. lil wayne a little over 100,000 and taylor bitch slapped his sales by 900,000

  • G

    people here are bashing her but the critics love her and her music. she even won the grammy for album of the year. how do you explain that?



  • original will

    real shit you have to give it up for 50 and wayne its only 5 blacc people on that shit and they have on the hardest genres to get approved by these parents i mean Usher Yea and Whitney yea but for them to do them numbers and be the last genre of music to pull that feat off bacc to bacc you gotta give it up to them dudes all hate aside altho wayne 2nd week numbers looked funny the fact that a nigga who got shot nine times and a Nigga Who shot himself can live to say they sold a million of anything with their name on it you gotta show love

    But Taylor going platinum just shows how radio and videos are really on the decline Last song i heard from her was the VMA song thing

  • original will

    *4 blacc people

  • mac DIESEL




  • Bloopers

    Lmfao no one over the age of 16 gives a fuck about Taylor Swift that is your explanation
    She’s a white country singer in America gtfo man 50 tyson writes his own shit too that don’t make this Nigga talented man WTF happened to this country lol

  • Uhhh

    You cant sit here and hate on taylor. Say what you want but shes talented or she wouldnt be where she is. Dont be stupid. Im not a fan of hers at all but you gotta respect the fact that shes makin money and you guys arent doin shit with your lives. Call it what you want but you should have a little respect. Country is appealing to all ages and her songs are especially broad in appeal. Be real about it.

  • kofi


    She won Grammy of the year “how do you explain that”….uh, the fucking Grammy people are idoits, Flo-rida got nominated for best hip hop album that same year.

  • That nigga


  • dani

    i love taylor but her music is repetitive and boring. good for her tho….

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  • Ye’s Graduation album did a milli the 1st week pretty much, and Late Registration did over 800k the first week, her two albums didn’t do those kind of numbers, so her “consistently outselling him” is a bunch of bullsh*t. You want to know why Taylor can sell this much, she has a loyal teenage female fanbase, a predominately white one at that. If u want to sit here, and say the majority of black people, “Hip-Hop Fans” especially, actually go out and legally purchase albums? I really think not. Ye has the most insane marketing plan of ’10, but his actual first-week numbers, are truly a toss-up at this point. I don’t wanna short-change him, so I’m gonna say at least 400k, no less then 300k, but if he does more, I won’t be surpised, and no one else should be either. I’ll tell you one thing though, if Nicki Minaj outsells him, I’m going to turn suicidal lol

  • hmmm


  • Dc chillin

    I believe her record label had alot of rich white people buy her album..

  • Belize

    I’m appalled at Swift’s sales. Who the fuck would buy that shit??? Bush still needs to stfu and Kanye is still >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    And holy shit, I still hope Em wins record of the year @ the Grammy’s!!!!

  • ESCO

    taylor swift album won’t be nominated this year, it came out after the yearly deadline of september.

    eminem still won’t win album of the year, they won’t allow him.

    if marshal mathers lp didn’t win, then this won’t either.

    the only rap albums that do well are the soft core ones, like outkasts and lauryn hill’s….they were still great, but they were easy to listen to for everyone.

  • Word

    Damn, she did a mill? Jesus Christ.

  • YoYo


    Taylor’s first 2 albums went 10X US Platinum combined, All FOUR of Kanyes albums only went 8X platinum. Dont make this a numbers game, im not a country fan but dont kid yourself……And Hip Hop is purchased predominately by whites too soooooo..there goes that theory.

  • lol @ Taylor Swift fans on here… ya’ll are tripping.. you want some REAL music go listen to old folk music, songs from people who lived during the depression and world war 2, that’s the real lyrical shit. I’ma gonna put the hip-hop world on to Woody Guthrie.

  • you guys kill me with numbers….the media got ya caught-up on who is doing numbers,back in the dayz it was all about style flow and ambition f;;;;;;;;;;;; numbers also T-swift make good music for her fan she is rich so who cares about numbers love you T keep your head up and try to hang out in the urban area when you are in new york come to harlem and walk the streets just to see how beautiful people of color are….we love you….K-2-da westzie slow down dude thats why rapers need a cap or supervision to slow them down…that is why i am coming back south bronx ya herd……ya we know G.W. bush dont like black people cause he cant relate and thats a culture shock family need to set @ the dinner table instead of talking bad about blacks you see that follow you when you get up in age and you will think the worst of people all together talk at the dinner table what we can do to help people oops replublicanzzzz dont think like that…

  • I don’t think Taylor Swift would have her whole album be leaked all over.

    So by number sales T Swift will outsale K West by a whole lot.

  • Almarti5


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  • queen b

    Fck Taylor! Kanye shouldn’t give a F about this. He made her HOT. I didn’t know who Taylor was before the incident. I’m over this racist country.. Middle America goes hard for Taylor.. people who love Hip Hop zshare, megaupload everything.. Don’t sweat it Ye.. It was never an even playing field.

  • Mojo

    ROFL!!!! @ folks on here trying to compare Taylor Swifts numbers to Kanye’s…smh…silly rabbits, tricks are for kids!

    Taylor is sitting on 14 million world wide for her sales with the majority of that from the domestic take (anyone who follows the numbers in the music business by genre will tell you, it is very rare for a country act based in the states to sell well overseas—and no, Canada is not overseas)

    Kanye West is sitting on 23 million world wide and thats just from his own albums, not albums he produced over 65 percent of, which is well over the mark produced that allows the title ‘producer of album’ credit. Then we get into some Real numbers, lol.

    Applaud Taylor all you like, it is well deserved. But to say ‘Ha, Kanye, she’s bigger than you’, you obviously confusing what ‘big’ really means,

    ****Numbers are from Billboard 200, and the Billboard International charts Asia, Europe, Brazil, etc. with cross reference by Nielsen Soundscan and RIAA certification.

  • Mojo

    and oh yeah…Buck 97.9, you can’t ban tha Truth, bitches.

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  • Marie

    Give me a break! kanye was more than right for saying that Bush was a racist. Hence, he shouldn’t back away from his justifiable comment. Who the hell cares about Bush anyway?

  • Fuck Bush. That’s what he REALLY wanted 2 say, BUT…he’s gotta listen 2 media training and do what Jay said, “Not to run his mouf.”

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  • anarchy noire

    I love all genres of music but country music sux to me

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