• AnukiNSkywalker

    lol birdman went harder then mack.

  • money mitch

    holy wackness

  • money mitch

    Seriously, if you are rollin around with this mixtape on ur iphone or in your cd player; just fuckin kill yourself.

  • Post no billz

    it should be called waynes money bought my bugatti…

  • Charles Barkley

    I made it 15 seconds! Can anybody beat that?

  • Jsin215er

    wow, horrible music on deck huh? seriously who like or even buys Birdmans horrible music? really who? just stop, WE DONT BELIEVE YOU! your a “gangsta”, wit “choppaz”…..here is every birdman verse ever…..”money, money, houses, clothes, uptown, cars, money, chicks cause of money, uptown, cars, stuntin’, ymcmb, money” how may times can you say the same shi over and over and over…
    @Money Mitch….co-sign, if you like this shit kill yaself!

  • #FreeWeezy

    Mack Maine > Banks……..

    Ha !


  • #KeepWeezy

    Mack Maine < Constipated Anal Sex……..

    Ha !


  • Belize

    @ #Keep Weezy: haha dawg! Co-sgin evrything, even your name!

  • still best rite now!!

    sick azz beat!!

  • Mr Xclusive

    too bad wayne is getting out in less than 7 hours ….piece of shit

  • LOL.. what is this dumbfuckery?