Jay-Z Decoded Excerpts

As you can see, we already got ours, but the NY Post has posted a few excerpts from Jay-Z’s 336 page publication. In the pieces below, Jay recalls his first run-in with the law and his incident with Lance “Un’ Rivera. Decoded hits bookstores on November 16th.

* His First Arrest
Jay-Z’s first arrest came at age 16. He was dealing in Trenton, because his friend “Hill” had a supplier there. Hill had enrolled in the local high school, and one day when Jay-Z went to meet him, he got caught with crack in his pockets on the campus. Since he had no prior arrests, the police let him go, but they confiscated his supply. In order to make up the cash to the supplier, Jay-Z had to go back to Marcy and deal crack 60 hours straight — three days in a row, he writes. He kept awake by “eating cookies and writing rhymes on the back of brown paper bags.”

* The Lance Rivera incident
Jay-Z glosses over his 1999 stabbing of record producer Lance Rivera, which resulted in the rapper pleading guilty to assault and receiving three years probation. He says he was infuriated because someone had leaked a bootleg copy of “Vol. 3 . . . Life and Times of S. Carter” more than a month before the release date of the album. When he asked who was behind the leak, everyone kept repeating the same name: Rivera. When Jay-Z saw him at rapper Q-Tip’s album release party at the Kit Kat Klub, he confronted him. Rivera “got real loud with me right there in the middle of the club,” Jay-Z writes, “It was strange. We separated and I went over to the bar . . . I was . . . in a state of shock . . . I headed back over to him, but this time I was blacking out with anger. After this, chaos ensued in the club, “That night the guy went straight to the police and I was charged with assault.” He says he decided to plead guilty after watching Puff Daddy’s trial on weapons violations that same year. Puffy was acquitted, and Jay-Z says he feared the state would be harder on him after failing to convict his friend. “The hilarious thing,” he writes, “if any of this can be considered funny, is that the Rocawear bubble coat I was wearing when they paraded me in front of the cameras started flying off the shelves the last three weeks before Christmas.”

Read the full article here

Sidebar: SoulCulture Finds First Pages Of Decoded

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  • Shawn Corey Carter

    Yo Half, wassup!
    I deal crack 60 hours straight!

  • still best rite now!!

    ummmm…i thought Cam said “he stabbed Un over Charli Baltimore?”

  • Shawn Corey Carter

    Cam’ron is a loser. Ha!

  • Remi

    so he never really smoked weed but talked about it in so many of his songs.

    the day he left Jaz and Sauce Money and went commercial as fuck was a bad day for hip hop. and lets face it, before that he wasn’t even that great, reasonable doubt was a great album, but it wasn’t different, there were several mafioso albums around then that was great, jay-z never brought anything different to the table unlike other greats like tupac, rakim, biggie, ice cube, nas, scarface, eminem etc.

    so many of his personas and songs are also from as early as he started, including some of his most recent popular songs and movements – bonnie and clyde from tupac, 99 problems from ice-t to as recent as the all back everything movement which is a complete rip off big l.

    don’t get me wrong, jay-z is 1000 times the rapper someone like lil wayne is, and i will never begrudge his success because he actually has talent, but he’s ultimately, he’s not the greatest and will never be.

  • camron

    @shawn corey carter

    U a loser dun, slimeeeeeeeeee

  • Jalissa

    Great publish

  • @Remi

    “It just once in a blue moon when there’s nothin to do and
    The tension’s too thick for my sober mind to cut through
    I get to zonin – me and the chick on the L and then we’re bonin
    I free my mind sometimes I hear myself moanin
    Take one more toke and I leave that weed alone man
    It got me goin shit” – ‘Feelin’ It’

  • not fucking around

    Jay-Z had to go back to Marcy and deal crack 60 hours straight
    this had me laughing this is sum straight BS what a fag for drug dealing wow what a real loser

  • Ryanb

    Yo @Remi you are a fucking loser my man. Who kinda fag intentionally does fuck shit like you ? You are a loser and life and you should just give up.

  • Remi

    @Reasy F.

    From as recent as his latest album.

    “So let’s just stay in the moment smoke some weed drink some wine”

    No to mention countless other songs such as Allure, Hey Papi, Paper Chase etc

  • Remi


    that make so sense, come back with a legitimate response next time.

    I know 3rd grade is hard but keep at it homie.


    decode ether! haha

  • Joshua

    That story about the crack don’t add up. How could you get caught with crack on a campus @ 16 and they let you go?I hope Jay hasn’t been lying to us all this time trying to be his boy “Klien” from the ALLURE song. 60 hrs of selling crack in the late 80’s could have made you a least 100,000 depending where your from. I’ve heard rumors Jay wasn’t as big of a drug dealer as he proclaims

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up



  • Killa Shady

    That guy is putting the Diamond in the wrong spot.
    it’s supose to be in your eye, you dumbass!!!!!

  • Joshua

    Un Rivera screamed on Jay. Ha “I ain’t never been smacked a man better keep his hands out my face before he get clapped with whats under that man waist”

  • tr

    You got a copy but all you do is quote the excerpts from the ny post? You coulda given us something different lol…unless there’s an embargo.

  • Joshua

    Who ever that is in the picture looks like a “DEVIL” worshiper

  • Belize

    Lookin forward to readin the whole thing.

  • Alisha

    Man, it never fails. The comments on Rap Radar are always so funny, especially when it comes to Gloria Carter’s 4th kid. Gotta love how nigs who claim not to really fuck with him like that are always the first to click on a post about him and comment. You can save yourself some time and skip the post. Jack off instead. Sheez. And as Jay has said “Oh you not feeling me? Fine, it cost you nothing, pay me no mind” but then again maybe you “haters no like but you gotta fuck with it because the flow is so tight” IDK man. SMH.

    Anyways, I’ll be getting “Decoded” when it hits shelves. Love live YN and B. Dot. Ha.

  • Alisha

    *long live*

  • iam2smooth

    mos def copin this !!

  • mac DIESEL


    the fact you on YN’s du rag covered dick speaks volumes about u bitch


  • Joshua


  • pablo escobar jr

    something doesnt add up. they cofiscated his crack and he had sell crack for 3 days to make it up? if it took him 3 days or 60 hours to make that money back, how much crack did he have in his pockets? it had to be a substantial amount, and they still let him go?

  • Chex

    Sorry but the whole drug story is kinda ridiculous. Seems over exaggerated I mean, why did Jay feel the need to include this in his book?

  • MOkc ShowME

    He had to deal crack for 60 hours straight…
    Fuck outta here
    Quit fabricating
    You will be able to purchase this book in the Fairy Tale section at Barnes & Noble.

  • Post no billz

    What do they mean 60 hours.. Dont crack dealers deal crack 24-7.. Its just a question?

  • veesky

    I’m sure what he was implying is that “60 hours” is how long it took him to make the money back that he owed the supplier…he didn’t say “business was booming” or the “fiends were all over”, so depending on how much product he had on him when the cops took him, it might’ve taken him awhile to make the money back…especially at 16. He couldn’t have been that proficient

  • pablo escobar jr

    this dude has had a questionable past and ppl don’t seem to care. Where is sauce money at? Where is jaz o? Where is state prop? Where is dame? Why do ppl constantly attack his character? There has to be some truth to the stuff that has gone down. I put him in the same category as puffy. This guy is your king of hip hop?

  • your pusha

    interesting..jay a husla for real, hes gonna make niggaz read books now

  • JudeLow

    @pablo escobar jr :
    we don’t care about ex friends/partners
    you are so emotional

  • Money Mitch

    I’m not sayin he didn’t hustle, but I’m sure he was mid to low level worker and has knowledge of the game, and just raps Rick Ross kingpin style.

  • A million things run thru my mind

    Half of you mindless pricks on this web site are losers anyway. It was 1986 and crack was at an all time high. The prices were’nt that expensive cuz it was still relatively considered a new drug. i remember what fiends pay $10 for now use to cost $100 for a small piece of crack. Dudes were getting money in the late 80’s and before. So Jay was 16 at that time and fiends were on the rise, crime was at an alarming rate…DUDES WERE GETTING KILLED. Dime piece females were becoming whores for crack!

    SIDENOTE: read this real sh!t about Eminem


  • A million things run thru my mind

    Oh i will be coping the book. Reasonable Doubt will crush any Em album. It buries ILLMATIC, although ILLMATIC is a tough album, i just believe that RD gets way more spin to this day then ILLMATIC.

    Em may have a great flow but Jay has those verses, those 16’s, those 1 liners, those hooks, those subliminals, those intelligent double entendre’s, those wicked flows and a knack for picking the right beats. Unlike my boy Nas.

    Jay has to go down as the greatest of all time cuz basically he been in the music game since 1989 and still doing it presently. He is an old school artist holding it down for hip hop. Follow his BLUEPRINT.

  • Truth83

    People dont understand the game when it comes to dealing.

    he had to pay back the supplier and if your the supplier and someone has not paid you for the first supply they either die or you charge them a higher rate than what they normally had charged.

    Do the math of why someone had to stay up 60hrs straight slinging.

  • mdot

    Some of the y’all beed to stop n think..not only would u have to hustlin back the price of what u lost..u would hafta hustle the money that u woulda got from sale..and hustle enuff so that u would re up..cause if u jus did enuff u would b left wit nothin after payin back the supplier..esp at 16 he wasn’t holdin much more then what he had at that time..mind u..he husted for 10 years..mistakes like this are not only real but woulda been learned from as he kept goin..any real hustler ain’t gonna keep makn the same mistakes

  • mdot

    @ truth83…shout out to you

  • B.Dot

    Who ever that is in the picture looks like a “DEVIL” worshiper
    thats a flick i took. i have the book. Fuck the devil

  • dan

    he must of had some big pockets.

    here is a tip for you all. believe half of what you see and nothing that you hear.

  • Joshua


  • Joshua


  • Joshua


  • I need to cop this….