• swag.

  • ben

    alot of rappers use cocaine.

  • I didn’t know cudi was half Mexican but with that I still don’t feel his shit.

  • YURR

    condone cocaine as the reason why he’s brilliant. GTFOH . CUDI IS TRASH. <<< ORTIZ , CROOKED , & BUDDEN THE BEST OUT.

  • T.I Lost

    Smh T.I is a fucking convicted Felon, hes lucky he isnt still in prison for that gun charge STFU Kanye

  • TRUTH!

    Kanye is a joke right now…he still mad Obama called him an “ass” and TI was like a 5 time felon who repeatedly goes breaks the law! Kanye believes that the negative reaction from the public about him snatching a mic from Taylor on live television has to do with the color of his skin and not his rude behavior? Oh so because you are considered a rock star “you are suppose to get away with anything” Kanye is so fucking pretentious and stupid at the same time!

  • l

    cudi is unfuckwitable

  • The Hater

    Fuck kid cudi corny ass nigga… And tip did it to himself nigga should be lucky they dont put him under the jail for the shit he got away wit

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  • Ye was fried.

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    “Its so much funner to be a rock star than a president” .. . . is it so much funner kanye? really….

  • Belize


  • G

    he doesn’t vote probably because he would get mobbed. people would be around him like crazy.

  • J

    all ya’ll motherfuckers are just jealous because they have money and ya’ll are struggling like they were before they made it big. hop off that nigga cudi. that niggas shit is on some other shit ya’ll cant comprehend because everyone who hates is a feeble minded fool.