Kanye West Ustream Conference Call

[vodpod id=Video.4831128&w=425&h=350&fv=autoplay%3Dfalse%26amp%3Bbrand%3Dembed%26amp%3Bcid%3D240208%26amp%3Blocale%3Den_US]

Also featuring Pusha, CyHi, Big Sean. But unfortunately…

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  • jason

    no its not

  • dmc

    50 better call

  • Cudder

    Lil Wayne gonna be the special guest caller on Kanye’s Ustream

  • JON

    please ask him why would he give away half his songs off the album through good fridays instead of making an album full of original material

  • Nikkidene

    50’s Calling just watch…

  • So Icy Boi!

    dat nigga Camron called in ha

  • Joshua

    Kanye will be the GREATEST OF ALL TIME when HOV steps aside and runs for PRESIDENT
    HOV 2020

  • ben

    whats going on?

  • jjsparky

    that fucking operator dj dude is annoying as fuck! shut the fuck up and let the fans and the artists talk.

  • So Icy Boi!

    @jjsparky i knw right that shit was boring i just waisted 10 mins all and them unknown niggaz keep puttin the album cover and the screen and dey keep dick riding kanye

  • Fuck Ya Life

    After watching that, I see that people ask really dumb fucking questions. But anyway Nov.22 is gonna be a packed day for Hip Hop/R&B you got Ye, Banks, Nicki, Akon, Ne-Yo.

  • Word


    Akon?? He got a album coming out? With what single? I aint heard shit from Akon in a minute

  • Belize


  • teezy

    that album case/covers was The Shit

  • Fuck Ya Life


    To be honest I haven’t heard a single or anything I read it on another site a few weeks ago. That’s most likely to get pushed back.

  • Joo the all of the lights song is dope! The full song just leaked on the net. You should check it out with some other dope stuff at www. mojosodope . com

  • So Icy Boi!

    @Fuck Ya Life …oh 5 releases a pack week? dats the weekly average …only 2 album people care about Nicki and Kanye

  • Donn

    Akon’s single was Angel Dope too, u just gotta stay up on your music game to keep up with everything. Akonic supposedly hits store Nov.22, but i doubt it. And yea ima HUGE fan but that was boring, was good to see the official covers though
    And if your not in their inner circle you would call it dickriding but to see your friend doing his thing and your right there and everyone’s rich and got money, you and your boys would be the same way. Its not dickriding, its support.

  • ASA

    who cares about akon or ne-yo? ne-yos entire album is already all over the internet and ain’t nothing new. YE, NICKI & LLOYD BANKS is were it’s at Nov 22

  • Donn

    ^ And My Chemical Romance…..just saying….

  • Fuck Ya Life

    @So Icy Boi

    Didn’t I say Hip Hop/R&B not overall plus you got 4 outta 5 people who’s dropping that has gone plat or gold granted nobody’s checking for Kon or Ne-Yo. Still Banks gonna do some lil numbers Nicki gonna do some lil numbers not what anyone expected cause she drops ass music and Kanye gonna do his numbers simple as that.




    my lord some of those questions!!! BS

  • Tom_S

    Mine just stops at 4minutes. Anyone else’s do that?

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  • ody

    Why this nigga avoiding jcole? He scared of him or someshit?

  • Joshua

    I got the impression Kanye don’t mess with J.Cole he brushed that question of real quick.I hope J.Cole don’t pull a Wale and Brick. D.C all Day Baby

  • cp

    mine stops at 7:04 this is horrible.

  • bob

    mann cam phoned in ahahhaha whata loser

  • Joshua


  • ody

    Someone gotta know the asnwer to YE not fucking with Cole

  • Black McJagger

    album packaging is dope

  • ASA

    those were the worst questions, specially since they’ve already been answered. Those Djs or whoever should have done their damn homework before they even thought of asking a question. I wish I could have called and asked something.
    But ya, the album packaging is f*ckin freshhhh…I like that Ye is giving people options on the front cover. Pick the one you like best! I like that hahaa
    And come on, that wasn’t dickriding. If someone you looked up to was about to put out some of their best work and you were able to see it and be apart of it, you’d have been doing the same thing. That’s how you know those are good dudes.

  • KevsWorld

    My nigga cam called lmao

  • still best rite now!!

    you see the artwork!! cant bootleg that…take yo ass to BestBuy & support HipHop when it drop!!

  • Jim Jones

    lmfaooo Cam is that nigga

  • CDUB

    Why he dissed J.cole liked that…..Thats some bull shit

  • YoYo

    at what time does kanye talk about J cole? I cant sit through the whole thing. whats the time of it?

  • Pat

    Wtf? Why doesn’t Kanye like J. Cole? I mean he works with Big Sean and Cyhi, J. Cole better than both of them…

  • D

    Ye need to be fuckin with j.cole. Only good question.

  • @Bob lol. They cut him off fast.

  • 106

    Kanye mad Cole killed his Devil in a new Dress beat?

  • Joshua

    @106 I forgot about that.

  • tr

    He’s mad at these light-skin dudes jacking his swagger lol

  • Haters are annoying–> Android the rick ross stan, Mac Weasel, and others

    he didnt diss j cole u fuckin idiots ! and the fans ask dumb ass questions, the dj needs to shut up, was that really camron ? lol

  • ody

    Real questions why doesn’t YE fuck with Jcole, he scared ……YE are you scared homie

  • douchebag

    Why didn’t anyone ask if their are DJ Premier tracks on the album and if they aren’t on the album, is Kanye going to put them out as part of G.O.O.D. Fridays?

  • So Icy Boi!

    ^^^ Why yall always on artist dick ? oh he should work wit him he should do a song wit him blah blah .. yea what if they do i song and its garbage? everybody aint gotta work wit each other ..i mean if he a good artist who cares about a feature

  • Shzntt

    Can’t wait for him to add J. Cole on a G.O.O.D. Friday cuz he will murder FRIDAY PERIOD!!!!!!!

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  • King JuggaNott

    Damn….what a waste of time. I’m not rocking with any bootlegs. I’m not even doing the digital download for this joint. I gotta have the hard copy, that joint is going on my book shelf.

  • King JuggaNott

    Waste of time= Dumb ass clowns asking those lame ass questions like a bunch of broads.

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