• Word

    Shia LaBeouf is that dude. He aint put out a bad movie in a minute. Been watching dude since Even Stevens on Disney channel years ago lol



  • I hope they understand that I really understand that. They don’t understand.

  • Word

    Yeah true, Cudi is wack though. Forgot this post was about him…I just saw Shia LaBeouf and started talking bout him. That MMII is hella boring. I was gonna DL it then buy it if its cool but nah. Imma cop HFM2 and TI shit when that drop. I was gonna buy Kanye shit but nah I aint buying tracks dude already threw away

  • Cudi

    MOTM II has some disappointing tracks (namely ashin kusher, wildin cuz im youn.. etc), however, I really like MANIAC’s interesting lyrics, awesome sample, and chill vibe. Can’t wait to see the video Kiddo!

  • That nigga Vader

    This song GOES! and the video’s probably gonna be nice and trippy


  • PanicPrevention

    Album is wack. I only liked Mojo So Dope.

  • Later

    Kid Cudi is just a genius! He is way too creative and different and new for old ass hip hop heads to understand.

    Kid Cudi is the future of music!

  • Belize

    Well we’ll see. It could be pretty good if he tries.

  • suppppppp

    Cudi fucking sucks. Blow your nose, lol get it, unintentional pun. He sounds congested on the mic, he has no flow, and is really an ameatur writer. The only reason he’s praised is because he’s EMO, and these little emo kids can relate to him, and at the same time, they don’t know much about writing either.
    Backed up by a powerful label, and ILL production, with emo undertones and you got a hit. He found his lane, that’s why he doesn’t rap, cuz he can’t. He’s a simple ass rapper, I don’t think he knows what a double entandre is. Or how to rhyme more than 1-2 syllables or have rhyme schemes, or ride a beat for that matter.

  • teejay

    I like him as a musician, not a rapper. He’s a musician who raps, not a rapper who’s a musician. As long as he makes good music that’s fine.

    Though i thought cage outshined him on this track

  • who

    i really have just decided to stop reading cudi’s comments cause i dont give a shit about people not liking him. Some of his songs have really had a spiritual connection with me so i’ll always vibe with this dude

  • Get high and listen to this shit.

    Whole CD moves, it’s a 4/5 for me… The original was a 4.5.

    This song is awesome.

  • rick

    future of music

  • johnny

    should do a video for GHOST!

  • slimshady

    @ johnny, CO-SIIIIIIIIGN!!!!!!!!

  • A million things run thru my mind
  • PlanetDestroyer

    This has nothing to do with Cudi but im just wondering.Is it today EM has a show in Brazil? Cant wait to see som pics and videos from that shit.

  • LukeTheDuke


  • Brent

    Shia directed Cage’s last video.

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  • I respect cudi for his lyrics his creativity rythim vocal abillty & his beats . Tracks on MOTM1 & 2 ill . Check out Plain pat kid named cudi mixtape much respect , &&& stoner Tracks , #highlife

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