MC Hammer Responds To Jay-Z

He Blindsided me with “So Appalled” and now he “wines” me with his new book.. Sean Carter is a genius.. But don’t sleep on me. Nothing worse than a Spineless Man (ask any woman) .. I ReBuke Weakness..”Why you gett’n at J” .. Shut up ‘Gurly Men’.. govenator lol.

Although Jay-Z praises MC Hammer in his new book Decoded, Stanely isn’t having it. Hammerman turned to his Twitter account and said he’s not moved by the mention. Still sleeping?

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  • CapricornReligion

    Hammer………….. Stop………. Its over man…….. Stop

  • mac DIESEL



  • This mans posse must have him brainwashed… You just made one of the worst songs, and easily the worst diss song, in the history of hip-hop… To go with it, the video was a sad sad state to observe… Hammertime… STOP

  • Nathaniel

    ^LMAO @mac DIESEL

    ty-ty is a goon. he’s that one wild ass nigga you keep around you just in case shit pops off.

    as for hammer…. my nigga, obviously Decoded was written before So Appalled. stop being so damn sensitive. all the nigga said is he saw your mistakes so he wont make them, plus he’s positioned himself in such a way that if he did lose the money you lost, he’d still be straight. ol sensitive ass nigga. then you turn around a salaciously (c) lupe associate the nigga with satan himself. that’s a lil overboard, son.

    i guess what jay said is true… niggas tend to take shit too serious when he says it. joell ortiz wouldn’t have caught that flack, haha!

  • reach


  • dashing

    Can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sop giving this man any more coverage??? Seriously.

  • mdot

    Yea I think its time to jus ignore this madness..this is beyond sad…hammer go back to cash 4 gold

  • Riq

    Why didn’t you say anything when Drake made a reference to you.”Blow all this money, Hammertime…

  • dacyclone

    This nigga is on his period.!

  • Cold Blood



  • dacyclone

    @Cold Blood

    shit is embarrassing! when will real niggas diss these boys.

  • wickwickwack

    a shot was thriown at him …he should pimp the situation like he wants
    stop comparing him to vanilla ice …that white boy never had funky music

  • @Riq

    “Why didn’t you say anything when Drake made a reference to you.”Blow all this money, Hammertime…”

    A song that featured Jay no less…



  • MC Hammer.. you are an idiot.



  • google NO SECRET diss track

    this reminds me of the time a rapper took a christmas character for a rapname.

    its a joke right?

    stanley going thru a mid life crisis.

    jigga should just smash all his naysayers on the kanye album collab.

  • Donn

    That was The Resistance not Light It Up. Like Jay said He’s high profile. When he says things its a bigger deal. Eminem said so much about ppl but no one pays him no mind cus He’s just immature and childish wit it. There’s a difference. If Jay said some of what Em says his career would be over

  • ^ I just need some closure
    Ain’t no turning back on me, im in it til its over

    Aaaah right right right, as you can see im not the most savvy drake fan

  • Shawn

    Jay took a shot and Hammer is trying to capitalize on the attention… Welcome to Hip Hop.
    “the only time they important is when the mentioning Shawn”..

  • Certifiedone

    @ Donn.
    The funny thing is just about everyone he’s dissed, they responded, except, Bush and Dick Chaney, and Al/tipper Gore. Everyone else responded to him.

  • Bangers N Mash

    Listen to all you pussies telling Hammer to stop. He is making a statement against these fake rappers.

    Jay-Z do something about it. You ain’t rap… you’re not a businessman that tucked your balls between your legs.

    Sorry… I should say you ain’t rap anymore. No one can disrespect Jay for what he HAS done for the rap game. He isn’t doing much for it all now though.

  • TattoosByThelmo

    Hammer!!!! stay washed up!!!! Real talk!!

  • TattoosByThelmo

    bet he wants to have a dance off wit HOV!! lmao sure as hell aint goin to rap………dude is a lame in all sense of the word…….all these niggas need to get on the cover of the forbes ,,then go holla at the dude!!………”catch up niggas”!!!! lol

  • MinajBangher!

    Fuck this WACK motherfucker!!!!!Stop wasting space on RR for this cornball…………….

  • pissed

    When 3rd bass BLATANTLY dised this clown on the “Gasface” video YEARS ago he said nothing. Now in 2010 dude is salty about a line that’s not even a diss, it’s typical Jay Z slick money talk.

  • Belize

    Hammer lookin for attention and the buzz again, that’s it. He’s not even relevant anymore. Hasn’t been in a while. When’s the last time we even heard from him?

  • Haters are annoying–> Android the rick ross stan, Mac Weasel, and others

    shut the hell up hammer pants u washed up nigga lol

  • L4U


  • Android


  • Clos1881

    Stanley u should just take the so appalled as a hot line. Even though he was bmfing his money at least he was doing it trying to help alot of people can’t knock him for that

  • dashing

    Not saying Hammer should shut up. He can say whatever he wants. This is the most talk there’s been about Hammer since “Pumps and a Bump” so I get it from his perspective.

    But the media, the blogs, actually devoting time to this. RR, please let this be the last time that you bring this up.

  • Post no billz

    I know nobody cares bout hammer anymore.. But if u look back in history hammer always took shots personal.. Go back to funky head hunter when he got all gangster, he had a song where he dissed all the cats that took shot at him from cool j,3rd base even tribe called quest.. I know its some obscure knowledge,but hammers never took kindly to shots..

  • Clos1881

    @post no billz very obscure knowledge lol it sounds like you had the entire Hammer catologue.

  • Post no billz

    ^i dont own one hammer record, im jus old enuff to remember hip hop when it was mu fuckin hip hop and not that wack pop/techno shit that yall love so much

  • Nicholas

    such a joker

  • isis

    Ham, I hear that hot shit. But it’s hard to take you serious when you were making fun of yourself in a commercial. Guess now that you got your $$$ up, you wanna keep it this time. Jay made a slick ass comment but must hurt only b/c its true. Only reason why Ham is mad this time b/c this is the only dude that could really say $30 milli couldn’t hurt me and be authentic. How can you so call check a dude when you cannot keep your money in check. But I cannot knock Ham’s hustle, dudes that start beef with Hov generally enjoy a lil financial benefit. At this point though, we have heard everything about Jay we could possibly hear( DeHaven, Jaz, R Kelly, Dame, Peedi, Beans), I’m so over this now.

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  • kill_urself

    wow first off rap radar stop feeding into this bullshit 4 real second @ bangers N mash hova aint done anything for hip hop lately are you serious ummm there’s this rapper maybe u heard of him he’s called J.cole he’s got the street buzzing oh and there wale too and i think these people are good for hip hop if i say so myself just cuz he’s not rapping doesnt mean he’s not doing anything for hip hop wow final hip hop suck now a day i remember when u actually had to disrespect a mutha fucker just for them to make a diss track about u back then not drop a fact about a rapper past hammer calm down stop listening to those dumb asses in ur posses (if u still got on) listen to the rhyme again he’s not dissing u its just a fact u fool hammer u did blow ur money the world already knew this shit u was the biggest joke comedians told back in the 90’s i didnt see u on tv talk dumb shit about the comedians clownin ur dumb ass so dont start now and what would hova get outta dissing u anyway dude u should sit back and look at how stupid ur being

  • don

    Hammer, listen bro, stop.

  • IROC

    mc.hammers og get that straight homie was with death row come on show some respect even if hes mases idle