New Music: Busta Rhymes x Reek Da Villian “No Love (Conglomerate Remix)”

Fuck it, time to let another one go. Busta and his young artist, Reek black the hell out on Em’s current single for the latest off Rap Radar’s The Mixtape Of The Year. Welcome home, Weezy! Salute to the Dungeon Dragon and yes the joint is tagged the fuck up by DJ Drama and Green Lantern. You don’t want no problems! Ha!

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  • Argenys

    Not bad…

  • dashing

    Busta kind of laced this shit. Hot!

    Don’t know how many times he’s gotta come out with some hot shit before people start to consider him one of the best to do it. Not Top 10, but def top 20 of all time.



  • DJ HzD Brazil

    crazy flow from busta, i thinks that’s he’s trying to beat eminem’s fast flow…
    i think that hes doing it very well…
    but he do not have Em’s wordplay…
    I’ts like to hear Twista…
    fast flow, but nothing so great…
    but he still doing his shit…
    (but i would prefer to hear his old flow on this)
    Like he did on We Made It ft linkin park..

  • BEN1O

    Str8 Garbage……….Busta should no BETTER not to get on a wackk track like this

  • Belize

    They shoulda deleted Gayne’s part. Or rapped over it. Em & Busta would make a great collabo. Maybe they should consider a duet that’ll actually be decent to regain fans’ respect.

  • Stu

    Belize.. They’ve done a song before..
    It goes something like (on the hook)
    ..And i’ll hurt yoouuu.. and i’ll end ur career for you..
    Can’t remember the title

  • Pat

    I suppose there is going to be a tagless version of RR’s mixtape, right?

  • skye

    the song is called hurt you. Busta and em good song

  • i just wanna say Busta would eat Eminem for a snack between breakfast and lunc, because someone already commented with a comparison, and I know that everyone is tired of people saying Eminem is the greatest. Stop that shit.

    this track is FIYAHHHHH

  • fred

    @belize yhh theres a song called ill hurt you a few years old they got a song together though


    EM’s Verse Is The Best Of The Year To Me

  • Go_white_rapperz

    Em and busta did the hail Mary ja rule diss together wit fif

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  • Your Mama

    Busta Rhymes had a sick flow! damn he spit the fuck out of track but he cant top eminem’s word play. he did a great remix i just might have it on my ipod. love this remix Reek was okay but damn just imagine if Eminem and Busta verses were on the original track? that would have been ILLMATIC!

  • Devil

    Idk…wasn’t really feeling it…Busta seems like he was just trying to rap fast and didn’t go with the beat.
    And that other nigga was super lame.

  • Random

    Reek kinda sounds like Talib.

    The sample ruined this song, busta is all bark to bite anymore sure he can rap fast but he ain’t say nothing

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  • Busta killed it. Reek fucked it up and dropped tha ball.

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  • sway-z

    Are you niggas serious, like Busta Rhymes just started rapping fast for the first time? This nigga used the exact same flow since his second album.

    Am I the only nigga who remembers the Bonecrusher Remix? Or even more recent the DJ Khaled Remix? Or just about any remix this nigga ever did since 2000? Don’t act like Busta Rhymes is just doing this shit now, or copying Eminem, I like Em too but give me a fucking break…

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  • Big Chump

    dope shit busta!!!! and congrats to rap radar

    @thomas You mad? why you mad that a white boy is being called the best, its their opinion not yours smh to many people want what they want.

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  • day

    i personally dont like this. i seen a post earlier that stated str8t garbage. yeah its not busta, its the track.

    Dres of Blacksheep interview.

    both the interview and music at this site are downloadable.

  • DeeRawz

    like bust but ahhh na

  • jeezy

    Damn busta BOIDED this shit ….where he at … him and SEige ..need to put some work out …NOW!!!

  • Hann

    YALL NIGGAS FORGOT BUSTA WAS one of the original spittas from NY, BK wit the STUPID FLOW. FUCK IS WRONG WIT YALL, i been waiting for dis nigga to put something out. Dis bitch Nicki shoulda put Busta on that Romans Revenge wit Em, she betta put him on the remix DAS HIS LINE ” Rah Rah Like A Dungeon Dragon”. smh

  • Dear Busta , i’m a big fan of yours always have been grew with your music from when you was in a group till you went sollo, i’m happy with all the links you sent me that includes the podcast and web designing links , i thank you sir with all due respect.

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  • mmkayy

    are yalll forgetting ‘I’ll Hurt You’ ? Em verse was pretty shit but his flow >>>

  • A million things run thru my mind


    MURKED Em beat betta than he did….big ups Bust…big ups my nig**

  • A million things run thru my mind

    @sway z….i co sign. Bus been doing like this since 1990, damn he deserve alot mo credit than deez haters r giving him

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  • I Bust Rhymes

    Bust got some balls spitting overs ems greatest verse but he did good

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  • Bust is getting fat(literally).

  • Tommy

    This kid Rek Da Villian has some fuckin bars. i expect busta to do whateva he does. but everytime i hear Da Villian he gets better and better. bringing that Ny rap back!

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  • If he didnt release songs like “Arab Money” then people might give him more respect but i agree he did kill this

  • CoachJim

    Reek Da Villian is nice to dont sleep, 2011 year of the velt villian!

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  • Banret

    i need the remix bt sha, the thing rhyme