• bp744

    ehh, i kinda like it

  • Beezy

    Dude is already hoggin’ all the bitches with his acting career. Now you wanna get into music too?? Stop being greedy nigga!!!

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  • nijea

    Hahaa! I kind a like this. He sounds like a mixture of Slum Villiage and old school Common. The beat production is smooth as hell, and you can’t go wrong with a feature from Music Soulchild.

  • darkaquanswer

    this instrumental is from an old musiq soulchild album, come on edison bdot u shoulda knew that

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  • luther did it

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  • dani

    edris can do WHATEVER he wants…

    and i do mean whatever he wants. … .

    thick & chocolately.

  • Peter Fallow

    I… like this. Didn’t think I would. But it has a nice groove to it.

  • Briana

    lmao @dani COSIGN

  • Chex

    Intro from the Soulstar album! One of my fav albums ever!

  • this is mad smooth. #niceeee

  • Where Wallace At?

    Ay yo string, where wallace at?

    And why you gotta do D’Angelo like that.

    Damn, Baltimore Ni88as is the craziest.

  • ASA

    @dani agreeeeeeeed lol fine ass brotha
    but i actually do like the song..i’m diggin his accent 😉

  • TuTor

    I was not expecting this…dude was actually nice on this

  • iam liking the sound and his accent as he is rapping/singing.groove on idris which yo bad self.don,t u know u could never go wrong with musiq cause he bad….

  • like i said before i really like this joint cause it is deff smokin right now u can,t go wrong idris good pick.

  • Miss Peaches

    Music has always been a sideline for him…it just didnt pop up…[email protected]….Im co-signing @Beezy…some men are blessed more than others….just playing…Im sure you get your share too!

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  • jeffrert


  • Ms Lorain

    Truthfully, I admire Idris Elba for all that he has done and appreciate that he attempts to flex his talents within the many forms of media we have available.

    Luther is a hit and I love his movies. However, music..Driis, the Youtube samples etc..that I have heard, well what can I say? He has something but its oversaturated by all the extra stuff in the tracks. Too many repeats, backgrounds drown him out. You never get PURE IDRIS. The smoothness of that sexy voice, the thing that can make us girls go all wild and warm inside. He has it within him. So much misdirection in his music like he wanted to put it all out there at the same time and he did and the result is chaotic. Less would have been so much more.

    He has an excellent voice, Quality is there, sexiness is there, but face it. How many of us gonna go rush out and buy the cd? A few may snatch a track from Limewire or another share ware outlet, and a few fans may pick it up out of support or loyality.

    Making music is about making money. I think he needs better writers, and a sound closer to John Legend or, Kem, and leave the hip hop vibes to the hip hop generation.

    This is one girls opinion, and you don’t have to agree. I think Idris/Driis needs to get his SEXY ON with his music. Sing about things we can relate to and bond with. Love, Sex, Fever, Passion, Heartbreak and Romance. I guess this is one fan that will be “Holding On” until he finds his musical nitche. I’m praying that it will be soon, cause truthfully, he…without all the extra sounds good.