• new wiz and currenSy, click my name

  • kanyeEast

    Finally he dropped this. Think he has sum potential

  • Don

    Oh shit!!! Its finally here west side g showing love to cuz

  • Rhona

    PUSH! is extremely underrated, he is a true talent that this game is missing on the higher level! I just added this to my ipod, really excited to listen from beginning to end!

  • Doe Money

    Straight fuckery. All you stans in the complex media/posse stay riding this bums dick…

  • Devil

    Another lame nigga that sounds like other niggas, talking about the same shit all niggas say in their records…

  • One

    Yesssirrrr……. Now this is FreshDope!!

  • kanyeEast

    If u listened u would kno he aint talking bout the same shit. Loll why are yall so mad anyway. PUSH! I got u bruh

  • Belize

    Pretty good. Cover is sick too.

  • Absolute

  • ay

    who is this wack ass mexican t-pain??

  • Moneyny22

    Push! Is crazy nice you lalepop ass rap fans with Ur dumb it down shit he’s not for you fresh is fire and he ain’t the same because lived this life homie he a hustler that can rap his ass off get them push!

  • keepinitrill

    push is wack i would never put him in the fore front for brooklyn against dudes like J.cole, wale, Big sean, J Chery, Wiz, or even [email protected] even he does a little something. But Push no no not cuttin it dont give up the day job

  • moneyny22

    r u fuckin crazy push! will eat ever one of them nigga lunch plus he’s a real street g homie and he’s super lyric ,he merked j cole on bun b for prez! fuckin killed [email protected] on the track im alive u can be fuckin 4real homie wake up people stop sleepin listen to wordplay flow ride a beat punchlines he got it all cover he’s brooklyn best

  • Kingmustang

    yo..readin comments is funny.. what are yall niggaz listening to??????? PUSH! is looking like the best out of ny period to me. consistent ly witty and cohesive..and like moneyny22 said.. stop sleepin..them other niggas aint tellin no story and its all a bunch of thoughts throw 2gether.. PUSH! got vision

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