Chrisette Michele Blasts Rick Ross For Walk Out

At last night’s taping of the Soul Train Awards in Atlanta, Rick Ross was nominated for Best Hip Hop Song and scheduled to perform “Aston Martin Music” with Chrisette Michele. But when Ross lost to Eminem in the category, he left the ceremony before hitting the stage. Obviously upset, Chrisette turned to her blog and questioned Rozay’s actions. The Awards air November 28th on BET and Centric at 9PM.

If this is the way hip hop is then I denounce it.

This is not about ego. This is about what I can bring to the world. My life is for the people. I live to give.

It’s my desire to bring life and freedom light and love everywhere I go. Upward mobility in the brown skinned community.
Who stands off at an award show because they don’t win? An award is winning at being as “stuck in a category” as possible.

Congratulations to all the trophy holders who won at being the most like every one else. I could have sworn hip hop was on the come up. But apparently rapping is about venting, bashing, chauvinistic pigging, and EGO. Not cool. Don’t LET me start rapping. (album in stores november 30th)

If this is the way hip hop is then I denounce it. This is not about ego. This is about what I can bring to the world. My life is for the people. I live to give. It’s my desire to bring life and freedom light and love everywhere I go. Upward mobility in the brown skinned community.

Who stands off at an award show because they don’t win? An award is winning at being as “stuck in a category” as possible. Congratulations to all the trophy holders who won at being the most like every one else. I could have sworn hip hop was on the come up. But apparently rapping is about venting, bashing, chauvinistic pigging, and EGO. Not cool. Don’t LET me start rapping. (album in stores november 30th)

They say…I’m ecclectic. I’m underrated. I’m different. Well If I win an award it’s because I paved a way. Every award I’ve won was new in it’s category. You know why? Because I’m amazing at being my damn self.

Grammy – best alternative R&B song Centric award – Soul Approved Etc. Have u even heard of those categories? Nope. But guess what? You ain’t never seen another me. And u never will. No ego here. Why? Because it’s none needed. My award is waking up every morning and CAKING off of what I believe in by the grace of God.

LET FREEDOM REIGN – in stores NOVEMBER 30th. Go pick that up. Maybe I’ll call my 4th album “winners : just like every body else” maybe not.

I pray with every song I sing Im singing from the bottom of my heart. If all we want is an award for telling our truths, then we really have no true reason. This isn’t a competition. This is a stage for self expression and I’m grateful for the opportunity to live on it. I’d sing even if nobody sang along.

-from the bottom of my disappointed heart. Hip Hop… Man up. I wanted to be supportive but I can’t understand you. I believed in you… But apparently you’re so high you can’t even see what the world needs.

Is all hip hop like that? Absolutely not! But some of it certainly is. Let me spit a few bars. I’m not that kinda hip hop. I rep hip hop too. But not that kinda ego trippin foolery.

Chrisette Michele – the girl on that Aston Martin Music record…

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  • ben

    kanye album leaked!

  • City10

    Yeah it leaked a few days ago, just the clean version.

  • New World Order

    This world is mine for the Taking make me King, as we move Toward a, (New World Order) A Normal life is Boring………

    Eminem = New World Order….

  • HOOD

    Eminem > Ross

  • i love this lady!

  • Damn… well thats CB4 Ross For You.

  • Jaymalls

    BMF >>> ANY Eminem single put out circa 07 – present…. From a hip-hop/Rap point-of-view! That was real Kanye of Rozay 2 walk off though… LMAO! Let me found out NIGGERS got balls now!!!!

  • SomeoneSomewhere

    Hahaha Fuck you ross,you got beat by the honkey huh? Hahaha ^^

  • WTF

    I would of Left too.. If they gave a White Boy an Award at the Soul Train… Tell Eminem to go to the Country Music Awards

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Officer Ricky having a Temper tantrum lmao. Last time i seen him this mad is when McDonalds had a mcnugget Shortage.

  • haha

    Well if BET and Soul Train are awarding Eminem…you already know what the Grammy’s will be like. Eminem will dominate those as well!

    Of course the Ross haters will diss him for his actions but let Kanye have another tantrum and you all will be saying “Kanye is speaking for the culture and he should have won because he is a genius.”

  • Truest


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Yo didnt William get mad when the GRAMMYS didnt nominate “Deeper Than Rap”? Them fancy beats and weak rhymes cant SAVE YOU William. Shady/Aftermath…BOSS !

  • herbsaac

    RT: @Truest “LAWSE!!!”

  • westcoast


  • R. Goldie


  • your pusha

    well the boss decided to leave, and when the boss decides, the boss decides

  • Rick Ross hater


  • Nathaniel

    let’s see…

    the BET Soul Train Music Awards nominates one of the biggest Black Entertainment records of the year, and it loses to a joint that, culturally, had zero affect on black culture.

    and a black woman is mad at a Black man who isn’t afraid to let it be known what type of bullshit that is.

    i can see rick ross’s gripe. if hip hop is black youth culture, then eminem’s lack of effect on black youth culture should count against him substantially. i guarantee you there isn’t a hip hop radio station in a major black city that was playing BMF or Aston Martin Music LESS than any of eminem’s singles.

    em is dope. but we have to stop looking AT things, and look INTO things. i hope rick ross responds to chrisette’s turn coat ass. out of all the shit to rant about, THIS is it? get a life shawty

  • Feenixa

    Good for Chrisette Michele! Rick Ross is a lil bitch to walk out like that. How could he have thought he’d beat Eminem? Sorry but I’m still surprised Ross made the top 10 MCs list!! Chrisette is right. Supposed to be there for the music, not to win frigin awards. To walk out was rude and super lame to the fans & especially to Chrisette. How you gunna leave another artist hanging like that? Specially now that her album is coming out in a few weeks. That’s f*cked up. He should have at least respected her enough to stay and do the song with her and then he could have left. Where is the damn love?

  • Drucifer

    LOL @ Rick Ross having a tantrum and leaving………….

    Thats how you really win tho, Em been keeping his mouth shut, everybody the last few years riding his dick for attention, he just keeps his mouth shut, sells his records, wins his awards and keeps it movin……..

  • Pusha T

    how the hell eminem win at the soul train awards. ain’t nothing soulful about that cracka

  • I dont believe Rick Ross anymore *Shoulder Shrug*… Congrats Em! How could you leave such a lovely voice like Chrisette stranded? Classless. -10 points

  • Feenixa

    people are way too worried about the race factor too. it’s about the fucking music, about hip hop. if a “white boy” is better than bigg ass Rick Ross, then Ross shouldn’t be given an award over him. Stupid. Eminem wouldn’t have walked out if he had lost. Besides, anyone who denies Eminem isn’t a great rapper is a fucking liar. straight up. and I’m not even the biggest Em fan. but seriously. ignorant ass people

  • intelrebel

    wait so he really thinks hes a better artist than em HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA or is he tryin to get his kanye on _ either way in a year /two know one will be listen to that dude

  • Certifiedone

    Cry me a river dickface.

  • ronnie_moe

    LOL @ those honkey comments coming back to haunt this nigga. This is the fucking Soul Train Awards. Fuck you tripping for, B?

  • Citylivin’

    “I could have sworn hip hop was on the come up.”
    ^^^Hell no! #Fail Chrisette….but it’s not your fault for thinking it was on the come up….your just one of the many people who think hip-hop is not dead….mind manipulation at it’s best.

  • Belize

    Rick Ross really thinks he could beat Eminem?? That’s embarrassing. Don’t blame you for being pissed Chrisette.

  • Nathaniel

    and why do these muthafuckas stay hopping on blogs n shit. it’s rick ross, you’re chrisette michele… CALL THE NIGGA UP IF YOU GOT AN ISSUE! wtf?

    it’s the principle, chrisette, it’s not an obsession with some trophy. it’s about truth and falsehood. earning and giving. it ain’t eminem’s fault though… he’s just doing him.

    i can understand the principle of the shit… and rick ross hasn’t said shit yet. but when he does, trust and believe it’ll be EXACTLY the issue i’m speaking about.

    now if you agree…. disagree… it’s whatever. this is why ross bounced, though. bet.

  • ReppinHard

    I know the Em stans are going to have a field day but fuck it …I CO SIGN EVERY MOTHER FUCKIN THINK NATHANIEL SAID!

  • Rick Ross > Eminem

    How In The Hell This White Boy Get A Soul Train Award When He Can’t Even Dance…..

    Tell Me What DJ Play Eminem New Album In The Club ?????

    I’m Waiting…….?

  • WAP


  • @ jaymallz

    bmf a hot tracc..if u a drug hustler…but to say its greater than any eminem tracc from 07 to present is plain foolery and shows ignorance. do u fools listen to music or do u jus skim through it? have a little gander at this lil tracc called stay wide awake and tell me fat boy rozay still on a whole new level…CMON SON!

  • Drucifer

    @ Nathanial

    Theres no kind of honor in marching off the set like a crybaby because you didnt win

    And kill the race factor, because he would’ve probably marched off the same way had 50 cent beat him out for one

    Fat boy been hanging around Kanye to long I guess……

  • Nathaniel

    and this award wasn’t about “who is the better artist”… it’s about the record. BET. Soul Train. <—culturally, em just is in another vein of expression than that. ross is all wrapped in the black experience. sure his music is mostly non-positive… but that IS a part of the black experience, unfortunately. a big ass part.

  • mr. october

    Yall niggas still turn this into a black white thing. Em will never win because of his skin color. Yall adding fuel to his fire. Anyway as far as best album of 2010 yall musta forgot abt big boi and the roots album. Both of these albums greater than teflon don!

  • Nathaniel

    and lastly, why the FUCK is what rick ross chose to do a clear indication of the direction of the entire culture/music genre?

    that’s just over-analyzing. she needs to chill. you talkin’ loud but you ain’t said TOO much.

  • BLAM

    Is winning a BET award really that important tho? I didnt even know Soul Train award happened until this post

  • wow

    damn soul train …..smh

  • Certifiedone

    To make a point, regardless of Em’s skin color he’s “hip hop” in which hip hop is “Black music”
    Get the picture? Or are yall niggas too dumb to understand anything? And Rick Ross negro please his shit aint hot. His shit flopped, “Selling records doesnt mean anything” yeah that’s no big deal, of course it only stands for how many fans you have and how many people got off their ass to buy your shit, but yeah record sales dont matter. Suckas.

    Real hip hop wins again!

  • haha

    Hip hop fans will hate on Ross for having a Correctional Officer job and being dishonest about it when the hip hop culture has utterly NO respect for authority. So you can’t expect those with this type of mentality to be rational about the fact that Eminem won a Soul Train Award when his music represents ABSOLUTELY NO SOUL but pop.

  • Thank Me Hater

    @Nathaniel I sort of agree with what ur saying but I’m not saying em has had zero affect on black culture. Rap is black culture and hes had an affect on rap and therefore has an affect on black youth. On the other hand its still a little weird to see a white dude walk away with the award. I don’t think Ross should have won it either. The roots at least should be on everyone’s minds

  • ODM3TheTruth

    If this an award for black culture, then in terms of black culture Mr. Ross shouldn’t be near winning it. No fucking way. Em hasn’t contributed much either, but in reality, this isn’t about race. We as black people are so quick to pull the fucking race card. Come on people.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    EM beat ROSS when Teflon Don came out too Em had the #1 album that week. No wonder Ross is mad Kanye shrug.

  • Nathaniel


    i doubt he would have. it ain’t the first award his fat ass done lost, haha. i can’t tell if chrisette has caught feelings because he walked off, period, of if she understands he walked off the this specific reason i’m indicating and has issue with that. either way,

    his reasons are race related. so i ain’t the one “making it about race”. i just understand the sentiment. if ross speaks out, my theory will be confirmed.

    if niggas don’t see lynchings, water hoses, slave quarters, and “nigger!” shouting… a lot of us can’t SEE the so-called “race factor”. we shouldn’t be so afraid.

    jay-z boycotted the grammy’s back in like 98. he understood THEN that WE weren’t getting our just due. not because hip hop was hip hop, but because hip hop was black youth cultural expression. that’s what they didn’t respect. so when BET heralds eminem as he panders to white youth with his music JUST because he raps, as if hip hop isn’t US (hollywood divorce shit)…. SOME of us want to preserve the integrity of that culture. pretty simple, really.

  • haha

    Did Eminem attended the Soul Train Awards?

  • Thank Me Hater

    This bitch chrisette just bragged abt how she is different and then asked if she had an ego in the same sentence! Where Dey do dat at? Yes bitch u DO have an ego!


    @nathaniel, what effect did bmf have on black culture? club beats dont influence shit bro… or maybe u just like to dance

  • Fredro

    co sign nate…..straight up no offense to those who love eminem but ross shit is in every hood and in every club

  • Drucifer

    @ Nathanial

    Maybe your right, maybe not, no way to know for sure. I’ll respect you enough to admit that at least you aint shootin insults at me on tho


    Side Note- Who were the other nominees, because even if Em hadntwon, I’m sure there was someone else better then rick ross to give it too, lol

  • Mr. October

    @Nathaniel I’m all abt preserving the culture but if u think u can do it with ross’s type of music ur wrong. At least eminem talks abt shit the general public can relate to whether they be black or white. Ross talks abt fancy cars and living in mansions when 90% of the black population ain’t done that shit. How is he relating to black culture

  • Rhyme

    So many Eminem haters. lmao
    What songs were nominated for this award?

  • Word


    Em stans gonna have a field day, and Ross stans gonna bitch and whine. Which one is worse?


    Wait, BMF, a record about literally BLOWING MONEY FAST, had an effect on the black culture? How? Only effect it had was making niggas lose weight from dancing to it all night at the clubs. Only reason you think it had an effect on the black culture is because it was done by a black guy, and because it had the streets partying more. At least Not Afraid had a meaning to it, pop record or not. I would think the black community (myself included) would like to hear a motivational song about getting up and making something out of yourself despite your misfortunes.

    I mean, Ross should be mad though. He lost to a white boy at a Soul Train award. Thats like a random ass white running back taking Adrian Petersons spot in the NFL. It shouldnt happen. But it did, all I can say is get over it. I want Ross to diss Em though, so Em can fry his ass cuz everybody know Em skill level really show when he dissing somebody. And hip hop could use some real beef nowadays.

    And dont get me wrong, I fucks with both artist. And BMF is my shit too, Id be lying if i said i dont look forward to the song playing in clubs. But still, just because a white dude won one award dont mean theres propaganda going on. Black people always think something is racist or propaganda. And im black my damn self, not even suburban black…baltimore city public school black.

  • Drucifer

    @ Fredro

    Having music played in the hood and in the club says nothing for you artistically. That doesnt make you talented and nobody gets awards for that

    Back in 98 when Master P and No Limit had the clubs locked down, they aint win no awards either, the awards all went to Cats like Jay Z, Big Pun and DMX……..

  • Bangers N Mash



    Now that’s fucking funny!

  • monte ellis


    cosign. music has been fuckd for the last 5-7 years. people who dont even deserve to win awards with those titles

  • Nathaniel

    the issue is Black culture seems to show more respect and admiration for eminem’s ability to sell tons of records to white kids, than Black artists ability to manipulate and influence our own culture. then, at the same time, the more records black artists sell to white kids, the “better” we say their pension for making hits is. that’s backwards. no matter what, we stay focused on whitey.

    same with jay-z. we respect this nigga more and more, the more powerful white people pat him on his back and shake his hand. it’s the mentality. the mentality is all fucked up.

  • Mr. October

    @Nathaniel I agree with that general statement abt the mentality. This is true

  • Word

    And its funny how when Eminem is the topic, niggas that dont even normally post on RR wanna start talking (haters and stans alike) Even the haters love talking about Em. SMH. No one man should have all that POWER

  • Nathaniel

    @Fire Amaya Movement.

    every relevant rapper did a song to the beat. not because of the beat itself, but because of the life ross breathed into the song. i’ll put it like this.

    you take BMF across the country in every black community you can find, and we FEEL that shit. collectively. (i’m not speaking of YOU as an individual)

    take Not Afraid in the same sphere, and you wont get that type of pandemonium. but still, every shift in black culture comes from the black community. the same one i’m comparing these two records to.

    therefore, for BET. i repeat, BET, SOUL TRAIN… i repeat, SOUL TRAIN, to give em the nod over ross is a clear indication of where niggas heads are at. and those heads are NOT in the community they supposedly represent. that’s the truth.

  • haha

    Did The Roots’…’How I Got Over’…Nas & Damiam Marley’s….’Distant Relatives’…Big Boi’s…’Sir Lucious Left Foot’ or Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek…’ New Reflection Eternal’ get nominated for a Soul Train Award?

  • BLAM

    @ Nathaniel

    but at this stage are you really suprised, remember this is BET were talking about. BET hasnt been shit for years, so i dont even get mad when they do shit like this becuase all of thier award shows are meaningless nowadays. A BET award has no value

  • Drucifer

    @ haha

    See, thats what I wanna know…….. Because I’m not saying that Em had the best song nominated, but Em’s song > Rick Ross’s song

    who were the other nominees??

  • Nathaniel


    you raise a valid point, my nig. they didn’t mention the other nominees… i wonder, though…

    @mr. october

    you’re right about ross’s music having a tendency towards destruction. BUT, i wouldn’t say the eminem’s subject matter as far as his brand goes, is anything niggas can relate to maybe deranged white kids from the suburbs/trailer parks, but not us. maybe i’m wrong. Recovery, though, isn’t the traditional violent, drug abuse infused, pop-icon trashing, white singer smutting shit em is known for, lol!

  • Nathaniel


    nah… i ain’t surprised at all. i’m just urging us to be consistent in our disdain for BET. lol, they deserve it… the muthafuckas. i doubt ross was surprised either, just pissed as hell lol

  • haha

    There are GREAT representation of SOULFUL music that was not even considered for a Soul Train Award…such as the album ‘DISTANT RELATIVES’ by Nas & Damian Marley.

  • Trillest

    I don’t fuck with neither one of these niggas really, and even though I feel Ross was wrong for walking out, I do feel he should have won. That Em shit is not Hip-Hop. It has no soul, or no bounce to it whatsoever. BMF had the whole hood-hopping. I don’t know anybody who bumps Recovery, B. Em wins shit because he’s white and more popular than anyone else in the genre. The shit is as clear as day man. It ain’t his fault though, he can’t help it.

  • Thank Me Hater


    until bet starts showing some kind of positive black programming I won’t respect them…..their heads have been fucked up waaaaaayyyyy before this Ross shit. The black community has bigger problems than a white boy winning a soul train award if u wanna take it there

  • Certifiedone

    @ Nathaniel
    You are the most ignorant nigga on here. Behind Android. Both of you are clowns.
    So, BET “Sucks” for giving someone an award that deserves it? Should they have given it to Rick Ross? Who rightfully doesn’t deserve it, just because he’s black? I’m actually standing up for BET, usually i’m against it but i’m impressed that they had enough respect to give someone like Eminem an award. Just shows you they recognize talent regardless of skin color.

  • ireland

    lol rick c,mon really like really eminem is lyrical master ,hov ,lupe ,nas,biggie u kno etc ure not its that simple

  • SMH


  • Drucifer

    @ Trillest

    You cant say Em shit aint hip hop just because you dont like it, just about any MC under the sun will tell you he’s a talented MC

    Alot of people I dont like but I wouldnt remove them from the genre because of it

  • Nathaniel


    i don’t know what it is… but i guess i just go with the whole reason we need black male positive role models for young niggas. because white dudes saying motivational shit just doesn’t do it for me. i can listen to not afraid all day, and feel nothing but happy em ain’t on drugs no more.

    play some got damn… shit iono, hell Me Against The World (the song) by pac, or even tears of joy wit Cee-Lo singing on that hook… and a nigga might get a lil misty eyed. true story. haha

  • Nathaniel

    @Certified done

    i knew the “ignorant” label was coming. you may disagree with my outlook, ol chap. but Nathaniel is far from ignorant. i think you kind of missed my point, but proved my point.

    mentality. peace

  • BLACK777

    HAAHAAA, im laughing at you stupid black fools who keep bringing white people into your culture, music, sexual relationships, marriage, & business. White people have usurped Hip Hop overnight because of your insistence that they (white people) be apart of it.

    What did you think was going to happen when you invite white people into your institutions? Do you remember Blues music? Do you remember Country music? Do you remember Jazz? Do you remember Rock & Roll? Of course not because white people took it over and kicked yo black azz to the curb. Today Black people don’t even know we invented these genres.

  • BLACK777

    When you bring white trash into your house, don’t be surprised when everything starts to smell like SHIT!

    White people own the record labels, radio stations, managing companies, studios, clothing companies, music equipment & production Co, TV networks, & award shows ( Yes the Soul Train Awards) ect…

    Face it we are just modern day slaves.

  • Pusha T

    look at all these uncle toms making excusess

  • Mr. October

    @ I can’t debate that because I haven’t been to every highly black populated area. I don’t know who is bumping em and @trillest for u to say niggas ain’t bumping em is stupid. How the fuck could u know that? Because ur hood out of 6 billion people not bumping. I hate that we as the black people think where we stay is representative of the entire black population. That ain’t true!

  • Nathaniel

    oh, and @haha CO-SIGN

    Distant Relatives… smh. real shit spoken on that album. Leaders, Patience, Strong Will Continue, Count Your Blessings…

    real. real. REAL shit.

  • Drucifer

    @ Nathanial

    Like I said before, I dont really agree with what your saying on here, but you making your point without being obnoxious bout it and that I can respect

    Alot of heads on this site fit the ignorant category but I have no problem with someone having a diffrent point of view and speaking in their mind

  • Certifiedone

    @ Nathaniel
    Well yeah of course, you say “ignorant” shit, someone is bound to reply to it, that’s just how it goes.
    I didn’t mean any hate, but just gotta check you on it.

  • Nathaniel


    ^pay attention to what this man is saying. even if you don’t agree with what is said or especially how offensive he put it, lol. pay attention. THINK.


  • hip hop head

    good job rick ross its bs eminem is soo overated he fell off n he sucks n is wack now he best work was (slim shady lp) meanwhile rick ross dropping dope tracks left & right . Mashall Mathers is wick wick wack(KRS-ONE voice) lol

  • Well that wasn’t cool of Rozay to leave Chrisette stranded like that, but one true thing is there’s no way in hell, Eminem should’ve won at the soul train awards. It has nothing to do with him being white, Robin Thicke has won on them B4 I think, or at least performed, but he makes SOUL music. Eminem has been on his white Pop-Rock/Rap sh*t as of late, and Boss has cuts like Tears Of Joy & Aston Martin Music real soulfful joints. He should have won. I’m not saying he’s a better MC then Em, that’s preposterous. One thing I will say though, is its gonna be lame if Not Afraid or LTWYL, wins best rap song over Power at the grammys, but these awards shows love to kiss Em’s @$$ b/c he’s white (Yeah I said it) but it’s whatever though…

  • Thank Me Hater

    One thing I respect eminem for is knowing his Target audience. He’s white trash and he knows it. He knows who buys his music but he still does him no matter how fucked up and violent it may sound. Ross on the other hand is a fucking egotistical no talent hack who conforms to formulaic black music. I’m agreeing with chrisette on this one…..sorry I jus don’t like Ross yall

  • BLACK777

    @ Nathaniel

    Peace big brutha!

  • Nathaniel

    @RR patrons

    i must’ve really struck a cord this evening, lol.


    indeed, bruh. respect, as well. i encourage multiple ways to look at a thing. i think that’s intelligent. when niggas can dialog with out calling each other “cunts” and “dick riders” and shit, points can get across, we can all thing. agree or disagree, and keep it movin. maybe i’ll shut the fuck up now, i’ve said about enough, lol

  • Rainman666

    Eminem ran hip hop this year. Ross sold 500,000 copy from June till today. Eminem sold 750,000 in the first week. How you gonna get mad when eminem win all these awards when the number show that he is hip hop. Thats just a fact

  • Drucifer

    @ Thank me Hater

    always been my opinion of Rick Ross, he sounds like everybody else on the radio to me…… Same formula content ( I hustled, I’m from the hood, Stereo-typical club song, stero-typical I’m rich song)


  • Nathaniel

    @Thank Me Hater

    ^hmmm… i fuck with that. there’s truth in it, no doubt. em knows his target, and ross is mad formulaic. but… i guess he knows his target too. like the old em, he just feels little responsibility to his audience. em is starting to feel obligated to take on some responsibility… content wise.

  • hip hop head

    @ ha ha i feel you real hip hop gets no love .The Roots,Nas&Damian Marley,Talib Kweli&Hi-Tek, Big Boi all had amzing albums but the radio,tv,internet & award shows ignore them for BULL SHIT music thats not hip hop LIke eminem,lil wayne,drake,t-pain etc REAL HIP HOP FANS UNITE N RICK ROSS keep doing ur thing cant wait for the new L.O.X album

  • Thank Me Hater

    @Drucifer right!! and I’m not rich I’m not from the hood and I don’t sell drugs. Believe it or not I’m a black dude that just graduated and has friends in college. What the fuck is Ross talking abt. On the other hand I can relate to an eminem song abt a fucked up relationship and wanting to hurt a bitch! Real talk

  • Nathaniel

    @Thank Me Hater

    and i agree. we DO have much bigger issues. but i also think this whole award situation… it’s like a microcosm of a destructive mindset we collectively seem to have. and i suspect that’s ross’s issue.

    unfortunately he doesn’t understand the destruction he himself is a part of. it’s tricky out here, folks.

  • Thank Me Hater


    Now that’s true…..he does seem to feel obligated now whereas old em didn’t give a fuck. I don’t know if its maturation or fear that he was losing his fans though

  • Jagged

    Rick Ross sucks he is a bitch ass security guard

  • Big Chump

    @Thank Me Hater CO-FUCKIN-SIGN!

    I love how people are saying ” well i dont here eminem in the hood or the club” WTF? SO!!! ….Last i checked Hip Hop is GLOBAL!!!!!!!! Hip Hop used to be new york, turntable, freestyle on your street, and etc. 20 Years plus later Hip Hop is evrywhere, being played in africa, austrailia, france, brazil, germany ETC!!! its 2010! shit, dont hate on the white boy RESPECT

  • Nathaniel

    and you know what, my niggas.

    i ain’t even mad that rick ross exists. he’s a real representation of a segment of the black community and it’s mindset. my problem is the lack of balance, man! BALANCE!

    all the low-content, commercial rappers are fine. i don’t want them to die. i ain’t even really mad at them. i’m truly angry about the fact that there isn’t a well-rounded projection of black music on our radio, in tv, and in entertainment period. it’s no mistake that content gets swept under the rug.

    those in power don’t want mentally stimulating, mental AWAKENING music to permeate our communities. so they make sure this empty shit keeps circulating. and it isn’t so much that “that’s all people want to hear!” because that truth comes AFTER you shove it down their throats, fuck their exposure to REAL SHIT up, and leave them craving what they know to the point that real seems fake and fake seems real. if they threw 3 tracks from Distant Relatives, or even some joints from Untitled (nas) on the radio 10 times a day for two months, the entire mindset would shift. people would taste it, the machine would verify for their sheep like minds that THIS is cool, and they’d develop a healthy appetite for it!

    in conclusion, we need our own nation so we can control what reaches our people for OUR benefit. to help US rise and thrive as a people. it AINT happening with the power structure we live under.


  • Thank Me Hater


    These words are true. I can understand how this situation is indicative of a destructive mindset and all but……I just HATE Rick Ross (even pre50 beef) lol. I can’t blame em for that though. It doesn’t sound like ur doing that exactly but ur abt one racial slur away. And don’t get me wrong Malcolm X before mecca is one of my role models. Now I’ve gone off on a tangent….fuck!

  • Nathaniel

    @Big Chump

    Hip Hop is global, but it’s still the entire worlds attempt to duplicate what the black community originated, and continues to vanguard.

    it’s global, and the whole globe wants to be like what they think we are. we fascinate with our innovative, creative culture. i just wish they (and we) could see a more complete picture of who we are. and not just get fed, and have the ent industry feed us and the world a particular representation of us.

  • Killa Shady

    Fat Boy Mad!!!
    EMINEM G.O.A.T!!!!!
    fuck that fake ass, police officer, never touched cocaine in his life, stealing real rick ross’ stories, scarface wanna-be, big meach wanna-be, larry wanna-be, every drug dealer wanna-be, twinkey eating Niggaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

  • ireland

    im amazed ye think em isn,t one of the great lyricists do u know wat the fuk that means (lyricist) yea hes white its 2010 u close minded cunts who cares eminem is a great lyricists like 2pac was a great songwriter but biggie was the better lyricist

  • macDIESEL




  • Thank Me Hater


    But what came first the chicken or the egg? Are black communities what they are because ofthe ignorant music or are black people the ones that make the music so ignorant in the first place and it becomes an endless cycle. That make sense?

  • Rainman666

    Hip hop is full of none rapping gimmicks. Rick Ross cant rap.50 put is name out the so that people know who is but really how are people gonna get rap when a rapper beat a gimmick. F

  • Killa Shady

    STFU with that race shit.
    that shit is maaaad old!
    it’s a whiteman’s world, a blak man is president, a mexican is the richest man in the world.
    race has NOTHING to do with skills…

    and name another rapper who tells stories, has passion, and has energy in his music like eminem…go ahead, I’ll wait.

  • Thank Me Hater


    U sound like brother Malcolm….lol that’s why he didn’t believe in integration at first. Everything over here is the white man’s so its impossible for the black man to come in and have their own

  • Nathaniel

    @Thank Me Hater

    lol Malcolm… i’ve studied that man inside and out for the past couple years. did an independent study on him in college too. (fuck college haha, jk)

    but nah man, i don’t blame em for nothing. he’s dope, he does his thing. it’s just unfortunate that in order to chastise us it seems that i’m expressing hatred for him too…

    malcolm, pre-mecca and the nation of islam in general had that problem too. it ain’t hate teaching, this is love teaching. sometimes we’re more sensitive to offending whites than we are to how offended we’ve been over the years, though. me, i focus on US because no one else from another race will. i’m black. my people need me. other races don’t, whites in particular have an entire country dedicated to their prosper and happiness. lol, they’ll be aiight if i don’t pander to them. lol. peace to em, though. i think he means well and really love hip hop too.

  • Nathaniel

    @Thank Me Hater

    malcolm never believed in integration. not even post-mecca. the only thing he no longer believed after mecca was that the white man was inherently the devil. remember, he was a black nationalist.

    “my political, economic, and social philosophy is black nationalism… i’m still a muslim. my religion is islam”

    in all actuality, he got more militant when he left the nation. he was studying the Mau Mau and the OAU and wanted to basically kill until we could be separate. lol. a very unwise move by malcolm.

  • Nathaniel

    @Thank Me Hater

    just like the qur’an says allah formed man out of a clot (blood-clot, which represents the missed menstrual cycle of a woman where the would be blood stays and starts creating life), the egg came before the chicken. it was created, hatched, and grew into a chicken just like the american government was created, politicized, and began creating the type of society that best serves it’s 1st citizen. 1st in everything, white america. the other races (of non-european descent) just live here. but the one thing we don’t have the the other dark races have is identity. so our society gave us one long ago, and every couple decades the method of continued brainwashing evolves with the time. america still has the same constitution and structure in 2010 as it did in 1776

    …we’re way off topic. but fuck it, lol

  • original will

    I dont if i more surprised that Ross thought he is a better rapper than Eminem or the fact that Eminem won a Soul Train Award shit I never heard of em being nominated for a soul train award it doesnt even sound right that Recovery aint no joke I see

  • smh

    yo i’m black and all ya’ll cats talkin Em shouldnt win a Soul Train award over Ross are some ignorant mofos seriously. It’s about the music I mean shit Em’s album was a dope LP and original uh Ross basically rappin about the same isht over and over a lot of fabrication and ironically “Deeper than Rap” aint deep at all. So what cause he black man fuck that I support good music and authentic cats the way ya’ll go at Em is bullshit cause he more than proved himself in this hip hop isht and he does it FOR THE LOVE dude is beyond caked up he had no reason to come back. So please don’t gimme that oh cause he white bs Ross if you want to win then step your game the fuck up

  • the_truth

    We all know Lupe Fiasco killed BMF anyway. So if BMF won the award it should’ve been Building Minds Faster because isn’t that what music should do. Music should be motivating, uplifting, not about how much money yo have. No one cares about a fat piece of shit who raps about having money. Biggie and Pac would be ashamed to hear Ross’s shit.

    #Just my opinion

  • Thank Me Hater


    HAHA yeah we are. I just know that he believed that Muslims of all races should live in peace. That’s what I mean by integration. I don’t subscribe to most of his teaching as you might, but he was right in that respect

  • the_truth

    And Rick Ross isn’t lyrical at all. I’ve seen 3 year olds with a better vocabulary. Stupid ass

  • Don’t blame Hip Hop Chrisette, that ain’t fair… it ain’t Hip Hop’s fault William Roberts is a spoiled little child….. what a loser. And yes, he LOST.


  • jacob

    Smh at black people

  • dani

    i’m just surprised he won ! lol..

    i’m black saying this… you know, i’ve watched all these white acts be nominated and lose at black award shows (and vice versa… but let’s not even get into that [sigh]). i can’t believe he won.

    congrats Em. i see u!!

  • original will

    like even if em didnt win somebody other than Ross wouldve won at the end of the day whether it be Drake or Kanye Ross wasnt going to win regardless

    Like who else was in the category Ross is always the 1st loser never a winner get that through your heads Ross Stans that Nigga dont deserve to win anything with what Kanye and (I Guess) Em is doing

    he builds his success on who he is associated with thats why he always get Jay-Z to feature on his album thats why damn near every song is a collab becuz he believes that since he can speak to Jay-Z And Nas he thinks that make him an MC of that Caliber when Jay-Z has given cosigns to artist Like Soulja Boy and Uncle Murder that cosign dont mean shit when that dude that is cosigning you is in the same category

  • Nathaniel

    @Thank Me Hater

    he believed in universal brotherhood of mankind. through which he only believed could be achieved through islam. but not brotherhood with anyone who wasn’t interested with practicing it with us. that process, he believed, started with our separation so we could have a nation like every other race of people on earth. our own nation. this, he believed, is equality, because it puts “i have my own” in front of every man.

    the influence of america’s ideology, political economic, social and racial, are too powerful for the black race to be willing participants in, while simultaneously saying we want an end to the destruction in our race. the self-destruction, primarily. our assimilation is synonymous with destruction. separation is the only thing that will save us. …this will be proven true as this country sinks further into oblivion.

  • Fisticuffs


    Rick Ross: Damn I thought I had this won because I’m black
    BET: Nah, you suck.
    Jeezy: Hah!

  • themag

    some of these comments are just plain ignorant, its a shame how some of you think, no wonder there are stereotypes about us not being smart or educated. why cant a white artist when at a soul train award show? nobody had a problem when chamillionaire and other black artist have one a grammy. so nice comments to the ones who posted with sense, and to the others who post like kids…well we need someone to serve burgers and to wash cars.

  • the_truth

    @original will he’s just mad because Wiz Khalifa wouldn’t sign with him hahaha

  • Black Shady

    Shady stays winning!

  • Certifiedone

    Cosign @ themag
    Keepin it real.

  • Stu

    Ermm… Have you guys realised that Em is the only white rapper who does big numbers..
    If u are attacking the white Hip-Hop community, why not go after Asher Roth, Bubba Sparxx, Yelawolf etc…

    It seems some niggas just don’t like Em cos he’s that successful; it also looks like it has NOTHING to do with white people doing hip-hop but about Marshall himself.

    I wonder y??

    No one says anything when Rick Ross outsells Asher Roth by thousands and thousands of albums. What were Paul Wall’s 1st week numbers??? We don’t see white folks complaining.
    When Eminem outsells another black rapper, some niggas have a problem with it .

  • Lmao

    Haha funny how these “hood” guys think BMF was motivational in any way, that’s why u guys keep “LAWSIN” dumbfcks. Tell me how does this BMF can inspire peeps? Take ’em drugz? Fast cars? Money? Lmao, like 90% of blacks are rich retards.

  • Willie_mcfly22

    Em will go down as one of the all time greats. Why would Ross really b mad, like genuinely b mad?? Cmon son. Fuck outta here…

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  • Str8 sucka shit Ross.

  • Slobodan

    Fat bastard. didy colabing, thinkin he’s the new b.i.g. :@

  • Haters are annoying–> Belize, Android the rick ross stan, Mac Weasel , the bitch boy cold blood, and lucass,

    i aint racist but um, they givin white dudes awards at the sould train awards now ??? smh

    how is anybody supposed to win anything with eminem’s ass in every catergory, let him win at the mtv awards, grammy’s, ama etc !

  • Drucifer

    If you get off the Black vs White thing, the underlying fact still remains that Rick Ross is a crybaby for pullin that, especially leaving another artist who was suppose to perform with you stuck like that………

  • Haters are annoying–> Belize, Android the rick ross stan, Mac Weasel , the bitch boy cold blood, and lucass,


  • Mars


  • Haters are annoying–> Belize, Android the rick ross stan, Mac Weasel , the bitch boy cold blood, and lucass,



  • serpentor

    if bawse is mad at the fact that em won the soul-train award (cause shady is white,he’s black) like some of ya’ll say, then should’nt he have been mad at the fact that he EVEN got nominated?!?!!? i dunno, thats just me…and i know fif is having a ball with this as we speak!!

  • damn, i dont kno what to say! Cuz ross shoulda man up and stayed, damn…hiphop aint bout race its jus a grateful when people relate to the lives of these men & women whom dedicate their life to paper ridden formulas of truth for telling “making it”

    i understand it makes her look kinda stupid where the duo is set to perform & your leading man walks out due to not winning losing to one of the prolific ablum sellers- media hype; yeah-

    what is tighter? gold or platinum….. money is money! shit- i guess the beef is still on in his mind….

  • Haters are annoying–> Belize, Android the rick ross stan, Mac Weasel , the bitch boy cold blood, and lucass,

    i agree ross shouldnt have walked off like that though

  • pawz

    its hard to take her seriously when she keeps dropping her album date over and over and over…

  • meg

    most of u guys on here saying that eminem shouldnt have won are saying that white people are racist. Im pretty sure ur being racist by saying that a white man shouldnt have won the award cos he is not black.

  • papabearatl

    What is ‘soul’? I wasn’t aware that soul was a skin color? Soul = dope, cars and name brand clothes and how much pussy u get? Let’s be real, soul is emotion, below the surface, putting yourself on the track. Can u say any of those things about Officer Ross? If spins at the club = greatest rapper then crown TPain and Soulja Boy hip hops newest god mc’s.

  • King Carter

    I think that Ross seen 1st hand what happens when you are a legend and how you are never suppose to Disrespect those who have paved the way for you. He dissed Eminem last year when he said that he lost his Swag and that he was a Monkey because he rolled with 50 Cent! He also said that he wanted to Beef with Eminem because the Beef with 50, Bored him. Now it’s funny on how Ross has to watch the same, Monkey be the Hottest Rapper in the game & win all the awards he’s nominated for. Seems as if his 275 Pound Ego couldn’t take watching someone he Shitted on, Win consistently and while Eminem is doing shows with Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, Nicki Minaj & Kanye West selling out Baseball Stadiums, he couldn’t even sell out a 3,000 seat venue in NYC last mouth. Remember Ross, Eminem could’ve ended your 4 year career if he wanted too so be careful of who’s shoes you step on. God don’t like ugly Ross!

  • Reallypeople

    When it comes to an artist.. What does rick ross actually talk about? Seriously.. He just says shit in a song with a beat and a bunch of features. does that really make an hot album. Since the beginning Eminem always talked about things we can all relate too. When it comes to relationships, poverty, being rich, and just fucked up situations.. Thats an art. Someone who can paint a picture with words. I tried listening to ross. He says the same shit over and over and over.. Ive lived in Miami and i still dont know what the fuck he is talking about.. Ive never listen to Ross and said wow. this is deep or even memorable. An award is an award.. he got mad and left. Thats the whole thing. Why are there people sticking up for him. He fucking left.

  • ColoradoKnight

    Em can raps circles around him, without question. And I don’t even buy Em’s records.

  • Lioness

    Im mad..plugs album….can u believe this fool…plugs album….he is messing up my PR…plugs album…did he really think he would beat Em? …plugs album..this nigga is tripping…plugs album.

    C Michelle

  • Jayo

    Eminem deservedly won an award, so what is this bitch leavin for…what a cry baby

    Eminem is light years ahead of Rick Ross … come on now

    You guys think Rick Ross should have won because of the simple fact that he is black and Eminem is not …smh at that racist garbage.

  • Shane

    Since when has Rick Ross represented rap? Most people you ask about their fav rapper will say EM, and if not most then definitely more than those that will say Rick Ross. BMF had a nice beat…DATS why the clubs played it. And it would be stupid for the awards show to give ross an award for the beat in his song. Maybe Eminem isn’t a SOUL music artist…but he does put his SOUL in his music…corny i know.

    Plus why are all you mad that a white boy won on BET…he’s been winning since the start. Face it, Eminem is one of the most respected artists in the world. O and im INDIAN…so i’m technically completely UNBIASED towards the culture lmao… I’m fine knowing that there may have been better nominees, but you can’t say Ross deserved it more than Eminem.

    O and Ross walking out showed immaturity and disrespect to Em and Hip Hop in general. He HAD to have known the award wasn’t 100% his from the start….if you’re up against Eminem you might as well try and fight with air….no matter how hard you try you won’t win. (I know Em has lost awards before…but given his recent history for awards….i forgot the site but it listed some of them…n theirs at least 20 saying he had best blahblahblah or #1…) Plus Hip Hop has always been about lyrics and emotion…not money and pussy…i love how u ppl will complain about lack of diversity in Hip Hop and then when diversity wins awards you bitch about it not being hip hop..

    and with that…good night i have skool tomorrow

  • Jayo

    comments gettin removed i see …

  • BLV

    Teflon Don album of the year.

  • Truth83

    i see why rick ross is pissed.

    his songs “ashton martin, bmf and etc” get crazy spins on the radio stations except shade 45 *cough i wonder why lmao*

    those songs get crazy spins in the night clubs that play hiphop.

    the reason em won best hip hop SONG mind you song not album is because he sold the most records this past yr.

    “Not afraid” literally paled in comparison on amount of spins on hiphop stations than bmf. Thats the simple fact of the matter.

    if you want to say not afraid was better lyrically than bmf your entitled too but then you should be consistent and anything on distant relative wouldve won instead, but nas didnt even get nominated because that album didnt move digits.

    Now you folks see the serious inconsistency bet went about in Giving Em the award for best hiphop SONG.

  • How could he seriously think he would win?

  • westcoast



  • sight

    smfh at this bitch, acting like she saying something meaningful, but in the end she just plugging her damn album using ross’ walkout as a boost. she just lost one with that, im strictly about good music, not limelight whoring for sales
    no shots

  • Sims

    There is more to music than just whats bangin in the streets.smh

  • D


  • MinajBangher!

    @Jaymalls @WTF !!!!Hahahhahahahahahahahahahaaaa!!!!Eat a dick HATERS!!!!Em=Hip Hop!!!!You fucking morons still don’t get that he represents all that is Hi Hop!Get over your reverse racist ego trippin selves and face the facts that Em is the truth and your fat fuckboy is a FRAUD!!!Frauds don’t get rewarded they get aborted!Fraud can’t beat a true TALENT and wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better lyricist and song writer!Lmao @ these clowns thinkng at ANY aards show a Fraud like Trick False would beat RAP incarnate!GTFOH!!!That fat fuck did the awards a favor by bouncing!!!!Another LAWSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Shady stays winning in2010 and beyond!Recovery bodies Teflon Bomb!!!And no BMF is no wayyyyyyyyyyyy better than any track Em ever made……Like Em said;You get “NO LOVE”……………Shady MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • scott

    its not surprising, honestly rick ross had a great year but eminem had a unbelievable year, and if ross fat ass cant see that 4get him, BMF=Blowing Men Fastest

  • AF1Colt45

    LOL . . fucking clowns writing stupid race comments . fucking officer rapping fake shit , calling him self a fucking boss when hes just a regular artist . how can this fat ass be more popular than eminem and you saying record sales don;t mean shit ? look how much em’s music and videos gets views on youtube and how long not afraid and lowe the you lie was toping charts and radios . gangsta rap from officer claiming hes a miami black tony montana , to black community . lol , gtfo to the club and dance your ass of listening to this fool .

  • Slim

    @ FIRE AMAYA MOVEMENT What songs does Eminem have that tap into black culture? The one where he talks about killing women, his mom etc.? The guy is a dope lyricist, but his albums are wack B. Tears of Joy>>>>>>Eminem’s whole last. I’ll say it and say it again, if Eminem was black, he’d be just another dope lyricist. Which isn’t his fault per say, but just acknowledge that.

    BTW what’s wrong with wanting to dance? That’s what hip-hop was founded you know….

  • Slim

    Anyway, what’s so funny to me is Eminem stans are just like the Tea Party, you can’t argue with them, and they swear they are 100% correct at all times…

  • cring wont change nuthin why cant ppl just take it like a man..and for all u talking shyt em hasen’t said shyt bout winning or losing he just keeps on moving besides em is a beast him over ross any day and im from miami

  • Let me see a song about worshiping “drug lords” was more culturally viable than a song about the sadistic realities of domestic violence that ALL races go through? Hmmm… I am a brother but I am starting to believe a lot of my people have primitive minds. Next wasn’t Em’s record a #1 record for like 7 consecutive weeks on Hot 100 (the chart that matters)? And black people are the most racist people. Its the soul train awards so only black people should win but other races can’t do the same or you would have Jesse Jackson outside protesting. Give it the hell up and grow up. “Do they play Eminem records in the club?” is the most stupid rebuttal ever. They play a LOT of crap in the club that doesn’t matter to the world, idiots.


  • ZoomZoom



  • ZoomZoom


  • K-Dot

    WTF is the issue about?? An AWARD from an award show that DON’T MEAN SHIT?!! Em is 10 times better than Ross as an MC….but that’s neither here nor there. Why the FUCK is this an issue?? His song won, his song didn’t.

    BET is trash now anyway. FUCK they award show. And they buffonery ass programming. How the fuck it’s still Black Entertainment Television when VIACOM, a White-ran company, OWNS it?

    Unplug the TV fam.

  • KUDDOS to Chrissette shes entitled to her blog BUT i was shocked to even hear ms. michelle featured on that song bc of the meaning of the song thats not her style to me BUT EM is a much better lyricist than Rick Ross and as of last week via DJ Kaled Teflon Don just went Gold…He def tryna reincarnate Biggy..his cd is ok there is just no comparison between em and rick my young black bros and sis clearly BMF is not black culture we seem to be confusing Gansta Rap with HIP HOP we are embracing the wrong things clearly we’re not listening to the lyrics of these songs but hey i guess if the hook is catchy and the beat is tight then we on it

  • st


    Ross has already disses Em, the same time he was dissing 50, calling Em a honkey and 50 a monkey. seems to me that em didnt want it cuase you didnt hear a response. he rather diss mariah and britney

    I have a problem with Em winning a Soul train award also. Teflon Don was album of the year, over Big Boi, over relapse and recover, and over the roots. Unfortunately, most of blacks are too damn cheap to actually go purchase the cd. ems fan base copped originals

  • BongBong

    Woman shut the fuck up! Your lucky to be on the records. Nobody cares what you think. Save it

  • Your Mama

    Skin Color don’t matter NO MORE!!!! If you guys think at a WHITE person does not belong in HIP-HOP then OBAMA does not belong in the WHITE HOUSE!


    WOW you can’t even defend ur position properly!!!! You are just so ignorant to face the facts that society is moving towards a colorless future. ps. ur a fuck’n racist!

  • Amustlisten

    For those of you throwing around the “white boy” shit and using race, y’all are some fucking idiots… who you think was one of the creators of HIP HOP along with Russell Simmons? Rick Rubin (A white boy), learn your history of the music before you start making yourself look like an educated ass… hip hop didn’t start with Cash Money, go pick up a copy of HIP HOP for Idiots. Guess you also forgot about 3rd Bass, Beastie Boys, and a few others that rocked the mic and help shape hip hop. As a matter of fact, Em is more black than most of you fools, let me see any of y’all walk the streets of the D just being black. Em, the only white boy around hundreds of Detroit gangsta niggs in St. Andrews, which one of you fake ass idiots could do that? Please, come to D lets see what happens then get back on here and leave a comment. LOL

    Mr. Police Officer needs to stop using the Real Rick Ross’s name, he should change his name to Suzy Q, black with cream filling.

  • lol

    motha fuckin slim shady no shit hes the best to ever do it nd ross is the worst to ever do it why the fuck in his right mind would he ever think he could compete with eminem fuckin faggot

  • Truth

    I find it sad people are still hung up with the black and white shit. Color has nothing to do with music. It is all about talent and what you’ve done for the youth. Seriously, people, Em has been in the game for over 10 years now. You’d think people would’ve gotten over the fact that he is white, but naw, people are too fucking caught up with the race shit to see that the man has real talent. Don’t embarrass yourself by pulling out the race card! It’s pathetic now. Acknowledge talent for what it is. Em is a talented rapper. His stuff is meaningful and NO it is not meant for the clubs. His music may not be played where YOU live, but it surely does get played. Why else would he be at the top of the game? Also, his stuff is what most ppl can relate to, ask THEM what his music has done and it will answer your question about what he has done for the youth. Em does him, he stays real and he DESERVED the award. But if he ain’t your cup of tea then it’s fine. Music is a matter of OPINION and you can’t force it on nobody. But you can’t say his shit sucks because it doesn’t. Take a damn look at his music, his beats are good, his lyrics even better…But no wonder you think Ross is hot if all you care about is beats to dance to in the clubs. That aint the type of shit you get awarded for. Ross walked out like a fucking cry baby. Not winning hurt his fat ego and the stupid fuck didn’t even think twice about Chrisette. She has an album coming up, but Ross was too “hurt” to even think about respecting her. Jackass. Also, Chrisette, ranting about this shit on your blog is unnecessary. You could’ve picked up the phone and called Ross. Maybe then it’d hit him and make him think about his action…if thinking is even possible for him -_-

  • zubz

    Rick Ross lies in his raps !!!
    “Talking to the police acting like you know me”
    Nigga you are the police …

    Okay Besides that lets compare the singles :
    Played in Clubs
    Can be Pumped in a car

    Debuted no 2 on billboard
    Spent number of weeks at no 1 on the bb charts
    Broke record for most views in a day on youtube
    currently top 5 watched videos on youtube with 196 mill views
    reached number 1 in a number of countries

    Dont come with the bullshit that LTWYL aint hip hop its pop cause if jigga won this for run this town nobody would complain.
    LTWYL addressed a real issue relevant to all races of people so dont come with the black and white bullshit what did BMF address.. isnt rap about addressing issues, expressing oneself ??

    Still think BMF shoulda won this award ???


  • Capitol B

    i fucks wit ricky but he petty for not performing especially since he was doin it wit someone else….i’m jus sayin


    So ‘The FAKE Rick Ross’ lost
    to the MOST POPULAR Rapper
    in the World! BooHoo! ‘SOUL’ is
    NOT about color or dancin!
    The ‘C.O.’ thinks he’s above everybody?!












  • JIGsAW


  • Bjack

    Why is she blaming “Hip Hop” for what Rick Ross did?



  • killa!

    lol! i sense a lotta sarcasm on this page. this cop should just go away.


  • nem

    BMF affecting black culture?You gotta be kidding me ,it only affected club bangers.And i do play Eminem in my car dummies.It was expeted for Ross to lose!LTWYL is huge.Isn’t Rhianna half black?Yeah exactly,so stfu and go kiss Ross’s butt loosers.

  • rossGAY ha lol

    i laugh at you ROSSGAY i laugh at you YOUNG MONEY i laugh at you WAKA FLOCKA i laugh at you GUCCI MANE i laugh at you SOULJA BOY i laugh at you B.O.B i laugh at you WIZ i laugh at you GAME i laugh at you YOUNG BUCK i laugh at you DIDDY i laugh at you T.I i laugh at you DJ FAGGHED i laugh at you COMMON i laugh at you ANDRE 3000 i laugh at all you fuckin faggots us u and a hanfull more of artist that im forgettting are the reason y hip hop fuckin sucks dick for the last five years so dont hate on fuckin g unit dblock d12 jigga dipset new niggas like j cole luda nas redman method man kanye lil kim dmx ruff ryders and ofcourse the goat slim shady cus they been in the game forever nd not once ruind hip hop till you faggots came alongg so shut the fuck up and put the fuckin mics down until u follow in ther footsteps and stop tryna compete with the greatest EMcee ever

  • Itz Yourz


    I dont think it was a race thing at all. i think chrisette michelle made it into that and yall niggas ran with it.

    William probably pissed cus he had beef with eminem thru 50 and this nigga shows him up at an award show (woulda probably did the same at any award show if him and em are in the same catergory). I just think he just a sore losser…thats it. I mean what award has he ever one. And when he does get noiminated he get beat by a rivalry. He probably like fuck this, fuck him and fuck yall…Im out. White had nothing to do with it.

    But on the bussiness side…very unprofessional. He just fucked himself ova for performing on other shows. So he dont win he dont perform? really? Way to bring your burn down….fuking moron.

  • Jackson

    @nathaniel so youre saying if youre a rapper asian, white, hispanic you have to give back to the black race?

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  • toverboi 101

    shady tha best…fuck you fatboy rozay! pin up yo muthafuckin shirt, grossin us out. Mr Mathers is tha man.

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