Curren$y Performs “Michael Knight”

The Masked Gorilla was at the the Highline Ballroom last night and caught Curren$y’s performance of “Michael Knight”. Towards the end of the set, Spitta got up close and personal with the crowd. KITT wouldn’t have advised that.

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  • BeamMeUpScottie

    Not bad. For some reason I always thought Currensy was some other dude that used to be on No Limit Records when people actually knew what No Limit Records was. His voice reminds me of someone but it wont come to me.

  • Its Been Dead, Now Were Just Spitting on the Grave

    ^lol I think the dude youre thinking of was……………….. Curren$y.

    He started out on No Limit, then went to Young Money, now hes on Dame Dash’s Def Jam label DD172.

  • BeamMeUpScottie

    So its the same dude? Or they just both have the same name? Curren$y is not that clever of a name, so hopefully its just the same dude. He should make a song with Ke$ha. Had to be said.

  • Its Been Dead, Now Were Just Spitting on the Grave

    yea same dude, hes been grindin damn near 10 years now. That Ke$ha shits pretty funny too.

  • datdude4life

    Shit was dope!!! Pilot Talk 2 Nov. 22, 2010!!! Jets now where haven’t we been yet!!! Rolling up them paper planes!!!!!

  • tpm2810

    BeamMeUpScottie you’re wack dogg, i’ve seen your clip commented on every post now man, give it a rest you’re far from nice – goofy looking, sound retarded, lacking in flow n very 4getful y hip hop is a predominantly black culture!

  • davito





    Till the next life.

  • Dub-M504

    Spitta killin it right now, I’m from the N.O. and have seen a lot of this dude’s shows, for attracting a crowd that’s always blazed n koolin like, he commands it well, he’ll never sell-out to commercialism and thats why he gets mad respect in the N.O., which is “supposedly” the city that Weezy runs, but truth be told, Wayne has lost a lot of respect in the 504, too many people in that city seen Wayne for his true-self, which is a bitch. If anything, he gets the most love down here, and with making the connects Spitta has made, he’s gonna be around for a long time to come. So to all the haters out there, kill yaselves!