• That nigga Vader

    COLE! fuck drake….sike nah i cant even hate this nigga drake is doing his thing too

  • Drake Stole The Show…..

    J.Cole Let Me Down On This One……

    How In The Hell U Let Drake Still The Show J……?


  • Cli-City

    Cole World….and Mr Do Right and Kill Everything…One of the smoothest tracks of the year…..Can’t Front is unfair for Drake to be on theses songs for Ladies its too easy for him..but J Cole is the most consistent rapper today……

  • slime dog millionare

    u go slime its yo time

  • Big Meats

    whats wrong with this jew’s voice

  • Emile

    prefer the original, drake wasnt needed

  • Cole World Bitches

    My Nigga J Cole brings another banger….and Props to drake for coming through and murdering his verse…….I aint even gonna hate on this one…and both did well……..Cole World Bitches

  • cvz1

    you actually think drakes verse was better than cole’s? smh..

  • Alas

    whats in those red cups?

  • Emile

    Second Listen Drake makes this track 100 times better……J cole to the world

  • @Big Meats

    Smoking That Strong Kush……..!

  • Citylivin’

    it’s a song for the ladies…WHO CARES WHO’S VERSE IS BETTER!……when they get on some “Nas – Life’s A Bitch” type records then y’all can talk.

  • bob

    Ha, even if it is a song about woman.. drake still kills j cole on this.. and i aint even a drizzy fan like that

  • RC

    Drake totally outclassed J.Cole on this record.

    From vocals to lyrics.

    Drake took a dump on J.Cole.

    And that hook is awful. They could have came up with something a lot more clever than that bullshit they was saying.

    Wasted a really good beat. This is a throw away for sure.

  • Black McJagger

    These guys sound perfect on a track
    I applaud both of em
    good work gentlemen

  • Good to see these two working together — Drake need to cough or something ? feeling what was done to this

  • RealHip Hop

    Perfect track was kinda scared Drake would mess it up but he came and outshined….and so if it was a song for the ladies…..they still rapped…

  • D

    Drake probably had a hoarse voice coming straight from touring. I don’t care though, sounds good.

  • Spence

    Why do people have to compare who was better on each song…this was a good song point blank!

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  • ben

    drake stay stealing cole’s shine.

  • lyrykal

    Drake murked J. Cole on dis 1 hands down flawless victory

  • *sigh* J. Cole < Drake

    (In The Morning)

  • RC

    LOL @ J.Cole fans wanting to take the peace route.

    So…”Its two good MC’s on a track” now?

    Glad to see he has loyal fans, but that there is the cop out.

    He was totally out of his element on this track. Drake showed him why.

    And this song aint that good. That hook ruined it.

  • 3BelowZero

    Drake murked


    well the first verse was the same as the original, but he added drake and a new verse so its cool.

  • Qwerty


    FridayNightLights sounds fucking great so far.

  • SMH






    HA HA HA

  • RealHip Hop

    Lol…..Drake Stans and J Cole Stans are the same…….SMH…listen to good music……( i aint gonna lie Drake got em but why compare)…….

  • reall

    cole is my man…. drake did his thing and we heard more from drake so we got used to it, and he is more versatile in tone of voice….
    but me imma cole fan…. a cole cole fan

  • Slowbot10

    yall do know that this song is like 2 years old right?

  • D

    LOL at haters. It’s a nice song, admit it.

    Drake and Cole should do an album together.

  • YurrPpp

    Haha this dude Drake couldn’t resist hitting a note…good song tho, good for hiphop

  • ODM3TheTruth

    Drake’s verse was stupid. The same shit I’ve heard him say in multiple songs. What happened to the Comeback season drake? This Drake is uninventive as shit. J.Cole still kills him.

  • jaydub

    I think Cole still got drake on this one even with a old ass verse lol

  • Donn

    Idc who had the better verse, i didn’t even listen for that, i just listened to the vibe and flow and it was dope, my ipod has been filling up wit JCole in the pass wk. Feels good to have something by this guy i can bump now

  • Almarti5

    They both on the same level to me. I have nothin but spect fo both of em. But Drake has had that sex shit on lock since day one. J. Cole is better with the love shit. Thats why they both should do more work with eachother. Its ashame they both couldnt big at the same time.

  • im waitin for the beef reachers …..like yo j.cole went at drake when he said i love you baby .. da da da

  • b.more

    Sounded just like a regular rap from JCole. Drake seemed kinda off to me. Not sure what about it, but i wasn’t feelin it.

    What a let down.

  • Post no billz

    Why does everyone find it so necessary to put j.cole up against drake? They both talented..

  • Lawl

    ^L.Banks and Jeremih got a smoother track ya’ll!

  • drew who

    u guys even listen to j. coles second verse ? obviously better than drake, in this song and as a MC.

  • LiftOff!

    that first cole verse is old as hell…no one noticed that??

  • cj

    this is a good song all around i woould have been mad if cole didnt switch one of his verses up but good shit!!!mixtape comin out at nite..i wish people didnt compare them so much

  • Stood

    Drake got better vocals then cole even with a cold… now ain’t that a bitch

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  • cvz1

    this isnt even the shit cole usually writes about
    before im gone>drakes career

  • The Illest

    Lmao @ buddy

    But forreal tho… Yall need to stop with the comparisons. They’re two completely different artists. If they weren’t both light skinned, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

  • bigjay2501

    hot record!!

  • Word

    Whoever thinks Drake killed Cole on this should off themselves. Are yall even listening to what this nigga Cole saying?

    I let you get on top i be the underline
    Im tryna get beside you like the number 9, dime (9-10? get it?)

    So many other gems, those are just his first few lines. But Drake fit the song better though cuz Drake soft and women love his voice nd shit. But Cole kills Drake on any given day. Im sorry, from a hiphop point of view Cole > Drake, cuz Drake more of a pop, RnB dude. I dont even think dude likes rapping.

    Second thing, this song is OLD. But its dope overall. I wish they was on more of aggressive track though. Not this soft shit that favors Drake anyway. Dope song but I still give the nod to Drake. Comparing artist on a track is what makes me like anticipate and like a track more, I dont give a fuck who disapproves of comparing two artist on a track.

  • Later

    This song is awesome fuck everyone trying to compare them. They are both dope. But Drake obviously had the better verse if you can’t see that than you are just a hater. Drake and J. Cole are the future!

  • Belize

    Drake fucked up what could’ve been a great song.

  • dani

    i slick like this. this is really my first time listening to j. cole. … i know im late. lmao.

    i like the groove of this though. i need to get into more of his stuff.

  • RealHip Hop

    @word gtfoh with that shit…..writing out lyrics….those lines are regular J Cole and he delivers them like he always does nothing new……stop comparing ass holes……and if you gotta compare give drake his props…it aint always about lines it about delivery too…

    Drake lyrics……

    I love thick women cuz my aunt she wrote equestrian
    I used to go to the stables and get them kids to bet me
    and I would always ride the stallions whenever she let me
    im joking……..

    (thats a clever line….read the book “The Woman’s Equestrian”….dumb down niggas.always think they know clever lines….

  • dani

    wait.. i recant my last statement.. cause drake bored me to death.


    Drake AND Cole killed this track that drake verse was tuff cant lie but everytime you hear J Cole he gets better..but the track is nioooceee.

  • Black Shady

    Just a good song overall! love it


  • RJ

    So let me guess….If J. Cole becomes “POP” and “COMMERCIAL”, which 9 times out of 10 he will just because of the industry and being wit Jay-Z on Roc Nation, will J.Cole always be and remain better than Drake or not???

  • Drake sounds like he has a cold

  • ODM3TheTruth

    Cosign @word for the most part.

    I still think Drake is a little soft dude who didn’t do that well on that song.

    he has his place, but not among greats.

  • Old song, but it sounds pretty good with Drake on it. He added a dope ass bass-line too.

  • Only problem is his voice…Too much performing breaks a voice.

  • still best rite now!!

    Dope, it looked bleek for a minute (no pun)…but HipHop has a bright future with these two…

  • Almarti5


  • Ku

    J Cole gave Drake recycled material. Drake should be pissed lol

  • Haters are annoying–> Belize, Android the rick ross stan, Mac Weasel , the bitch boy cold blood, and lucass,

    smooth rnb track right here

    cole and drizzy FTW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 106


  • Word


    Calm down nigga, it aint that serious.

  • Drake Got J.Cole

    As a big fan of J.Cole , Drake Got him on a love Song……

    Ha !

  • IZM


  • Haters are annoying–> Belize, Android the rick ross stan, Mac Weasel , the bitch boy cold blood, and lucass,

    @Belize u mad cause its not your bf eminem stanley

    @cvz1 before im gone>drakes career ?????? that shit didnt even make sense drake has the bigger career u dumb ass

  • Haters are annoying–> Belize, Android the rick ross stan, Mac Weasel , the bitch boy cold blood, and lucass, and Haters are annoying

    cosign @ Word

  • I fux with this joint.

  • DOPE!!!! Both Killed It and were on the same level with those punchlines.


    Drake Overrated J Cole following his foot steps the verdict is out on J Cole I been trying to listen to this dude but im not sold so far write not it just seems like a lot of hype

  • damn, its dope… both was tight to def. son! drake held his own on here,…cole world all day

    dey do need to do a “life’s a bitch” track that is the outshining testiment, but this is hot to def.!

    would be dope to feature wayne…nikki… jay-z track? hmmmmm

    cole world is hustling though

  • ODM3TheTruth

    Before I’m gone > Drake’s Career.
    I haven’t heard something that’s heavy hitting from Drake. It’s all this popsy let’s get bitches nigga.

    What sort of shit is that? Drake went the entertainment route, joined the phase. When the phase is over, he’s screwed.




  • @imjustsaying you need to listen to look for trouble

  • ME

    I’m sorry but the original song was way better cole should have just added the second verse to the old track and left drake off……..my opinion dat is all

  • A


  • Tom_S

    People who say Drake killed Cole on this are ignorant and obviously Drake fans. THEY BOTH DID WORK NIGGGGAS. THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF A BEAUTFUL COLLABORATIONSHIP. AND YES I MADE DAT WORD UP.


  • Frontrunner

    Banger. Cole should put this on the album too.

  • j.cole>>>drake. J.COLE I STHAT PAC DRAKE IS THAT JA


  • mac DIESEL



  • YRE

    this song reminds me of the Jay-z and Nas Collabs of the 90’s

  • Same as what number 8 said.drake,DID NOT MURK J.COLE! J.COLE KILLED DRAKE HANDS DOWN ON THIS TRACK!J.COLE IZ THE BEST TODAY BESIDES JAY Z SINCE JAY NOT MAKIN MUSIC! But thiz song is tight work.somebody put the verses and hooks on funformobile

  • Belize

    @ Haters are annoying: “@Belize u mad cause its not your bf eminem stanley”
    ^^^^^^^^^^^ ??? lmao get off my dick son. And wipe Aubrey’s vag
    cum off your lips.

  • nonamer


  • don’t hate!

    high as fuck listening to this shit. dope.

  • rack

    yo how you gonn say cole was wack??? hes had this song done forever now it leaked a while back i have the original. drake listened to it and layed his verse its not like they went back and forth at each other. Cole and Drizzy both tight i fuck wit the both of em. GOOD song dont lie, Drizzy does take best verse in this one but J still that dude




  • wow

    drake bodied this

  • wow

    also words from the wise …. ayyy jcole you need to stop listenin to kanye your doing alot of flow jackin…. usin that monster flow on the last verse….. i dont know about everyone else but i just cant call a rapper the best or nicest yadda yadda etc etc and hear another niga all in his flow…. so drake wins on this

  • tj

    cole 4 verses on this beat iz betta than drake

  • tj

    j cole rapper drake speech writer jk

  • tj

    j cole he raps tell the girl in the song what it is drake has a conversation the original went harder how many people were disappointed with drakes tml

  • this came out pretty dope

    The Music Majors
    Music Production @ TheMusicMajors.com

  • JuRidiculous

    track old.. just added drake and a new verse. still dope though!

  • yepANDnope

    @real hiphop,

    you preachin about bein dumb and you got the line wrong you moron. lmfao.

    its RODE equestrian not WROTE equestrian. HUGE difference.

  • does anyone notice?

    they should’ve waited to make a ladies only song…. you can’t sweet talk with a mucus filled/sore thoated voice…

  • Lu

    Hmmmm…. Now, one of the most anticipated collabs for me this year and to my surprise Jermaine was mediocre. Last G.O.O.D Friday we heard Cole destroy Pusha T, Kanye and co…To be honest Aubrey owns this song Jermaine. Consistency Jermaine…..smh…. Drake did a stellar job and totally rose to the occasion. Cole had relatively average performance. I still have faith but we just need more consistency.

  • Y.G.R.N.

    Drake’s delivery and personality is way more suited for this song. his verse was definitely the highlight of the song.

  • Northstarr

    Drake killed him with that equestrian shit lol. Funny dude.

    Nah, I got nothin’ but love for both of these bros. Two best P4P young rappers in the game.

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  • westcoast

    hiphop dead since 2002 now only skinny jeans gay ass +kids in game

  • feezy

    drake actually killed cole that was not expected

  • OOPH

    If you don’t realize that this is an old song and that Cole’s first verse is an old verse from 2009, then you should really stop saying that Drake’s verse is better. Secondly, Cole’s 3rd verse is the best on the song.

    Drake’s verse was dope though.

  • youlotaredumb

    drake put on that voice for like when u get up in the morning and ur voice is soundin abit horse niggers dont get concepts at all i think j cole wasnt close enuff to the subject he went off abit

    not a big cole fan he doesnt shine to me has no star talent jus can rap good

    drake big sean >>>>>> cole

  • This is a good radio hit for Cole.he needs that.Drake was cool but,sounded hoarse.Cole killed this.he already had a version of this song.Cole ripped Drake on this even though it’s not a battle record.This is tight

  • v


  • 106

    Yall buggin if u can’t see Cole 3rd verse is the best on the song! Drake aint kill shit yall dudes kill me always trying to start something.

  • Hiphopdane

    J. Cole, B.o.b, Lupe Fiasco, Hopsin, Lil wayne. Future’s looking bright for hip hop.

  • feezy

    @ooph i do realize that ..but c’mon son drake killed that shit

  • truazn

    why does everyone have to compare everyone on a verse. they are both clearly different rappers and have different ways of presenting lyrics. why cant you just enjoy this song

  • ZoomZoom



  • Shooga

    Another song for retards to compare J.Cole and Drake.STOP!
    DON’T compare them,they are different and that’s it,stop comparing 2 different styles!
    And let them shine.
    One love

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  • Itz Yourz

    Poppin remix…drake should of drink some lemon in honey before he went in the booth. He dont sound right…voice wise…but of course he would sound great on and R&B track. And as always Cole hold himself down. Nice collab.

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  • mila

    “Love thick women cus my aunt she rode equestrian. I used to go to the stables and get them kids to bet me, and I would always ride the stallions whenever she let me.” -Drake

    Someone plz explain that to me. The horse reference is either goin way over my head or it just don’t make no damn sense. But if it does, well…enlighten me.

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