J.Cole Talks Mixtape With DJ Semtex

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After releasing Friday Night Lights earlier, Jermaine phoned into DJ Semtex and spoke on breaking the Internet on his site, UK tour with Drake and how he changed the title of his album, tentatively now with a March release date. It’s a Cole night. Ha!

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  • B18


    (yes I know my stan card is highly visible right now)

  • ben

    is his mixtape dope? i dont think he will drop on roc nation. i heard they signed jay elect.

  • RC

    The demand was crazy for his mixtape no doubt.

    Everyone was looking for it. Crazy buzz. Congrats.

    But the actual mixtape, I’m a bit iffy on it.

    Cats are already sensitive about the mixtape. But, In my humble opinion it had about 3 dope tracks on it.

    The rest were just okay. And the dope tracks didn’t blow me away either.

    He most def has a buzz. I just hope he gets some better production, switch up the flow from time to time and get some better hooks.

    I kept hearing In The Morning was an old song of his, but if hes gonna put Drake on it, he should have refined that hook. That song could have been his Best I Ever Had.

    No hate. Just constructive criticism. The boy can flow, he just needs work.

  • newmoney

    get him cole..who the fuck is this retard dj! westwood big up!

  • Aervid


    Holy shit! A sensible comment on RR, I guess sane people do roam this site.

    Usually its ” nah x person is wack, y>>>>>>x”.



  • JDot

    Cole World!!!!

  • Briana

    So happy for him! With this kind of buzz idk how people are saying he won’t drop. Wale didn’t have cole’s buzz. Cole World No Peatcoat

  • Donn

    Wow 4,000 a second??
    Crazy, wonder how many of those ppl will buy the album in March. Guess we’ll see, he should re-release the mixtape as an EP on Itunes and see wat it does…

  • Belize

    Cool. Lotta Cole news lately. Glad to see buzz about a dope up&coming artist instead of some wack pop star.

  • dannidavito

    POW! do ya thing Cole!

  • Glasses Malone

    I thought the mixtape was dope from beginning to end really. I just fucks with this dood, I don’t give a fuck what people say about fanboy shit, dood is the real deal.

  • Black Shady

    After 1 listen…..im satisfied. its definitely NO WARM UP, but its good for a mixtape


  • dirty south

    Very well said RC … finally some intelligent comments. i completely agree with your thought on the “in the morning” track, the hook definitely needed work.

  • 106

    I waited all day to get this mixtape most the songs we already heard and they tight so I dont see how I can be disappointed. Its free and Cole always spit some other shit SOME OTHER SHIT. Can’t wait to listen. Cole getting the buzz he need to start putting the album out.

  • WordWorld

    This mixtape fuckin sucked….Borin

  • DOiLookLikeICare

    Cole Keep doin yo thing i know your album will sell goood next year!!!
    i cant wait for that “Lost Ones” track, shit is raw


  • Citylivin’

    do y’all understand what mixtapes started off being back in the day….mixtapes were freestyles off other artist’s instrumentals(well atleast the Weezy coming up era was)….and now niggas are putting full songs, damn albums on mixtapes and you have the nerve to complain about a HOOK?…*Skip Bayless voice* really?! …and this is all for free no charge!…really?!

  • who

    haha semtex sounds like an idiot but its cole world damn right imma stan cause i recognize talent

  • wouzi


  • villain

    this was a disapointment i meant its its not that its bad its good but its exactly like a mixtape not album its nowhere near the quality of song composition and theme of so far gone its all over the place and he seems to put so much into the rapping then just put together some 2 bit hooks that sound very uninspired and boring and often lose u he seems content on wnating to do everything beat hook rhymes but his spreading himself thin the actual song structures as so basic its not funny especially the hooks most of the hooks are basic bitches the beats r cool but sometimes limited to and abit 2 step basic sometimes the conciouss rap thing sounds very forced as opposed to natural insight and experiance but ah well hope the albums doper and better thought out

  • lmoneybags


  • Glasses Malone

    Jay-Z creating a new dynasty! J. Cole & Jay Electronica. I don’t give a shit, it is a good sign for Hip Hop.

  • Andoi

    Mixtape is great, I see big things in the future for this man.

  • ODM3TheTruth

    Cosign @ RC. My bad about yesterday man, I was just being a litle baby.

  • Word

    Mixtape was dope from start to finish even though a couple tracks are old like Back to the Topic, Blow up, Higher, Premeditated Murder and In the morning. Those tracks were dope when i heard ’em and they still dope so I dont care. Wish he put SONG FOR THE VILLE on it though, thats like one of his best songs ever but aint enough people hear it yet. Youtube it, SONG FOR THE VILLE – JCOLE.

    2Face is my shit though, Home for the Holidays is my second favorite, then Enchanted. And these are just throwaway tracks? Damn Cole, where that album man?


    Dont know what you mean about switching up his flows, I heard a couple different flows from him. I agree with some hooks though, and as far as production I dunno what you expect from a mixtape. Production cool as it is to me though.

  • RC


    I dunno man maybe the production on MM4 has me spoiled a bit. Budden set the bar so high on there. Those beats were fire.

    I guess I’m one of those cats that believe if your going to release something official, Mixtape or Album it should be fire. I mean he officially released this. So I was expecting to hear some really great music.

    Those beats were just ok. That disappoints me a bit to hear that Blow Up is old too. Cause thats one of the tracks that stood out to me.

    Blow Up, Too Deep and Enchanted were the best tracks in my opinion.

    @The Other folks

    No harm no foul. All is good. If we can converse like this all the time the community would grow even faster. I have no problem having a sensible convo about music. No matter what kind it is.

  • The Illest

    @ Word

    Cosign! I think FNL > The Warm Up. I think people are really startin to nitpick when it comes to Cole.

  • RC

    I wouldn’t call it nitpicking.

    I mean we all different people right?

    We can agree on some things and disagree on another.

    Its just a matter of taste.

    People can have the same meal made with the same ingredients and taste different things.

    Thats what music is.


  • hater=lil kids young new boyz era

    Of course this generation of kids are going to say his mixtapoe was boring, bc there’s no dance club radio beat on there. He wants you to listen to his words! Best beats (before I’m gone,FAREWELL, blow up,pmurderechanted) stop being ignorant like everyone else, like they want you to be and listen to those verses he talks about life social problems shit we don’t get anymore. Stop being ignorant for the radio.

  • its not all about beats ! u want that soulja boy beat that makes u go hammer go listen to that shit n dont comment

    Everyone wants a radio beat. They want a lady gaga beat gtfo

  • RC


    I’ve got a real problem with what your saying.

    I have no idea why people believe that conscious lyrics should ignore the good beats? Why?

    Why cant people have a good time to feel good music?

    Thats very ignorant of you to think that the best beats are only reserved for ass shaking, gun blasting and drug filled songs.

    Fans aren’t stupid. And you seriously have something wrong with even suggesting it.

    I aint saying you talking to me personally but still.

    Great production don’t have to be played on the radio. This mixtape shut the net down for most of the night last night and not one single radio station was talking about it. There goes your radio theory.

    Stop being a music snob.

    Socially driven music dont have to have sucky ass beats to get a message across.

  • p-from-t

    SMH @ “shutting the internet down”

    Exaggeration much?

  • NYC

    cosign @ hater=lil kids young new boyz era

    Kids want dance music , not lyrics. lol

  • The Illest

    @ RC

    I feel you on that. At least you’re not a Gucci fan lol

  • Citylivin’

    Exactly1 Co-sign @hater
    “Fuck the words you don’t listen to them anyway,yeah struck a nerve sucka.” – Eminem
    …..and if we’re talking about basic hooks go take a listen to “Nas – Halftime” see how basic that hook is but still it’s a tight song.

  • Fuquit

    @ RC

    It kinda seems like your biggest problem with the tape was the production. First of all, I wouldnt presume to tell u what to listen to or like, but those beats were in-depth, layered, cohesive and syncopated. In terms of simple talent, the production on Friday Night Lights was off the charts.

    Also, u asked why thought provoking music tends to shy away from club beats; its partially because most thought provoking artists love hip hop enough to recognize the talent and the raw roots of a soul sample or a jazz influence, but its also because the overproduced, simple tracks get played out after a month and never get listened to again (when was the last time u listened to pop lock and drop it?). The replay value shifts when u change the focus of the song from the beat to the lyrics, and a simplistic (or at least not overpowering) beat allows the MC to display his lyricism without being drowned out or boxed in by the beat.

    Remember all those BMF freestyles earlier this summer? Go back and see how many start with that same “I think Im ………, I think Im ………..” format. Its cuz for the artist, those big club beats are like color for numbers, whereas hip hop production is a blank canvas.

  • RC


    I feel you bro. I really do.

    But to me, most of the beats sounded like there was little to no production at all. Besides a nice soul sample and some Perc added to them. I wasn’t hearing the layers on this mixtape.

    You are right my biggest gripe was the beats.

    I’m not asking for a Pop Lock and Drop it beat.

    My best example would be what Lupe’s I’m Beaming beat. I know he has tons more but off the top, thats the go to beat for me. That beat was excellent. And it the message was wonderful. I can ride all day listening to that song.

    I’m not asking for that southern club music production. Im talking about great production period.

    I humbly believe that Friday Night Lights production was sub par. Soul Samples with Perc added was how it felt.

    I’m going to listen to it again to make sure I’m not jumping to conclusions or missed a few gems.

    This will be my 3rd time listening to the entire tape. But as it stands the production was really lacking.

  • RC

    I’m not a Gucci fan at all! Unless I’m in the club and that ladies are dancing to it. I’ll pretend to like him.

    Dont judge me lol, we all do that.

  • big up, that is a good look tru words fromt the cole world foundation indeed!
    RocNation on the come up for real… its tyme for someone from dis camp to drop a ablum other than the big homie Jay-Z… come on me!
    if its hot, its hot…

  • J Cole i know you make your own beats but this shit right here this shit right here #7 http://www.myspace.com/illgilbeatz

  • CTE

    Favorite up and coming rapper but who ever said he needed a southern beat like a black & yellow khalfia is right if he is trying to become a mainstreem artist because that black & yellow shit is redundant and basic cole world

  • Cosign @WORD and @RC

  • NEW DRAKE PAGE ALL MUSIC/NEWS/PIC HERE FIRST!! http://www.facebook.com/pages/All-New-Drake-Here-First/152058938172597

  • NEW DRAKE PAGE ALL MUSIC/NEWS/PIC HERE FIRST! http://www.facebook.com/pages/All-New-Drake-Here-First/152058938172597

  • NEW DRAKE PAGE ALL MUSIC/NEWS/PIC HERE FIRST!!! http://www.facebook.com/pages/All-New-Drake-Here-First/152058938172597

  • NEW DRAKE PAGE ALL MUSIC/NEWS/PIC HERE FIRST!!!!!!! http://www.facebook.com/pages/All-New-Drake-Here-First/152058938172597