Jay-Z On Juan Epstein

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Looks like Hov’s on a full press day to push Decoded and thankfully, for you hip-hop heads, he stopped by the Hot 97 Morning Show. Cipha and Rosenberg got to grill him on a garden variety of rap geek topics for their podcast. Grab an afternoon snack and dig in.

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  • K-Lam

    GOOD shit Jay


    Who’s heard that new Eminem/Royce Track???

  • pro-rican

    JUAN EP!!!

  • ben

    that em and royce is cold. em blacks out. its the roc. loved the howard stern interview.

  • damn

    yo yo ayo yo yo hah!

  • hahaha

    These guys are really inspired by the time Jay-z wakes up in the morning…really!

  • They might as well swallow him off…lawd lol

  • really

    “Can you do normal things like make a sandwich?” This intervew is really sad coming from grown ass men.

  • A million things run thru my mind

    Im eating cashews while i listen to da God mc……im cop’n Jayz book 2moro

  • PTownWa

    I have lost mad respect for both of these guys after listening to this!! They brush their teeth with his semen and gargle his nuts… And Hov is just over the top full of himself… That’s wack… yeah you dope, but you’re as great as you think you are! That’s the truth

  • Belize

    @ K-Lam: Where

  • K-Lam

    @ Belize


    Royce killed it and Eminem just fuckin’ blacked out!

  • Mulato Gato

    Juan Ep baby best hip-hop podcast on earth

  • damn

    damn rapradar you slow!!! where that eminem and royce joint cant sleep on that shit … smh

  • am a hater

    jay z is always full of himself i like nig music but he acts like a bitch

  • prada god

    man shut the fuck up we heard the eminem track already on another hiphopsite damm yaull em stans are so fuckin sickening …….. brappppppppppp.

  • jaydub

    He’s the best but he kills me sometimes,Ur artist just dropped the mixtape of the year and u dont even say shit to promote him

  • CapricornReligion

    Lol, This can be a Good Throwback Debate now.. To me, I honestly think “Takeover: was a better Record overall too. Now am I saying “Ether” is wack? Lol naw never that but, That thrid Verse from “Takeover” is such a Honest Persepective from a FANS Point of View and, Lol it was more of a Harsh diss to Me. “Ether” is dope no doubt but…. Better than “Takeover”?……. Naw

  • killakev92

    great interview

  • PTownWa

    @ Capricorn… somewhat but not quite about that 3rd verse… IWW was never dubbed a bad LP, weak, or a flop… and honestly it can compete with any album Hov has released! But even more than the 3rd verse… it’s always funny when ppl say Jay dropped facts… No he didn’t… But what was is fact is how many times Jay bit Biggie, Nas & Big L & several other documented things… It’s documented… Ether in a landslide with the exception of the beat… they are right about that!

  • Lu

    I actually enjoyed listening to this…Great interview…..Great..

  • CapricornReligion

    @ PTownwa Lol I respect that.. “Ether” had some good Lines. Especially the Fan/My favorite line “Eminem murdered you on ya own shit”.. Lol and speaking about “Renegade”.. Im a Em fan Till Die, That will NEVER CHANGE but, to say he Murdered Jay? Lol naw.. Both come from Great Persepectives with the song. To me, I just can never compare the two. Its like Michael jordan or Larry bird, or Batman or Superman, Pac or Big.. I just cant do it… Lol but let me stop because Ill be here all day if I get into that.. So anyway I respect your Opinion tho…

  • BK


    It was all about which track had the most impact and Ether definitely took that. Nas had fans shouting ‘FUCK JAY-Z’ left right and center. Besides they don’t call it getting ‘ethered’ for nothing. Another thing is that the disses that Nas threw at Jay in that one song have almost echoed within hip hop.

  • CapricornReligion

    @ BK Lol, yeah My cousin was around in that era, and he told me the Debates back then were…. Violent Lol, In High School it was for Me too now… Em or Jay? D-block or G-unit? Rap or Too Pop? etc… Lol but anyway he told me that, It was Divided… You were either with Jay or you were with Nas Lol.. So I understand were your coming from.. “Takeover” and “Ether” both Impacted The Game. “Ether” probelly more on a Impact Level…. But…. Lol that Thrid Verse is Still Happening to this day…

  • BK

    The thing is i was listening to the Takeover the other day lol and I do say it’s a better song of the two. It’s just that Nas’s had more venom to it. Everything from the hook to the last bar. You gotta remember Nas wasn’t the only one on Jay’s hitlist then with Mobb Deep also getting sonned.

  • BK

    ^ @CapricornReligion

  • CapricornReligion

    “I got Money Stacks bigger than you”… Lol thats so Disrespectful… Pac got at them the Worse tho.. Im not even going to Write out what he said Lol.. RIP Pac

  • BK

    “Don’t one of you niggas got sickle-cell or something” LOL. RIP PAC.

  • CapricornReligion

    @ Lol, C’mon BK! Lol…

  • BK

    What… I had to elaborate lol. The fucked up part is I’ve heard P actually has that.

  • JDot

    great interview..

  • IZM

    @BK lol yea Prodigy really does have sickle cell anemia

    I remember one interview from way back where he goes “That little nigga beefin with sickle-cell! He dont want to even see me- he’ll have a seisure or some shit!”

    My personal perspective on the Takeover vs. Ether thing: I have to give it to the takeover for 2 reasons. First; takeover was directly aimed at the targets. The shit he said @ Nas and @ P couldnt possibly be said to another person. It wasnt like Nas making fun of the way Jay looks (camel), Jay went and did some research on a mothafucka and dug shit up. But the biggest reason why I put Takeover as the greatest diss of all time (narrowly edging No Vaseline) is because Jay went and did EVERYTHING he said he would, right down to eventually owning Nas on Def Jam. He said he was gonna take all their shit over and then he did it. Thats not just talkin shit, thats BEEF.

  • A million things run thru my mind

    @BK and Cap R …why yall stop, your comments were interesting? But 1 thing im glad Jay said was that Nas made that point about EM murking Jay on Renegade but Jay said it was’nt a battle but a great record, which it is. 2 different perspectives, although Em flow was kinda crazy and Jay’s was a lil more laidback. Nas just put venom in the air by saying that though. I love Ether but im siding with Takeover.

    I feel Jay is the greatest cuz he does’nt write rhymes but yet still comes off with great rhymes or poetry. Thats an incredible talent Jay has, especially compared to those who sit down and put words together but they might end up taking an hour or 2 to write they best verse, whereas it has been noted that Jay takes 15mins to formulate his rhymes….now why cant he get GOAT status?

  • A million things run thru my mind

    @IZM….. great point and thats the main reason i sided with Takeover. At 1st i hated Jay, well not in the beginning cuz i was bumping RD hard when it dropped and still to this day, i play RD more than any other album truthfully and im Tupac’s #1 fan. But when Jay used Tupac’s ME & MY GIRLFRIEND song and made it into BONNIE & CLYDE, i felt Jay shitted on Pac cuz Pac died disliking him and Afeni saw $$$(4milli) and sold it to Jayz, then Kanye gets a grammy nod for producing the track, when in actuality Tupac produce that track, mattafact the 1st track he ever produced.

    So basically thats why i choose Nas at 1st, cuz i was hating, but once i really did the knowledge, i had to give it to Jigga.

  • A million things run thru my mind


  • @A million things run thru my mind

    Is that seriously your reason why he’s the greatest? What about impact on culture? classic albums? guest appearances? longevity?

    Nah, its because he doesn’t write his rhymes down. ok…

  • A million things run thru my mind

    @ Ridalen…why sound so bitter and argumentative?

    If thats what i said, then thats my opinion homey. I didnt know i needed to be specific to please…..uuummm…..YOU!

  • Cinsere

    Live stream of Hov and Cornel West discussing Decoded at the NY Public Library


  • A million things run thru my mind


  • jdot

    Nas lost.

  • 106

    Jay the best cause when BIG died he was the one everybody was looking for to carry the torch. And ever since he been holding that torch. He laid it out on “city is mine” then basically did everything he said he was going to do. Thats more than just rapping words together.

  • pls

    Nas don’t give a fuck only the Jay dick riders do!

  • smokeyou

    Another great interview.

  • kingvitofla

    Either beat wack?!?!?! Negro please either was a better diss track and that what it was, it was a diss track. Jay-z shit was ok Nas Killed him!!!

  • whaaa?

    wait WHAT? so now 9 years later people actually try and claim Takeover>Ether are you NUTS that’s bullllllshit cause if Takeover did what it was supposed to do Jay-Z woulda never tried to scurry back with that Superugly bullshit diss. I mean that record started the whole slang of “you/he/she got ETHERED” I like both them artists but cmon man Ether was the reason Nas was able to come back in the game PERIOD anybody who was around back then remembers man. Jay crazy just cause u reached high levels of success don’t try and rewrite history like you aint have no blemishes on your record.

  • Cowboys fans stand up!

  • IZM


    Nobodys trying to rewrite history; try reading the points that were made earlier and u might see that. What were doing is looking back, almost 10 years later, and seeing the long-term effect of the disses. Obviously Ether brought Nas back to mainstream relevance at the time, nobodys arguing that. But in the long run, Jays diss was much more accurate and pointed.

    Btw, Jay didnt even bring the whole thing up. The DJ said he liked Takeover more than Ether.

  • whaaa?


    *sigh* true u right…its just hard to explain how it FELT to cats who werent there but listen to the diss tracks now or 3 years go etc… ? I finally get it now when the older heads use to talk about how it was to hear a brand new Marvin Gaye song back in the days during the era years later it still has an effect but it’s not the same… Damn that was a great battle though…


    I hate how Radio DJs avoid tough questions with him.. WACKNESSS.

  • jay-z fan


    – signed..
    jay-z fan

  • NotoriousRambo.



  • Nah Kid

    (I) Fuck with your soul like ether
    (Will) Teach you the king you know you
    (Not) “God’s son” across the belly
    (Lose) I prove you lost already

    Remember the pre -ether era when Jay Z use to always say “I will not lose”? Wonder why he stopped sayin that…..

    Ether is a way better record, track, song, etc. The ether beat is crazy. I think Jay just salty dude call himself ether boy and hangs with Cam and Jim Jones.

    But what yall expect Jay Z to say?

    For the record, Juan Epstein is corny as fuck. I remember when Hot 97 was the shit, damn they done fell off.

    Correct me if I m wrong but wasnt the:

    “Eminem killed you on your own shit”

    line Nas’ retort to Jay Z’s

    “to your bodyguard’s “Oochie Wally” verse better than yours
    Matter fact you had the worst flow on the whole fuckin song”

    Come on Jay Z you kicked that bullshit off stop trying to rewrite history son.

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