• A million things run thru my mind

    Im cop’n the book 2moro

  • B.Dot

    its worth the loot. finish read it last week

  • A million things run thru my mind

    Surprisingly Stern is having the best interview i ever heard from him…..no asshole is speaking.

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  • BaBaBooeyyyy

    Howard Stern is the shittttttttttttt.

  • smokeyou

    GREAT interview! Will definitely be picking up the book. Thanks RR.

  • BaBaBooeyyyy

    His 50 cent interviews are HILARIOUS.

  • This is a great interview. He wasn’t afraid to ask the questions no one asks him

  • ben

    howard is the man!

  • A million things run thru my mind

    ‘they lived a bunch of words, i lived a bunch of lives”~ JAY Z

    Classic line, i love it!

  • A million things run thru my mind

    MY BAD: “they read a bunch of words, i lived a bunch of lives”

  • A million things run thru my mind

    Yo man just delete the mistakes in those quotes cuz here is the actual quote:

    “they read a bunch of words, i lived a bunch of life”~ JAYZ


    howard is the best interview in the business he interviewed snoop way back and its the funniest interview i ever heard

  • moreffa

    this is not a bad interview

  • This is a great interview

  • Jordan

    Howard is the best for sure. He mentioned having Kanye in. Not sure if it will happen.

  • hahaha

    “they read a bunch of words, i lived a bunch of life”~ JAYZ
    So because you read words…that means you are not living life. Tell that to Oprah or Bill Gates! So is it safe to say reading the words in this book….means you are not living a bunch of life.

  • still best rite now!!

    Dope interview!!

  • yes i love jay

    very nice interview jay

  • bigjay2501

    very good interview indeed. I plan on copping the book as well.

  • Mr. 3-Times

    I MIGHT be reaching but… Is Jay doing Howard Stern a shot fired at Jamie Foxx perhaps? For niggas not in the know, Jamie Foxx got a heat rock comedy show on his own channel The Foxxhole on Sirius radio. Foxx and Howard got into a back in forth over who’s show was more hotter and shit got a little personal for a minute. Foxx has displayed over the years on his show he is clearly not huge fan of Jay and I could be wrong but there could be bad energy between these two niggas.

  • sodumb

    It was actually surprisingly good.

  • billyclint

    i wud have cut stern off cos he kinda disrespected jay z and his dad alot of times. but i guess thats how stern rolls.

  • slick

    first public comments from hov about lebron since he went to miami. he don’t sound salty though

  • Chi-Town

    Great Interview. Good job from everybody involved.

  • GTFO

    Good Interview.

  • he got into art 5 years ago aka Kanye West put him on

  • Belize

    Howard Stern is a jackass. Lookin forward 2 coppin the book!

  • yes i love jay

    they read a bunch of words,i lived a bunch of live classic

  • I am huge fan of Jay Z interviews. Thanks for posting this one!

  • Jay is a mutha fuckin hustla for that Annie shit.This is a great interview and it’s great Stern actually read the book.The Oprah questions were good.The whole thing about how hip hop was for our generation

  • 3pk

    @ Mr 3Times…Bro your theory is a part of the problem. Howard Stern is the oprah of the shock jock era. That immediately translates to what Howard Stern represents is the majority. We as black folks misplace our hate so often, we forget the truth is always in numbers. Jay Z is no longer speaking to or performing for JUST Brooklyn anymore. He’s in meetings Jamie Foxx can’t even put together yet. I said yet, because I don’t belive in hating on one brotha just because his money isn’t as large as the guy standing next to him. So your common sense should tell you that Jay Z is miles from the hard knock life day’s, or Damon Dash day’s….It’s fair to assume when an artist and or business person like Jay Z moves to an even higher space(like he has), new choices will be made. Beanie Segal was mad at Jay for not holding him down…What??/ Did jay put him in prison, does Jay control his actions ….? No, so why be mad at Jay for being rich and more successful than he was when yall were homies. Again, this is the problem. We can’t even accept Jay’s success without sayin, he’s a devil worshiper….Bottom line Jamie Foxx can stay mad, it won’t change what Jay Z is doing. We need to do a better job at recognizing when a rapper becomes so much more than just a rapper…Jay Z is a great example of becoming so much more than just a rapper. Shots Fired(silliness) Bullet Proof(reality) Bullet proof to bullshit like Jamie Foxx not liking you! I ain’t sayin Jay is better, I’m sayin respect the space he’s in now.

  • Post no billz

    This was the best hov interview in years.. Im glad howard got real personal..

  • bjday4

    Great Interview.I was already gonna get the book though.Love this dude forever.

  • Flawless interview

  • howard stern is an OG New Yorker. RESPECT! Great interview

  • Damn Homie

    Howard stern is the man.. that jamie foxx shit got squashed quick when Howard started hintin that he had some not so comfortable facts about Mr. Foxx’s sexual orientation.. lol ha.. nigga shut up quick when he floated that out there.

    Stern always puts it down in his interviews cuz he talks to niggas like a regular person, no ass kissing bullshit questions. Sirius better wake up and reup this nigga or they gonna go in the tank.

    Jay did his thing, as usual.

  • Yeah, this was tha best Jay interview I’ve heard. He spoke on A LOT of shit I wanted 2 know. I’ve already pre-ordered my copy of “Decoded” which should be here in a few days. I’m geeked about it too.

  • Stern Rules

    @ Mr. 3 Times & 3pk.

    both wrong, about 60% of subscripers for sirius are strictly listening to Howard, he has 5-10 million listeners a day. Jamie Foxx is no where near that.. and have u heard that mans show? It’s terrible, its just a bunch of people sitting around talking over eachother. No structure. Not the kind of shit you wanna hear for a talk radio show. But that’s my opinion. .

    and most importantly, it’s proven that all authors for new books bank, when they go on Howard…

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  • Roc Nation

    Perfect… Its about time someone asked Jay some real questions. RR do more of Howard.

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