• dannidavito

    songs cool, could’ve left kimmy off of it though, she sound like she bullshittin thru the verse. Kimmy now is not the time to be bullshittin! Thumbs up Keri

  • phil

    What. The. Fuck.

    Kim didn’t just fall off, she fell of a glacier.

  • bigjay2501

    beat is tough..song is ok

  • Belize

    Kim is okay. Looks like she’s just lookin for attention tho.
    Keri fallin off 2.

  • HOOD

    it’s still

    Kim > Nicki

    keep making songs like this and you’ll be hearing Lil Kim on the radio like she never left

  • Childplease

    Kim sounds terrible. Nicki, thank you! Kim fell hard!!!!

  • Feenixa

    Kim does sound terrible on this track. Her rhymes are weak. Don’t really like the song much in general. Not sure how I feel about Keri Hilson

  • nyg718


  • rt

    shit wack keri hilson a flop coming major fail by a wack singer

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LR8mdl3fuxM AnUKiNSkywalker

    PPL gonna treat this song how they talked about broke niggas lol

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LR8mdl3fuxM AnUKiNSkywalker

    like how*

  • Jaye

    you tink with all the heat Kim’s facing she could at least find somebody to write her a hot 16, guess not…

  • powww


  • skrilla

    lil kim kill that who eva feels other wise are strickly nikki groupies

  • Feenixa

    you’re just pulling at strings if you think that was a good verse by Lil Kim, come on. I’m a Kim fan and I know that verse was garbage. She needed throw down something dope, but that wasn’t. Gotta question Keri Hilson for even putting that on the track in the first place…weird.

  • dani

    this kinda sucks. the song generally.
    keri is predictable. she doesn’t have the personality to last… (and she really can’t sing. she mostly sing-talks)

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  • skrilla

    lil kim killed it

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