• Djkilleraudi0


  • Donn

    Dont legalize it. Its illegal for a reason. The future of our children is more important than yall weed habits

  • GTFO

    Legalize it. But stop announcing on Twitter that you about to blow trees at the concert. They watching.. LOL

  • Marlly harlem`s own

    @ donn STFU!!!!!!! you rather your /a child to grow up be introduce to something like it an experiment with it all or rather them know what it is an let the make the decision …. we all had to grow up n make decision an so will our future youth


  • dannidavito

    yeah, everybody watching so gotta be careful on that twitter shit.

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  • BrooklynRaw2FU

    @Don cigeretts are an addictive drug that kills you and they know this but yet they are still legal, alcohol causes liver damage people drink and drive kill people and it is addictive as well. they been study the effects of weed and have found nothing yet and you can be used for medical purpose

  • Johnny

    Angela Yee is one of the baddest chicks I’ve ever seen…

  • Citylivin’

    Weed > cancer sticks aka cigarettes

  • You Kno Me


    Yes, marijuana in moderation does have its health benefits. Problem is the majority of people do it in access for recreational purposes. A glass of red wine 4 times a week also has health benefits (high in antioxidants) but most people slam down alcohol and is physiologically addictive.

    When using marijuana u have to keep in mind that it is a socially and emotionally addictive drug. You are breathing in unfiltered smoke (terrible for the lungs). It is a hallucinogen which makes you more susceptible to dementia as you age.

    The best way to use marijuana is through tea bags, a vaporizer, and or ingestion through food. And Without the THC.

    …..But lets be real, people just want to get stoned.

  • still best rite now!!


    C’mon son? i see badder bitches in the grocery store every week, plus she’s annoying as hell.

  • I was just thinking. How’s he gonna have charms of the dude on ZIg Zag’s if he has his own rolling paper. Isn’t he just promoting the competition

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    If Wiz would’ve signed with Maybach Music the situation should’ve went like this:

    Wiz: I know Officer William L. Roberts Carol City of the Delicious Baked Goods Task Force.

    Cop: Cut him loose. Next time say that before we slap the cuffs on you.

  • Belize

    Well what do you expect when you spend so much $$$ on it. Wiz was gonna get caught eventually.

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  • The Illest

    Lmao @ Johnny

    Nigga you trippin lmao

  • Post no billz

    Lol @ donn’s self rightous holier than thou ass.. Fuck outta here with that shit..

  • Ya boy G

    Without the thc…um. Yeah. Thc is what gets you ‘stoned’ maryj is no more addicitive than alcohol or cigs. You got good workers losing jobs for hair testing when the jack ass next to him is coked up all day everyday. Legalize it, regulate it. I could deal with the tax. Im taxed on everything else in the state of ny, why not let me get my smoke responsibly?

  • AEOM

    I’m not a smoker but really weed should be Legal and Cigarettes and process foods should be illegal if you research even people who over use natural weed do not have health risk they smoke weed in all religions called Ganji plant especially named that in the bible. Weed is illegal because the people who mass produce it now will lose big money if they allow it to be grown like produce the price of weed could be so cheap if it was allowed to be legalize its a money thing not a health reason for why weed is illegal. Worried about destroying your kids stop letting them eat process foods its a lot of silent killers people ignore just because someone told you not to smoke weed means its bad and so they told you beef/pork was ok so you will clog up your digestion system with that shyt and pass judgement on someone when you are indulging in all these silent killers that are legal GTFO. I look at Weed just like any other Leisure activity like being Online all day that shyt or anything over done can get in the way of productivity. I personally don’t believe weed is poison to our people but I do believe that process foods and cigarettes are do your research.

  • B.Dot

    C’mon son? i see badder bitches in the grocery store every week, plus she’s annoying as hell.
    u must be gay

  • Donn

    Im not trynna be holy. Three of my boys have been locked up constantly over weed. And in Cali a dispensery was robbed and the workers killed all over weed. I have a five year old and im not trynna see her smoke weed. You all who do it thats your choice, but im trynna keep as much bad away from my sis as possible. Call me watchu want but everybody who i know who smokes have been in and out of jail. Ppl buy weed fore they fill they gas tank or spend time wit they fam. Smoke weed near me or in the vicinity of my family or me and im callin police if Idk you.

  • Johnny

    @B.DOT Those dudes are on some other shit for real. But everybody isn’t going like the same stuff but A petite sexy woman that loves music and likes confident nerds? GTFOH!

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  • SSPSoundz

    I want to be, next to Angela Yee …

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  • moreffa

    Angela Yee Please Go Down On Me

  • still best rite now!!

    @ B,Dot

    lol…so either i have to salivate over a basic bitch( lil duval voice) or be gay?

    theres alotta middle ground you skipped there homie,

  • yepANDnope

    Not neccessarily agreeing with the mans personal opinion of angela lee(she’s cute but not a killer), but I am agreeing with his whole “basic b***h” sentiment. Lol. Plus to catch feelings and call a man “gay” cuz he isnt beating off to images of YOUR ASSOCIATE is well……..gay. lol.

  • Wiz rulllez 🙂

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