Nelly Performs On 106 & Park

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The spirit of St. Louis stopped by Stephen Hill’s place yesterday and ran through some of his most notable tunes for the teenie boppers on 106& Park. Nelly 5.0 pulls into stores today.


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  • drizzyyy

    where is the energy?? everyone is dead haha

  • sargewp

    ^^^ everyone was hype what are yo talking about?

    and the “just a dream sound bite wasn’t broadcasting to the crowd thats why their was silence

  • sargewp

    lmao why the hell did he rap to the “i get money” beat?

  • moreffa

    who gives a fuck about nelly anymore

  • CapricornReligion

    Let me ask everyone… How bad do you think Nelly will flop? Im not trying to be a asshole or anything but… Lol well, you see the album cover, and you already know how far the subject matter will go, so How bad do you think it will be? Im going with……….. 100-150k…

  • Bgirl


  • sargewp

    100k-150k isn’t a flop anymore dude that would be pretty good

  • CapricornReligion

    @ sargewp True no doubt about that but…. This is Nelly tho.. Lol, We all remember the run he had.. Jay even had to shout him out in “Excuse me miss”… So anyway to me, I think for him it would be..

  • yuttt

    if he does a 150 k that would be a success compare to his last album remember the games has change so you can’t compare what he was doing 8 years ago to now

  • CapricornReligion

    @ yuttt Lol yeah yeah true… We will see.. Ill check out the Amazon reviews. Ill see what his fans have to say…

  • Belize

    Wack. Audience is practically dead.

  • NVR

    Yo Nelly will sell 40k MAX. He is just not up there anymore, too bad because the new album is sounding really solid.

  • BEN10


  • NotoriousRambo.


  • mac DIESEL



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