J.Cole Discusses G.O.O.D. Friday Verse

Jermaine discusses his recent mixtape and Jay Electronica’s signing with Complex, and details how his stand out verse from his G.O.O.D. Friday appearance came into fruition.

“[That verse] was last minute. I got the beat the night before from my manager. But nobody told me they wanted to do it for G.O.O.D. Friday, and definitely not that G.O.O.D. Friday. I was like, ‘Oh man, that beat is dope. I’ll write to it soon.’ The next day I woke up in Kalamazoo, Michigan—I was on tour—and I was getting ready to go to Detroit because I had a radio promo event to do. So I got a call from Kanye and he was like, ‘What’s up? It’s Kanye. Can you get that verse today? I’m tryna put the song out tonight.’ I honestly didn’t think I could do it in time so I told him that. He said, ‘I’ll wait. We got engineers up all night so you got a while to do it. But if you can, have it done by today.’ I said, ‘I’ll make it happen somehow.’

“I wrote my verse on the hour-and-a-half ride to Detroit, did the radio promos, left that, went directly to the studio, laid the verse, and sent it to him by 5 o’clock. Mind you, I didn’t hear anybody else’s verses or the song itself, I just heard the beat and did my verse. I drove back to Kalamazoo and did the show. When I got offstage, he had just put the song out, and I sat back and watched all the comments as people went crazy. It was a beautiful night.

I don’t know what it is [when it comes to features]. What it comes from is fear, that’s why I go so hard [on guest spots]. I’m a real competitor. It’s just a fear of somebody besting me and dominating me with a better verse. Not every song is like that, but on a song like ‘Looking For Trouble’ it is. It’s that spirit of hip-hop: Let’s see who can come the best. I don’t know if I’m going to have the best verse, but I know ain’t nobody just gonna kill me.”

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  • powww

    the future. no doubt

  • Black Shady

    You had the best verse my nigga. let me tell you that
    and Kanye puttin Cole’s verse at the very end…and before the verse he slowed down the track. that was perfect. Built anticipation lol!


  • PanicPrevention

    J Cole knows he murdered them LOL he just playing it down abit.

  • Ben

    Cole murdered it, but when I hear that sample I think of bubble musice. Cam blacked out.

  • novian

    Cole World that verse was sick . nigga everybody can get it when this hot everybody’s a critic

  • shady

    I honestly think cyhi had a better verse….he rode that beat to perfection
    plus cole BIT crooked I wid that line…

    Yall can fukin suck a dick and hate on my views bitches…

  • Word

    See? even the artist themselves worry about getting murdered on a track. Its competitive just like he said. That’s why people talk about who killed who and what not. Ain’t shit wrong with it, I been said that

  • OH NO

    Jay-z shitted on Jay Electronica on shiny suit theory which was a heavy task

  • The Illest

    @ shady

    Cyhi verse was dope. That was my second favorite AFTER Cole. I thought everybody did their thing.

  • B18


    no blanket.

  • supppppppp

    Lol Kanye tried to get Cole off-guard. This nigga Kanye is intimidated by him.

  • powww


    his verse is fun to listen to, yet when it comes down to it, its just a steady rhythm of words to the beat.. nothing hot. 2nd fav on the track goes to cyhi, cosign on that

  • supppppppp

    and wtf is Jay-Z doin for Cole? b4 he even signed Jay Electronica, he gives him a feature with one of his hottest verses…

  • Icyhot

    Rapradar, are you going to post that detox single “i need a doctor?” the beat would’ve been better if it wasn’t for the ‘futuristic’ flanger or whatever the F the effect is. Em <3 Dre basically, lmao.

  • Live

    Damn and Cole did that verse while on the move. This dude is a beast.

    ^and wtf is Jay-z doin for Cole? Y you think Kanye called him? He been on tour pretty much all year. Cole has definetely arrived ball in his court now homie.

  • BamMan

    Wow…J.Cole is seriously the future of hip-hop. You can tell how invested he is in his music by those comments alone. Well done #coleworld

  • nzo


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  • Shzntt

    Soon as J. Cole started spittin i had a vision of 4 body chalk lines, yellow caution tape and blue and red flashing lights!

  • a2z

    Am I the only one that thought Pusha went in on this shit too?? Crazy track, one of the better good Fridays records

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