Nelly “Just A Dream” On Jay Leno

[vodpod id=Video.4930712&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Pay-per-view, BET, and now NBC. Nelly carried his television promo run over to Jay Leno’s spot last night and performed his hit, “Just A Dream”. Reality check: 5.0 in stores now.


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  • *dead* “paper view” you’re kidding me, right? Lmao can’t be serious

  • scott

    where the eminem tracks at? theres 2 out brand new? step up the game rapradar,,,,,,,,smh

  • Glad you fixed it.

    On topic:
    Idk if nelly can still recreate those sales from a few years back, esp in today’s climate.

  • Big Homie

    ^ bad.

  • Donn

    lol shut up. If you know bout the Em track then why does RAPradar have to post it? Calm down Stans

  • scott


    true ure right, im just trying to find at least one rap site that post everything but i still haven’t

    and im not a stan just a fan of hip hop in general

  • Hiphopdx used to be my shit but they’re mad late with their news and the proofreading errors get annoying. is more behind then hiphopdx. 2dopeboyz is hot but more about the indies. Rapradar gets the scoop reasonably fast and they got more connects than most sites, so RR is the first site to stop by if you want the news….

    And for the peeps that say why does Rapradar post other stuff besides hiphop, are yall the same cats that say they never heard of Taylor Swift until the awards show? Expand your horizons, peeps….

  • Word

    Paper view lmfao that was funny.Anyway, nice to see Nelly making moves again.

  • Donn

    You have to understand their are politics behind these websites. They cant just leak everything with out doin background work. Its cool to be a fan but this is ppl’s lively hood. Artist dont make music to just give away to yall. They make money from this so dont get mad cus a website wont just leak anything. You got the track it doesnt matter if they post it on here

  • Word


    Thats cool and all, now comment on the post itselt…not the ones commenting on the post. You know what “ignore” means right? Ignore them niggas, they been on EVERY post since Monday I think. You not gonna preach to all of ’em are you?

  • Donn

    @ Word
    YEa, as far as the post, i love this record but Nelly this performance sucks cus you can’t actually sing and relying on backgrouds too much. Still love the song though, was written by Rico Love i believe

  • HOOD

    Nelly still doin it big, better than that faggot ass Lil Wayne

  • scott

    @Donn never thought of it that way

    good looking man

    oh and nelly performance is ok song is more beast in my ipod