Swizz Beatz Unveils Reebok Designs

This past October, Swizz Beatz announced he was designing an Aston Martin. Now, he’s partnered with Reebok on a new sneaker line. No word as to its name nor release date. This isn’t the first time the producer has dabbled in footwear. Earlier this year, he collaborated with Christian Louboutin. Check out another flick after the jump. It’s shoetime!

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  • I RUN THIS..

    Not bad, i can actually rock them..need to see more colors though

  • I don’t really Nikes like that, but this is definitely another good look for Swizz, man is really blessed right now….

  • B.Dot

    these look pretty good…gotta see em in person

  • @B.Dot

    Anyword on a release date?

  • MrSkeezyMak

    Pretty horrible.

  • B.Dot

    Anyword on a release date?

  • Nah Kid

    Id fucks with em, gotta try em on first to make sure tho

  • raw rap

    nothing special ..

  • Biittcchh!

    Im coppin these joints..

  • 106

    They look exactly like jordans!

  • what… BK’s?

  • Eyerone

    so…basically…they paid this nigga to re-do the Shawn Kemps (Kamikaze’s)???


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  • Truest

    [email protected] swizz beats designing an Aston Martin, right…… cause Aston Martin is going to let a music producer design their car instead of a real car designer, and that picture of him standing next to one was already out over a year ago.

  • Cold Blood



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  • Donn

    Yall hate on anybody who comes up. Get em Swizz. I see you!

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  • Money Mitch

    He’s not designing an Aston Martin hes a consultant

  • Killa Shady

    WTF is that!?
    that’s some fruity ass colors….

    why these niggas making some horny, lame, garbage ass shoes these days??
    what ever happened to keeping them classy? red, blue, black or white or at least Gray would be good.
    AND the designs look hella stupid!! smh wouldn’t pay over $50 for these…

  • Word

    Meh. They pretty ugly to me. Thats just my two cents.

  • Congrats to Swizzy, Big Thangs Poppin’

  • Ya Digg

    Yo dis shit looks like Jordan 3s combine with Yeezy, Swag Jack Swizz
    wtf with those fruity colors too

  • bp744

    the only real collabo that worked out was the yeezy’s and kanye west. gunits, s.dots, and these will pretty much fail

  • Post no billz

    They look like some fake ass jordans…

  • NotoriousRambo.


  • Belize

    Not bad actually.

  • sway-z

    This nigga designing shoes, designing cars, showing up on damn near every G.O.O.D. friday track. Swizz that nigga but um….I’d be designing some new ways to have sex with A. Keys, fuck all that. Respect the nigga’s hustle and all, but I don’t recall him being so visible BEFORE he was married, I damn sure wouldn’t be visible now, nawwww

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  • Havent wore reebok since middle school….but I’m def thinking about copping these