Wiz Khalifa Unveils Sunglasses Line

“hope u guys like tha glasses I wore in tha black and yellow video cuz they are mine that I designed. they’re called “the elevators” and the first 500 pair go on sale at midnight…get taylord”

Wiz Khalifa is also making moves outside of music and has recently linked up with Eyetique to create a line of aviator shades, The Elevators. The Taylor Gang general can be seen wearing them in his “Black & Yellow” video. Get lifted and cop a pair here.


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  • Haze SHK

    Good to see the nigga expanding his shit. More power to him.

  • fuk waka

    yh who wud buy his glasses for that price!


    why would this nigga sell 250 dolla glasses, especially when his fucken fan base is young broke pothead college students who would rather buy weed than glasses(im one of those broke pothead college students). Fuck outta here with that shit, just so u can blow 10g’s on weed yoself?? fuck you.

  • Big Meats

    $225?? Cmon son, ppl already got problems buyin albums for 10 15 dollars

  • Who does he think he is Pharrell?

  • What a fucking joke, 225?

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  • saved


  • EE

    He going to mainstreem

  • wizkid

    them glasses gonna sell if they not sold out already I’m not buying a pair even tho im a big fan but wiz got mofo tattooing taylor gang on them so I know its some crazy mofo thats gonna buy them shades.

  • tears of joy!

    good move , money in da bank!

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  • It’s Young Khalifa MANNNN