Bloomberg Game Changers: Jay-Z

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Bloomberg aired their latest episode of Game Changers last night with Gloria’s Warrior. They tracked down the ghosts of Jay-Z’s past including his sixth grade teacher Ms. Lowden and Jaz-O. Wait, Jaz? Where’d they find him?! Ha! Watch the full episode above.

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  • 106

    Hahaha I said the same shit where did Jaz come from?

  • A million things run thru my mind

    Their is’nt too much to say but i will state my opinion:

    I love my hip hop legends(dead or alive) but i do believe that “a man” who does’nt write his rhymes down and is still able to make 10 albums creatively, not counting RD cause he himself said that was written, but still able to drop perfection the way Jay does, makes Jay the GOAT, the BEST, the ONE and not “one of.”

    I still feel Tupac is a great inspiration for what he accomplished at a young age and such a short life and ditto to Biggie but i believe Jay is where PAC & BIG would have been at if they were still living.

    Jay is truly inspiring and very underrated by many and the underration is kinda shameful but at the same time glorifying. The book definetly shows why he is the best and as time marches on, Reasonable Doubt has been my “1” of the best hip hop albums of all time to my “favorite”album of all time. I think we know his plans for the future and so does America.

    Haters have more fuel than a oil field~ Nickey Black

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  • Belize


  • As if us jay-z stans needed any more ammo to shoot the doubters down… BEST RAPPER ALIVE… altho that title SO limits jay-z’s entire influence and legendary ascend to where he is now… he truly transcends hip-hop, transcends music as a whole…

    love this man

  • Dc

    When you have to marry someone more famous and sucessfull than you to get recognizatio ,sad.

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  • Height

    lol DCs a pathetic little hater

  • AnuKiNSywalker

    That Boy Good

  • smokeyou

    The only thing missing with all this press (besides the book) is an ALBUM! Great video I enjoyed it. Once again thanks RR. We can all find something from this as inspiration. peace

  • Chi-Town

    Good looking Rap Radar! Let’s not wait to he gone to appreciate what he is doing for the culture. Support that man because thru all the mud slinging thats been done on his name over the years I still believe his heart is in the right place and thats to move the culture in the right direction and make a ton of money along the way.

    Much love to Jaz O for burying the differences for a minute a providing positive commentary for the piece.

  • tpm2810

    nas > the whole of roc nation & g.o.o.d music combined!

    2. b.i.g
    3. pac
    4. jay
    5. em

    1. stillmatic,
    2. ready to die
    3. all eyes on me
    4. the black album
    5. the marshall mathers lp

    jay z’s alright but hes not real!! as 4 him being the g.o.a.t – “we dont believe u, u need more people”

    honorable men goes to dmx with “…and then the was x”

  • scorpio

    He stay winning!

  • Y’all are corny….

    Dude that said Vol. 1 wasn’t good should have been cut from this program. What a fuckin’ clown….

  • smokeyou

    Nas fans are so bitter. lol

  • Truth83

    @y’all are corny
    Cosign, the only thing that was bad with vol 1 was the sunshine video not the song, it was the VIDEO that was the misstep that jay made.

    after the video was made, streets was watching came out.

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Volume 1 not good???

    That was the first album that I really got into by him……lets think
    Who You Wit
    A Million and One Questions
    Where Im From

    Do i need to Keep going???

    Anyhow, thanks Jaz-O for not trying to hate on Jay as if you would have been allowed anyways,
    they probably paid you a hundred bones for this interview and you fell out of your seat…

    King of HIP HOP

  • asap

    Let’s not forget Jay Z has had alot of help along the way. Everybody applauds the lead singer, but shout out to the support team and folks that allowed him to be who he is today. Talent is only one part of the equation in the business of music.

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  • matreiya

    If it weren’t for Kanye, Jigga would’ve faded into lame obscurity…

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  • mo1069

    stop the neg. on jay, he has done alot for music and his culture. people in general are haters especially
    friends, who say congrats to ur face but inside they think why not me. like nike says,just do it! and stop
    worrying about you