New Video: T-Pain x Rick Ross “Rap Song”

[vodpod id=Video.4944536&w=425&h=350&fv=]

If you remember, this track came out in August. Now, three months later, T-Pain finally has the accompanying visual. Pretty interesting clip, just don’t get caught in the matrix.


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  • LOL Or Lls

    The Video Is Stupid But The Song Is Good

  • WeezyLove

    Ricky Rozay(The Bo$$) and T-Pain,just wow.

  • Thelonius 7

    Woulda been cool for one sequence but this shit is lame.
    Feels like watching an advanced slideshow vid on youtube… *shrug*

  • Donn

    Been waitin for this cus my girl’s in this video. She looks beautiful. Bout to post this on her facebook She’s gonna be hype. Thanks RR

  • Money Mitch

    Am I the only one who hopes jeezy comes out and lights this fool on fire?

  • Cold Blood



  • @ LOL Or Lls
    I actually think the video is kinda cool, and that the song is horrible.

  • fuk waka

    haha rick ross rappin “shawty its ur birthday”

  • Belize

    This ain’t a rap song.

  • illie


  • Gond

    WOW … Haters you just proved to everyone how stupid you people really are! The song is not intended TO BE a rap song, it is CALLED Rap Song.

    It is just sad that you people bother watching the video and then start dissing it. T-Pain himself told you if you do not like his shit, STOP FUCKING LISTENING TO IT.

  • SJ

    I swear people use the word hate to cover up wackness and lack of talent. I hate the word hate, it’s over used. It’s primary purpose is to suppress a honest or valid point. This chick is fine but says dumb brainless sh-t. To bad the the mainstay artist who are constantly promoted are garbage. For the most part people don’t know what dope is anymore because there’s no one out their to compare them to.

    Rick Ross is a fat phony with know lyrical content or clever rhyme skills just beats.

    LIL Wayne is average with a highly irritating voice.

    Drake is basically average nothing special, has decent songs, he’s knows how to stay in his lane.

    Other than that all these dread wearing back wood buffoons wit the same ole chains, same ole dancing sambo’s, takin money and bitches constantly ruined the game. Every other genre has a variety of subject matter except rap. Just the same shit being fed to black zombies and bitches trying to get into the V.I.P.

    “Music is supposed to inspire”