Nicki Minaj At Karen Civil Bday Bash

Karen Civil celebrated her 27th birthday (again) this week at Club Ole in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Funkmaster Flex was on the turntables with close to 6,000 folks in attendance. Whoa. Nicki Minaj came through with Keyshia Cole and performed portions of “Roman’s Revenge” and “Monster”.

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  • ben

    let me hit it.

  • Belize


  • Donn

    She’s a sucky performer mannnn


    Damn Nikki killin the game right now.. oh yea and dudes that hate on females in any capacity is bitch made homo’s.. Deuces

  • SJ

    I swear people use the word hate to cover up wackness and lack of talent. I hate the word hate, it’s over used. It’s primary purpose is to suppress a honest or valid point. This chick is fine but says dumb brainless sh-t. To bad the the mainstay artist who are constantly promoted are garbage. For the most part people don’t know what dope is anymore because there’s no one out their to compare them to.

    Rick Ross is a fat phony with know lyrical content or clever rhyme skills just beats.

    LIL Wayne is average with a highly irritating voice.

    Drake is basically average nothing special, has decent songs, he’s knows how to stay in his lane.

    Other than that all these dread wearing back wood buffoons wit the same ole chains, same ole dancing sambo’s, takin money and bitches constantly ruined the game. Every other genre has a variety of subject matter except rap. Just the same shit being fed to black zombies and bitches trying to get into the V.I.P.

    “Music is supposed to inspire”