Nicki Minaj Performs On 106 & Park

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On the day of her release, Nicki stopped by 106 earlier this evening to perform “Roman’s Revenge” and then returned to the stage to recite her chart topper, “Right Thru Me”. Pink wigs in full effect. Album in stores now.


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  • DrDreDay

    oooooooooooooooooooooooooh shit. pink-wig groupies out there reppin too. shit fire. kill it, nicki. just slay them bitches.

  • Belize

    Onika, keep your mouth where it belongs: on Gayne’s minuscule, shriveled stump of a dick.

  • NotoriousRambo.


  • Pat

    Here tits look nice and Blazin is my fave track on her album

  • Black Shady

    She’s STUPIDDDDDDD SEXXXXXXXXXY lord…lol that booty!!!
    ooooweeeee haha

    anyway, Banks’ HFM2 go cop it!!!

  • A chick

    I like Nicki and I’m rooting for her. She’s very talented and different.

    But looking at this performance …she needs more polish cause it’s all over the place.
    You can’t be Lady Gaga without a team to manage your stage performance and to nail your look.

    Get your team in order, assembly is key. #drakegems

  • not fucking around

    has anybody actually LISTENED to her album? is it good

  • JKO

    This bitch has no stage presence, she can’t dance and she can’t sing so she either hops around making crazy faces or walks side to side on the stage. WACK! just like her album

  • CTE

    If you are a dude and you dislike nicki you are a homo and oh yeah grow a pair!

  • Bjack

    When people talk about her being sexy…do you mean her ass? You mean, you would actually take someone who wears tacky shit like that home to mom dukes? Or do you just mean “she’s cute w/ a huge (almost too big) ass? Which one is it?

    PS. The album is wack? Someone explain.

  • Jayo

    if anybody watched that, the back track dominated her supposed “live performance” this bitch sucks!

    she was pretty much lip-syncing

  • 57Mack

    Why are there soooo many haters out there!!! Nicki does what so many other musical artist does, they invent a. Persona & work around that character.It takes a lot of time & energy 2 accomplish that. If there are any pple out there that think they have the skills 2 market themselves & perform 2 the standards required, STEP UP TO THE PLATE!!!*****

  • original will

    thats crazy that Nicki got a top billing over Kanye nobody has gave kanye an average rating yet or even a 4 star yet and Nicki nobody but bitches like that shit and she gets the top billing over kanye I mean Nicki can fart on a song and these fags and dykes going to like it start recognizing great music Kanye is on a comebacc with some heat and instead of closing out the show with runaway or Gorgeous they closing with Right thru Me

    I was watching Pooti Tang the other day and it funny how a nigga like that can be on top of music but as the time goes on thats what these artist are starting to be a bunch of Pootie Tang Blank Disc motherfuccas meaning they dont even have to say anything and they killed everybody on the tracc or that shit hot

    I guess Co Me down on the panny side

  • The beat made me do it

    ^ was any of that English my nigga. Nikki is the “Harold miner” of the game right now or better yet Billy Owens. Look it up kiddies.

    All hype no substance.

  • a-t&t

    +6 for Nickie right now = she gonna be everywhere ((global))
    Gucci’s Next = win for is next album

  • backhandin your dad

    106 is still on?

  • MinajBangher!

    I just want to bang this bitch!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Poor kids @106 had to endure the toture of Nicki SMH. Give me Dania Ramirez over Nicki anyday.

  • WizKid

    Soon people will realize that been Bamboozled.

  • WizKid

    soon people will realize they been bamboozled.

  • no hate

    chek dis dude out..gona kill da geme!

  • FaN BOy

    I Love her so much… It take time for an artsits so just leave her alone PINK FRIDAY is here!!!!

  • original will

    @the beat made me do it

    sah da tay

    have to say the nay no my brotha


  • Boss Lady

    I loved Nicki Minaj as soon as she hit the scene. Mainly bc she is original and we was in desperate need of a unique new femal rapper that could kill it n she does. I support her for no other reason than her creativity when it comes to her music. But my opinions of her as a person, eh. If anybody watched her on 106 last night, then I’m sure you saw her acting like a real conceited bitch. This is why : During the show, there were 2 Nicki fans picked to have a Barbie makeover n 106 would reveal the girls at the end of the show, showing their before pics n then showing the girls themselves. Once the girls come out, Nicki was LAUGHING, not with them, at them. Rocsi asked Nicki what she thought of the girls new look, and she stopped laughin for a second to say ” Im literally sitting here cracking up….” Then she covered it up by saying ” but they have the attitudes to match the look so its good” Terrence asked the first girl ( who come out lookin like Nicki with a pink wig) if she was going to wear her new Nicki/Barbie get up the rest of the show, and she replied “Yeah, im even gonna wear it to the train station.” Terrence turned to the 2nd girl who called herself Diamond, and asked her how long she was plannin to wear her new get up, and she replied” Im gonna wear mine to the train too and Ima wear it to class n home” I guess dumbass Nicki didnt register in her head that her mic WAS on, cause once Diamond said she would wear her new makeover to the train, Nicki’s jaw dropped, she started cracking up AT the girl, n she then turned her head away from the camera while forgetting she was still holding her Mic at her mouth and rudely said what she THOUGHT was under her breath ” DON’T GO TO THE TRAIN LOOKIN LIKE THAT” and then proceeded to laugh at her. That poor Diamond girls expression on her face changed, and she looked completly embarrassed. The camera then cut off Nicki and Terrence told the girls to go gice Nicki a hug, and the camera didnt cut back on Nick till she was done hugging Diamond.Im assuming someone informed her that her mic was ON and that the entire audiende, and Diamond, heard her rude remark. I thought for a mintue maybe the reason it didnt show her hugging Diamond after her remark was bc maybe she apologized to the poor girl but I highly doubt it. And for her to act fake as hell and say she was happy to be able to hug those girls disgusted me even more. Diamond was brave enough to hold it down on camera and even thanked Nicki moments after for giving her the new Pink Friday Cd. Really?! Come on Nicki, you got a die hard Nicki fan that got the oppurtunity to receive a makeover to LOOK LIKE YOU, and your gonna mock the way she looks on LIVE TELEVISION?? Is she that stupid? Your gonna laugh and mock that girl, when she was dressed to look JUST LIKE YOU?! Dumbass! Maybe she had a realization that some of her looks are ridiculous, it just took her seeing a fan dressed just like her to realize it. Or maybe she is just so concieted that she thinks only she can pull off certain looks, and when one of her fans that idolizes her inspires to dress and look like her, Nicki has the nerve to basically make fun of her. It just made me sick to think, she has all these fans and supporters, and thats how she shows her gratitude. Does she not comprehend that if it wasnt for her “Kens and Barbs” that she sure as hell wouldnt be where she is now? Ive never seen another artist treat one of their fans like that. Hopefully that opened up a lot of her fans eyes, that she doesnt do it for them, she does it for THEIR money. Yeah, it may be something small to bitch bout this much, but if I was the Diamond girl, I would have madi Nicki feel like a complete idiot on live tv for her self centered, stuck up comment. A girl that has to make up multiple personalities to compisate and cope with her dysfunctional family past, you’d think would be someone who wouldnt judge and would be grateful for the ones who gave her all she has. Just goes to show, Nicki Minaj is too arrogant for her own good, and she doesnt give a shit bout her fans, or their feelings, live television or not. This bitch needs to check herself. She said herself, when someone is being to cocky, she tells them to step their shit down….Basement. Maybe someone should tell her to eat her fucking words…., you aint a miracle, its just amazing what a nose job, mass editing in the booth to alter your voice when you sing, and the lucky chance that your MYSPACE dropped your ass in the hands of lil wayne, can do for someone. She should take her own advice and step her shit wayyyy down…….BASEMENT. On top of her being a bitch to that girl, when she sang right thru me, it was awful. She messed up her own song, so then she decided she would play along like she did it on purpose by letting the song sing her part, and not her. I see now that yeah, she is a great rapper, and she sounds terrific on her cd’s and on the radio, but see her live and you’ll understand why she spends so much time in the studio, altering her shit. I still like her raps n always will, say what u want bout me, or that im the type that “been a fan”. Love her music, but the type of person she is is just sad. Hope everyone sees now that her trying so hard to be “different” and do the animated faces, the multiple personalities and whatever else it is she fakes to appear different, is only cause the bitch honestly has NO MORALS for another human being. ONly herself. Disgusted, cause I really loved Nicki and supported her music and her, until I saw that shit last night. Now just feel stupid that I considered her to be a down to earth, appreciative REAL down ass chick. WRONG. Props to that Diamond girl for holding it down and being more mature and real then Nicki Minaj herself. Its all fake, she relys on whack out there wigs n clothes n facial expressions n alter egos to seem different, solely just for her shit to sell, cause she sure as hell dont have anything else to offer, she cant rely on all that AND being a grateful and generous person. She’s wealthy money wise, but morally, she is BROKE AS FUCK.

  • ZoomZoom


  • Jaye


  • Boss Lady

    ??? Y keep putting that?

  • Giselle

    Honestly some of the stuff Nicki wears is a bit out there. If I saw someone dressed like her I’d probably stare and laugh. Nicki is a human being, don’t forget that. She probably laughed at her fan because she didn’t want her walking around in a ridiculous get-up. You can’t sit there and say she’s arrogant based off of that, you don’t know her personally. Maybe she was being rude or maybe she was joking. No one knows.

    All I know is her music is amazing and that’s all I care about. When I meet her today I’ll see firsthand just how she acts around her fans. Until then, I have no opinion on her personality.

  • mac DIESEL




  • Haters are annoying–>COLD WHITE BLOOD (I already hate u), BELIZE, Mac Weasel

    @Boss Lady wow

    good job nicki

  • Cali me

    Anyone see the fans touch her ass pads????

  • Belize

    @ Boss Lady:
    Yeah, she’s just a….cold hearted bitch, for lack of a better term. Also in interviews she’s always all clucking her tongue like “What kind of question was that?” Cunt pisses me off. And she has the nerve to call Lil Kim, 100x the artist AND person she’ll ever be, a sore loser. Hope that bitch gets an Aaliyah outcome.

  • Boss Lady

    All I can say is…..opinons are like assholes, everybodys got one….you all are entilted to yours just the same as I am entitled to mine. GISELLE-I partially agree with you. I do not know her personally, but i feel now like I dont need to. Regardless of the excuses someone can continuously make for her remark, it can keep going. My point is, I feel like when it comes to her fans, she should maintain the upmost respect when around them, regardless of her REAL opinon of one of her fans. Why? Because anyone who can mock someone who idolizes them, someone who buys her music, and someone who is the reason she has the sucess she does, is just arrogant, stuck up and petty. Even if you think “well maybe she laughed at her fan bc she didnt want her to walk around in a ridiculous get up”……the fact still remains that 1) that get up she laughed at was made to look just like Nicki. So fer her to make fun of the girls outfit or laugh at it, just made her stupid cause it was a nicki minaj makeover. She was basically laughing at herself. If that was the reason, then what makes it okay for her to laugh at the girl for her clothes, and yet its okay for her to walk around in the same thing? Goes back to me saying, shes conceited. Even if she was just being rude, she should have to uphold a certain amount of respect when it comes to her fans and when she is on live television. If she was just, “being rude”, she shouldnt have been. She felt as if her being present was more than enough for her fans, and why the hell not? She was gettin paid just to sit her ass there and smile, she probably felt like she did enough. Fuck that, she aint about doing it for her fans, the bitch is about being present to her fans for a minute, then seeing how much money she made after. She just about getting her money. That bitch IS conceited. And i dont have to know her personally to come up with that conclusion.No excuses if you ask me. She fucked up. She should have thanked the girl for inspiring to look like her. If there is any group of people who she should be the most gracious and nice to, is HER FANS. Without them, she would be a nobody. I still stick with what I said. Because that girl was a fan, she should have been decent enough to keep her damn mouth shut about how she felt. If it was anyone else she said it to, a friend or family member or a random person, fine. But it was a die hard nicki fan that she laughed at. Nicki wants pity and wants people to know she came from a dysfuntional family n wants some type of sorrow, but she had no idea what that Diamonds backround was, or what that girl may have went through. Maybe it was hard or expensive for her to get to 106 to see nicki, but she did cause she was a fan. Maybe that was a amazing expierence for her, just to have her idol make fun of her on live tv, u get what im saying? Well, i hope when u met her she obtained her cockiness for a minute and showed you nothing but the nicest, grateful and respectful side of her. Keep in mind, you are on fan. There are thousands more, just cause she was okay to you, doesnt mean she has been or will be to the rest of her fans. I will make no excuses, she was a arrogant, snobby bitch to the girl. Done. Belize- You have your opinon. Not gonna judge that. I agree that i too have seen her in interviews acting a lil ditsy, but that may just be her. That doesnt bother me, the only thing that pisses me off about her is how she treats her fans. You gotta be a stuck up greedy bitch if you are gonna mock and laugh at the people who made you who you are, and the people who made your ass rich. She is on a pedistool that is too high for her own good, and she seems to look at some fans as “below her”. I dont like that, that goes for any artist that acts like that. Dont shit on the people who idolize you and got you the fame and money, you kno? Thats my only problem. Like i said, your opinon is your own, but in MY opinon, i dont dislike her enough to wish death upon her, she dont deserve that, no one does. I just hope she can develop a new respect and appreciation for her fans. Thats all. If she dont, shes gonna have A LOT of haters. Im not gonnasit here and contradict myself, nor am i going to sit here and talk shit about your opinon. If thats how you feel about her, thats how you feel. Im just saying, dont get my view twisted, i dont dislike her that much. I just simply think she could have been classier and appreciative, and bc she wasnt, i myself feel that she is a arrogant, greedy bitch.

  • Dam writing long ass stories you dumb bitch fuck your opinion and let nicki suck my dick ok.