New Music: T-Wayne x Smoke “Hoes & Ladies”

To get things ready for T-Pizzle’s long-awaited album Revolver, he will release the mixtape, preRevolver. For its first offering, he rounds up Weezy and Field Mob’s Smoke. Anybody still wondering where that T-Wayne album is?


Previously: T-Pain “Black & Yellow” x “No Hands”

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  • b

    fresh outta jail verse

  • Young Mo Fo

    Its cool but I want some “No Ceilings” Lil Wayne.

  • Feenixa

    not wondering where the album is…t-pain sucks. autotune=dead

  • dan

    alright. same old shit wayne always says.

  • Rule #1

    when t-pain outraps you on a track….you get your ass back n the booth n rewrite your verse.

  • MisterRob1n

    @ the fresh outta jail verse comment. . .

    im pretty sure this was recorded wayyy long ago

  • Tha Truth

    Weezy need ta start sippen that drank, and blow Dodo, if not u out a dere,

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Im Over T-Pain

  • This my shit but anyway em stans are program to say wayne recite everything even if em is redundant on everything he write so fuck em mind slave ha! smh

  • Belize

    Goddamn, that shit is terrible! gtfoh niggas! Your time’s up!

  • Fuck Ya Life

    I guess this officially ends the streak of good music coming out cause this shit is pure trash.

  • Donn

    I don’t wanna encourage he smoke and drink again but it sounds like he’s missing that energy and fun in his voice, like he’s bored, glad he’s getting sombe again, but i know Eminem said he was rapping and performing somber now so it might take a min for him to get into it. I’ll throw this on the pod but Fire Flame Money >>>>>THIS

  • I Can’t Feel My Face

  • iHate

    It’s ok when T-Pain uses auto-tune becuase he CAN sing without auto-tune.

  • villain

    man t-pains verses r actually dope ppl r organically gonna hate on it cos of autotune but dude he started it he was the originator not the copier

  • MinajBangher!

    This is HOT GARBAGE!!!!!!GTFOH!!!Dope verses????????Fix your ears!

  • Fuck america

    T-Gay Team =Bullshit

  • yard_warrior

    come on.. u guys are haters………… Wayne’s verse is nice on this……. had me LMAO

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  • She keeps it nice and wet like Armour dammm!

  • It ok i guess but what do i know im always high