New Music: T-Wayne x Smoke “Hoes & Ladies”

To get things ready for T-Pizzle’s long-awaited album Revolver, he will release the mixtape, preRevolver. For its first offering, he rounds up Weezy and Field Mob’s Smoke. Anybody still wondering where that T-Wayne album is?


Previously: T-Pain “Black & Yellow” x “No Hands”

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  • b

    fresh outta jail verse

  • Young Mo Fo

    Its cool but I want some “No Ceilings” Lil Wayne.

  • Feenixa

    not wondering where the album is…t-pain sucks. autotune=dead

  • dan

    alright. same old shit wayne always says.

  • Rule #1

    when t-pain outraps you on a track….you get your ass back n the booth n rewrite your verse.

  • MisterRob1n

    @ the fresh outta jail verse comment. . .

    im pretty sure this was recorded wayyy long ago

  • Tha Truth

    Weezy need ta start sippen that drank, and blow Dodo, if not u out a dere,

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Im Over T-Pain

  • Lil wayne fan

    This my shit but anyway em stans are program to say wayne recite everything even if em is redundant on everything he write so fuck em mind slave ha! smh

  • Belize

    Goddamn, that shit is terrible! gtfoh niggas! Your time’s up!

  • Fuck Ya Life

    I guess this officially ends the streak of good music coming out cause this shit is pure trash.

  • Donn

    I don’t wanna encourage he smoke and drink again but it sounds like he’s missing that energy and fun in his voice, like he’s bored, glad he’s getting sombe again, but i know Eminem said he was rapping and performing somber now so it might take a min for him to get into it. I’ll throw this on the pod but Fire Flame Money >>>>>THIS

  • Errol

    I Can’t Feel My Face

  • iHate

    It’s ok when T-Pain uses auto-tune becuase he CAN sing without auto-tune.

  • villain

    man t-pains verses r actually dope ppl r organically gonna hate on it cos of autotune but dude he started it he was the originator not the copier

  • MinajBangher!

    This is HOT GARBAGE!!!!!!GTFOH!!!Dope verses????????Fix your ears!

  • Fuck america

    T-Gay Team =Bullshit

  • yard_warrior

    come on.. u guys are haters………… Wayne’s verse is nice on this……. had me LMAO

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  • Lil wayne fan

    She keeps it nice and wet like Armour dammm!

  • Wiz khalifa fan

    It ok i guess but what do i know im always high