New EP: Estelle x John Legend The Duets

Out of nowhere, Estelle and John Legend combine their forces and release an EP, just in the time for Thanksgiving. Sink your teeth into the tracklist and link after the jump.

1: Shiny Suit Part 2 (Estelle & John Legend)*
2: You Are
3: Freedom
4: Hey Girl
5: No Other Love
6: Come over
7: Fall in Love

download here

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  • james

    Pretty dope!

  • @F_ckMarkMilly

    why isn’t it a .zip file tho? o_O

  • Ac@pella!

    Yeah, y isn’t it a zip file? Strange.

  • Ac@pella!

    Ummm, yeah, this shit ain’t download right. #fail

  • Trav1

    Change the extension of the file… It’ll work.

  • ctg

    This is just a compilation of songs they’ve done together. The only new song is “Shiny Suit Theory Part 2″.

    Anyway, I properly tagged the mp3s and uploaded it. Tracklist and link:

    01. Shiny Suit Theory Part 2
    02. You Are
    03. Freedom (feat. Talib Kweli)
    04. Hey Girl (Original Version)
    05. No Other Love
    06. Come Over (Remix) (feat. Sean Paul)
    07. Fall In Love

    Happy thanksgiving