• Belize

    Fuck this wack shit.

  • Kick Ass


  • Bangers N Mash

    Wack as fuck.

  • alsodope

    lol this is ight its not wack

  • R. Goldie

    Naw it aint wack. Its aight. Just gets boring after a while and that verse from Wayne wasnt his best effort.

  • gar-bage

    hot ass trash truck juice….

  • hows it going

    wackest shit i’ve heard in a while

  • Nice beat and lyrics ummm? Haters it didnt make the cut so step back. Call everything wack! GTFOH

  • CTE

    Cant be believe yall dont like this -Running thru these hoes like Maurice jones drew! That shit is fire maybe yall just hate wayne. Oh yeah rick ross boyfriend slim thug Fuck You smfh!

  • powww

    @ ‘lil wayne fan’….ur comments don’t mean shit jus like da garbage ur fuk buddy wayne jus said

  • ^^ Ha ha! What a fucking clown! Wayne keep killing these haters softly!

  • B18

    no, fuck YOU

  • Bangers N Mash

    Only thing Wayne is killing is his career.

    Oh wait, real hip hop is doing that to him.

  • this joint goes really hard. the beat is nuts

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    Music Production @ TheMusicMajors. com

  • LOL Or Lls

    Lol Slim Thug A Dumdass Lil Wayne But No Effort Into This Song I Would Have Returned It And Made Him Do It Right

  • ^^ Real hip hop is over with old man! Hate on my opinion for saying this but lil wayne is the furture of the next generation! Pure creative raps so pull up your dependent diaper so you want crap yourself whem i tell you this. Now shut the fuck up and let him make history. And happy fucking thanksgiuing haters he would be nothin without you!

  • Word


    Damn nigga, is this the generation of illiteracy too? Learn how to spell. Your whole comment is hard to read. Hard to type with one hand down your boyfriend Wayne’s pants huh?

  • Word

    And this nigga said real hip hop is over with lmao you just admitted Wayne ain’t real hip hop, you know that right? Stay in school bruh.

  • Hiphop

    wayne just took a shit on all these people hating on him, ‘idgaf if i do its fuck you’

  • ^^ @ Letter ha! Let me clear it up for you music change and with that change so did hip hop. Its not that wayne isnt hip hop its just that hip hop upgraded to a new form for this era for the good or better. Not to hard to notice apparently otherwise you would not be commenting or maybe youre just a hater. So for that hater fuck you with an aids dick ha! So step aside and watch greatest or get lost in the crowd.

  • powww

    *reads video description* da real reason y this shit got cut from ‘Tha Thugga show’ was cuz of Wayne’s whack ass verse END#



  • Life After Death

    It’s okay

  • Coach

    Is that Slim Thug? Looks like Flo Rida lol

  • fuck u lil gayne

    Fuck u lil gayne kiss ur boy freind

  • Devil

    It’s hard to decide which Slim Thug song is the wackest, if the one with Officer Ricky or this wack ass song.

  • Bangers N Mash

    @Lil Wayne Fan

    Bitch shut the fuck up, respect your elders. I ain’t even that old… just old enough to know this shit is garbage. I can’t wait till Prodigy gets outta jail. That’s what everyone should of been counting down too. How the fuck can someone say Wayne is the future. Fuck man J. Cole, B.O.B and even Asher for fuck sakes are all more real than him (that’s only in mainstream).

  • ^^ Ha! yall hear this clown? i suggest you join the circus or just shut the fuck up cause thats pathetic what you are saying and very impulses! He on his way to becoming a legend one of the greatest to do it! most people respect him and want him on their track apparenly you just to dumb to realize he been poplar than your favorite rapper for a min. he prolly was rapping when you was in pj so rewind what you said and respect the best rapper aliue period! Smfh

  • backhandin your dad

    @cte – man u must have a wack ass playlist if u think that jones drew line is fire… its alright, nothin more…

    @ LIl waynes buddy – u have a couple good points, wayne is pretty clever with his word play, and not in my mind, but might go down as one of the best… but the guys goofy as fuck, giglin on some tracks sounding like a retard.. other times he sounds like a straight up crack head.. plus hes a buck thirty five soaking wet, and like 5’3”… and this is the guy u chose to warship, this little mongloid.. u gotta be fuckin narrow man.. or just a 14-15 yr old that doesnt know no better

  • seriously

    well i can see nobody likes lil wayne, but yet listening to a wayne song… awesome u guys dont like him. i dont like country music, and guess what? i dont fucking listen to it. take a hint n dont listen to his songs if u dont like him instead of having to announce your hatred of him. all yall listening that hate wayne dnt have any right to say he sucks on here, cuz you listened to his song when you knew you wouldnt like it.

  • QOL


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