• Hater


  • curtis


  • kd

    fx with it, its aiight. just some fly shit. no hate

  • My Face Actually Fell Off

    WTF is this! big fan of T.I. and Pharrell…..but this deff made my face fall off……the beat is trash and the hook…wow….c’mon P! I hope this aint on the album

  • DR

    Wow. I don’t know what to say about this track. horrible. Who told them this sounds good? P you gotta get rid of the yes men at the studio cause everything about this track is wack.

  • http://www.TheMusicMajors.com The Music Majors

    props to TI for trying something different. but this doesn’t really work

    The Music Majors
    Music Production @ soundclick.com/TheMusicMajors

  • Cold Blood



  • Haters are annoying–> BELIZE, cold blooded (i already hate u ), mac weasel, lucass

    i agree with amaya..this sounds like some gucci mane song

  • Fuck america


  • tip is over

    @my face actually fell off- if your dumb ass would actually read the post u would know that is says ”track 10 off clifford’s upcoming album”

    This shit is ass, TIP is done.

  • http://Www.rapradar.com Lil wayne fan

    Could be better whats up with the beat. This aint a mixtape tip hope this get discard.

  • shyiet

    haha u dint post the fullsong smh…..this is bullshit though…the album is still goin to debut @ no 1….the entire shit was rushed he was still celebrating takers when they busted his ass i dont blame a nigga

  • Vorhees Tokin Trees

    Pharrell should stop producing for a bit, cus this and the shit he’s done with Game recently has just been awful

  • SMDH…

    Hahaha this track is garbage, T.I. should be ashamed of himself for putting this out.

    RIP T.I.’s career.

  • http://www.twitter.com/r_too rAND

    If Mike Vick can make a come back so can Tip!



  • My Face Actually Fell Off

    @tip is over – track listings change before the album actually drops all the time, so you if you could please eat a big fat dick and keep it moving please we’d all appreciate it very much.

    everyone says Tip is done…based off one song? but when his next single is a banger and everyone that was hating will me slobbing on his sack again…smh too quick to judge. this song is the definition of ass but that dont mean hes done

  • My Face Actually Fell Off

    will be*

  • jacob

    so annoying

  • Ghost

    Tip drops some sick lines but P is the worst producer, period.

  • mikey

    Pharrell think he is swizz beats

  • westcoast


  • llll

    Rappers seriously need to stay away from Pharrell!!

  • SMDH…

    @My face actually fell off

    Half the songs he’s released this year have been ass, this one is the worst of them all but it’s not the only one. The two “hot” ones featured Eminem and Kanye, two of the best rappers in the game. So if he’s releasing a bunch of wack songs and getting thrown in jail every five minutes, I think it’s safe to say that his career has peaked. I’d love to be proven wrong.

  • R. Goldie

    This woulda been the shit back in 2001-2002. Sorry T.I.P.

  • http://Www.rapradar.com CTE

    Tip album will still top the chart at number 1 so it actually dont matter how crappey his album is that is b/c he have talent and made it. I agree ti lyrics are on point but the beat and hook yo what the fuck.

  • http://www.nvrmusic.com NVR

    ‘Top’ Producers falling way the fuck off lately!

    Dr. Dre – already give up on him
    Pharrell – wtf stop ruining T.I. and Game’s albums
    Timbaland – smh pop dance music
    Swizz Beatz – same old same old, wtf @ Roman’s Revenge beat

    Boi-1da, Kane Beatz, The Incredibles, they’re here to take over!

    Kanye greatest hiphop producer of all time, even in 10 years.

  • yo

    yall niggas is stupid, this song is tight, fuck you stupid ass niggas

  • yo


  • thebullfrog24

    the problem is that pharrell keeps working by himself and not working with chad as the neptunes.

    they are some of the greatest of all time

  • http://www.twitter.com/eastpointvet gooch

    what are yall hearing i actually like this track something cool to bounce to in the club or something

  • Ac@pella!

    Yeah, Pharrell fell off a long time ago with tha hip hop shit. He’s becoming like Swizz. This shit is wack as hell. How did he go from the joint w/ Kanye and Cudi 2 this bullshit?…smh…

  • Luke

    What’s funny is if this was a cool kids beat people would say its hot, its not pharrells beat it’s t.i. on it that doesnt suit

  • http://twavis.com MrWhite340

    I don’t think it is as bad as you people make it sound. I’m a TI fan and I agree the stuff he has put out lately doesn’t compare to The Paper Trail but ya’ll over reacting. Also, it seems like every song Amaya posts comes with a negative comment in the title…

  • bigjay2501

    i actually like this

  • Belize

    T.I. you are above this.

  • reef23

    sounds like a shit remake of mos def- sex love money..

  • bxhotgurl

    he is going too hard for that beat

  • powww

    wow Pharrel fell offfffff..now he think he’s Swizz Beatz….I thought he was jus fukin around wit Game…but fuk he doin it to T.I too…Pharell stay da fuk away from their albums…4 real every track that was leaked from No Mercy was really good until this shit SMFH

  • http://www.tagged.com/pienman pienman

    its tight for what it is…. the song is ok, nice beat & the lyrics are str8



  • http://theneptunes.org nerdywilliams

    yeaahhh i think the shit is fucking hard ………….neptunes,dre,swizz fell off …..no haters …they didn’t its just a new day and its time for a new wave ….i hate when fucking newbies tell me whats hot…..look kids when i was banging dre’s shit 15 years ago and when Neptunes were the hardest producers to get to ……yall were listenin to the backstreet boys !!….!!so you can stick yall opnions in ya ass..and if this wasn’t a Pharrell beat yall were gonna be praisin the shit out of it…..so remember one thing—-Dre invented the whole westside sound,Swizz is gettin better in recent ,and The Neptunes are probably the only producers that are more famous than some of the acts that they have produced for………which is the reason that makes a lot of people even consider hatin on the beat if it was a beat from a newbie none of yall would’ve gave a shit…………and The Game’s work with Pharrell is just made for people that appreciate rap from the early 90′s and have an ear for music………get use to producers being hated one if they dont deliver just number ones…….as far as the neptunes if you dont believe that they are a crazy ass team check out any kelis,clipse,snoop dogg,jay z,n.e.r.d shit they’ve did and die ………..They made it hot for people to be behind the desk pushing the buttons…STARTRAK 4 LIFE!!!

  • youweirdos

    This Shit Bang!! Fuck Ya’ll talking bout???

  • Oji

    The song is hard damn stop hatin

  • BBoggz

    Looks like these haters are scared that the king is ready to take over.
    No Mercy.

  • XAY8

    shit is hot!!! my new shit

  • http://twitter.com/topbananas48 TopBananas48

    Guess i’m one of the few that likes this. The beat is that simple sh^t that Clipse would murk. BUt it’s a weak song considering the other stuff they’ve done. I’ll say this, Pharrell hasn’t fallen off as much as Swizz. That n^gga sh^t is sooooo weak right now. N^ggas getting placements off their names.

  • Monstar

    shit bangs #classic

  • Monstar

    Pusha and Famlay on this?

  • http://None-ya Wow 4reals.

    Oh hells no! This song is “So annoying, so annoying, so annoying, so annoying, so annoying, baby baby” lmao! Haaaaaaaaaaate it! WTF Skateboards and faces falling off? Wow. I could have written a better track about takin a shit! Pharrell is wack!!!

  • http://soundcloud.com/jarrell jdoc

    this is fire…. all yall who expect T.I to sound like waka is dumb T.I can do this cause he is lyrical …. all these other Lame ass rappers can’t pull it off because the have to hold on to that “Im hard 24/7″ …. that shit is tracks … song is dope… get up on our level… 3GenPeace

  • http://soundcloud.com/jarrell jdoc

    that shit is Trash… *