• Mr Chew Beaver


  • Belize

    Not bad actually.

  • her album is going to be very inspiring

    The Music Majors
    Music Production @ soundclick.com/TheMusicMajors

  • Fucc new era rap

    Good to see she fuckin wit real rappers…. Not trick ross …. Go hiphop

  • uptown

    yeah I like this right here, Chrisette Michele impresses me the more and more I check here out

  • 5%er

    black thought is Top 5 GOAT alive

  • Mr. Mayor

    Black Though is something else

  • Fuck black thought! me i actually think talib kweli is amazing and would murder em! this dude seems like he stay in the crib all day and study new words smart nigga! need a hit for the radio put an album out to.alot of ppl hated potergist with gucci his verse was lava! ha

  • this was dope! i am feeling it, her mixtape was dope as well…. stay with dis my lady! i love the feel accept r&b hiphop…

  • Good musik for real