Uncle Luke Talks Football Coach Gig

Luke Campbell has put down the thongs and has picked up the whistle. The Bellingham Herald spoke with Coach Luke, who now lends his assistant coaching duties to the linebackers at Liberty City’s Miami Central High.

“I’m happy and proud of what we accomplished but that part of my life is over. The entertainer – I left him on stage. I don’t tolerate cursing or the N-word. I tell them, ‘Don’t ever disrespect a girl because that makes you less than a man.’ And ‘Pick the girl who is responsible, not the one with Fs on her report card. Easy to get in, hard to get out. I’ve lived that life. Football players got the same rep I got – you think your stuff don’t stink, you’re the arrogant, spoiled star. I tell them, ‘Be nice to your teachers. Sit in the front row. Keep your grades up.’ It’s working. Players greet a sideline visitor with, “Hello, ma’am,” or “How you doing today?”
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  • Belize

    We all know who Uncle Luke is Big Homie. -_-
    And THIS is coming from the guy who wouldn’t pay child support because they were only “sperm donors”? C’mon son.

  • CTE

    ^^ Yeah if thats true hes a deadbeat. Moving on imagine what happen when they win a big rival game or state! That would be the nigga i wanna be around when we celebrate the win! He just telling the parents what they wanna hear (Dam to much booty in the pants) Uncle luke

  • Big Homie

    We all know who Uncle Luke is Big Homie. -_-

    ^ hahaha..yea I know. Just getting my write on *shrugs*

  • studiothuggizmz

    imagine the cheerleaders!

  • Goldie

    Miami Central is not in Liberty City.

  • yo

    chill with the cheerleaders cuz my sis is one for central. and its not in liberty city

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