Young Buck On G-Unit Split & Game’s Plea To 50 Cent

Buck appeared on Tim Westwood’s show recently and calls his G-Unit fallout more of a situation than beef. He also discusses his IRS raid and dismisses his drug habit rumors. After the break, he weighs in on Game’s plea to Fif and says he’s open to a G-Unit reunion if it’s genuine.

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  • Black Shady

    Fuck Game getting back in The Unit
    I’d like to see Buck get back tho.

  • Shitonme


  • Belize

    fail @Shitonme
    #G-Unit Reunion!

  • uptown

    I’m getting sick and tired of these guys talking about the past, game and buck are talented artist but every time u see them in interviews all they talk about is 50 cent, sounding like a scorned woman, get over it move on with yall lives I’m exhausted with this subject, and i think he’s right it wouldn’t look genuine if the did a reunion at this point, game and buck both expressed interest in getting back he they didn’t, period, that should be the end of it we shouldn’t still be talking about it three months later put out some quality music or fade to black………………

  • still best rite now!!

    its not a coincidence that g-unit fell off when Buck & Game got kicked out….. that Fab 5 shit was official

  • ESCO

    g-unit fell of because game tore the fans and family apart.

    after that, everything went downhill.

    only now is it recovering with eminems return, dres return and lloyd banks return.

  • HOOD

    Buck still the realest one that was in G-Unit

  • CTE

    ^^ @Hood i sort of agree but when i heard a recorded phone call of buck crying and shit i was like this cant be my nigga? Crying to a grown man nigga i should slap you for doing that shit. Never bite the hand that feed your hungry ass unless you wanna get back handed.

  • Your Father

    SMH @ Tim Westwood.
    This dude 53, talking like that.
    I guess its in fatherly way when he calls niggaz, son then huh?

  • Fuck My Life

    He didn’t even talk about the Game.

  • backhandin your dad

    wtf does his first answer even mean…? like eminem rappin – a lot of words, but doesnt mean much

  • lol @ x members of gunit talking shit then now that banks buzzing want a reunion hahaha

  • Banks is buzzing??

    Banks is only going to sell 50,000…that’s not a buzz more like a buzzkill. FAIL!!!

  • d

    ^^^ I still don’t understand yeah so what banks has a buzz what does that have to do with the group getting back together? We all know they cant ride what buzz banks has.if fif and banks and yayo was buzzing then I could see what u mean. But they all aren’t.(Fif and yayo) so I don’t see it.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    FIF aint trying to reunite with GAME or BUCK. Theses dudes had they chance. Been there done that.

  • DRD17x

    No comment

  • Buck and game should created their own record label together! i cant support that let get together even if for the past 4years i been dropping diss records towards gunit! Fuck that^^ and how you going to say no comment and still post a comment! ha Smh

  • Game and the west are a bunch of clowns! New York dax that what i rep.

  • drake?WOW

    get drake off pimp c’s album

  • powww

    word ‘BlackShady’….I’d luv to see Buck back in G-Unit…but fuk!! this nigga in London??!! shiit I need to get an autograph or sumthing he 1 of my favourites lol

  • powww

    btw Buck plz pay 50 his $250,000 that u owe him n come back to G-Unit

  • Colt45

    yeah , fuck game , but buck is ok , even though he ain’t getting paid for his music now , he drops some serious songs , and i like his screaming during the concerts a lot more than yayo 😀 i respect yayo but hes straight a concerts killa .

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  • white milk

    worst mistake this dude ever made was fukn wit 50. he always talkin about 50 bc 50 fukn wit his money right now. i cant believe y’all dont think its pure BI&[email protected] to hold a n1gga under contract and stifle his money for 3YRS bc of some bs. 50 funny and he makes decent music but he a bytch. he sensitive as hell. anybody say anything to him or do anything to him he catch feelins like a mf and he will only forgive u if he needs u or cant stop you ie kanye game diddy. but if he has complete control ie ja and buck he gone run dat shyt in the ground. he female. theres nothing more b1tch than preventing a man from feeding his family. in the beginning it was cool, teach the n1gga a lesson but 3YRS??? 1000% B!TCHASSNESS

  • Your name here

    I have to agree with white milk! If that bitch ass nigga tried to keep me from feeding my family I’d make sure he didn’t survive the next shooting! As far as game talking about a reunion… that’s some lame shit. His career was based off of g-unit disses and he even has g-unot tattooed on his body. There’s something suspect about a “real” blood nigga accepting lil wayne into the fold and to be quite honest a lot of these rappers are literally closet homosexuals. Not to go on a tirade but how do you become part of a gang at 26 years of age? Either you grew up banging or not at all, lil wayne needs to stop perpetrating. Back to 50s bitch ass, I don’t have any faith in a nigga who tells the police “listen to my records for the answers”. He is not a “G” and remains a bitch for acting like his estrogen levels are on the fritz. Peace to all my real niggaz holding down the hood. Fuck all these candy rapping, drama escalating bitches!

  • wft er

    yeah 50cent does seem like a cunt the way he acts like a woman about people hes rich as f..k and he still f..ks with peoples money plus his old hood dont accept him no more because hes a user i think buck crying dont mean shit it happens to the best of us at rockbottom shit 2pac cryed about things its life so 2 people who say buck cryed blablabla your the pussys acting hard and your comments dont half show it lol anyway f..k 50cent hes a worm

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