• feelsbadman


  • suppppppppp

    Big Sean soundin’ like Soulja Boy on this shit.
    He needs to learn how to ride a beat..
    Did a bad, youtube DJ mix his accapella?

  • rod means

    Big sean go so hard

  • wow

    This is such garbage. Who legitimately wants to listen to music like this?

  • Jaye

    love it!

  • NAH


  • @NAH

    lmao B.S. like Big Sean or bullshit? And yeah thats a suspect ass title thats not doing him any favors

  • NAH


  • this song is stupid (dictionary definition).

  • WOW


  • Donn

    I gotta say i like it, i think he should get more hype, and do the joint full voice instead of monotone but i’ll throw this joint on the pod. I think its dope

  • ^^^^What dont you like? Fool


    What a title! WHAT A TITLE!! Interesting much. Travis Barker eh Sean?! *sips herb tea n then I smoke herbs*

  • @VIBANT THANG How about i fuck your mom and than eat her pussy ummm! I hate wack music!

  • cl

    hook reminds me of travis porter make it rain

  • jtm

    its coo…. nothing to write home about…. nothing to really hate on tho either blog gangsters

  • the finish line

    I fux with it. Simple but witty sense of humor punchlines. Overall entertaining.

  • This shit is fly as fuck!!!!!!! Big Sean and TRAVIS motha* fuckin BARKER…WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tight


  • Young Mo Fo

    Whats with Big Sean vocals never being mixed well? It sounds pretty decent, might grow on me. Pause.

    But they need to mix this track better.

  • Stupid Yo

    Is that man wearing a brooch?

    “Yeah man-but do you know how much that brooch is worth?”

    I don’t give a fuck-it’s a brooch! So you mean to tell me that if you mama had an LV scarf, you would wear it coz its expensive?

    “Yeah fool, that be a Louie scarf nigga!”


  • Ry

    hows everyones form thats writing this off,
    1. wheres your albums?
    2. wheres your record contracts?
    3. WOW never herd of you, only thing thats weak if your mark on the world
    4. how can you criticise when you all havnt done shit. and its just a song the guy was feeling.. thats how it turned out. next one might rip the fucking walls down. it might not, but thats how they wanted it to be. you all expect to much, and have nothing to show for it all.
    get it tune with the world and have a look in the mirror.

  • ^^^^^Too soft lil dude come on we know what we like and we hate wack! Yo if you like it email this nigga or write so shut up dumb ass! lol

  • Put T. Barker on drums to on any record make it sound better. Big Sean ignorant as fuck and i FUX WIT IT!

  • brandon

    Will somebody please tell me when this mixtape drops or if its already out

  • da truth

    his voice is to soft for his flow he is ok he thinks he’s allready a GOAT

  • this is whats up

    i dont think he even knows what fuck means. how bout you write about something that isnt fucking stupid and maybe my ears will stop bleeding

  • this is whats up

    @ Ry ~~~~~~ hey dude, dont get all emotional for dissin’ the song. its a bad song,, so what we can say what we want. dont be like “you cant criticize him cause you havent done shit,” well you havent done shit either, so just take a chill pill

  • Dillon

    Its a mixtape song…you cant expect the best quality. If this shit get serious, im sure it will sound so tight. Even with Big Sean being Kaynes artists, T. Barker drummin on a kayne beat will be too fresh. This is tight. Props!

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  • James

    ivan sup!

  • Ivan

    Jus coolin’ baaaaahuuummm bugggggg

  • iJAY

    you do the math homework