New Mixtape: Raheem DeVaughn Jackin’ 4 Beats

Trey isn’t the only R&B singer holding your beat hostage. DC neo soul singer Raheem DeVaughn is getting it the fast way too and drops off his latest collection. Tracklist and download link after the jump.


Download here

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  • The Music Majors

    lol @ the title. he is mad talented though…
    new beat @

  • Uh Huh

    cmon bra get outta here wit that poor man’s Trey Songz mixtape

  • Belize

    Haha. Looks good.

  • Sony Music Intern

    LMAOOOOOOOOOO @ keri hilson blackout we all know she gonna flop so sad

  • Jaye

    At least he sang on his mixtape. I love Trey, but dammit his rapping gives me a fucking headache!

  • Post no billz

    Jackin 4 titles.. Lol..

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  • Citylivin’

    if you’re a guy clowning Keri Hilson and her video……i’m gonna have to question your REAL sexuality.

  • ksleep

    he killed damn near every song on this bitch! it sound like he had a lot of fun makin this tape


    You cats finally updated the mobile site for this. Good Job!

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  • Vexed and Glorious

    Check out his video for I’m Single. It’s straight bonkers. Also, his mixtapes are fantastic. He stays true to his soul/r&b roots. Don’t hate if you’ve never even listened to them.

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  • Bitch please…

    Love me some him…his talents I mean. Go Raheem and thank u for the freebie

  • carlie

    Raheem killed “we can’t be friends” … I can’t even listen to Trey songz version now.

  • Queen B

    Yesss just downloaded this joint – he killlled can’t be friends.. Trey, take notes!