New Video: AZ “Gimme Yours 2010”

The 15th anniversary edition of Doe or Die is a day away, but today, we get a new clip from Mr. Cruz produced by Statik Selektah.

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  • D

    AZ always comes thru with some fresh music. A true legend.

  • jdt

    I don’t understand! az is a true Mc! what the hell went wrong to hip hop that now lyrics aren’t required hell I can tell you about weed and coke all day and now rapping about weed and coke is hot. damn! big daddy didn’t have too rap about breaking down a qp ! jayz aint the only vetran in the game from bk! the power of marketing people! smdh!

  • AZ FROM THE 80’S TILL…….


  • A million things run thru my mind

    AZ is a lyrical materialistic maniac…..i still think he doper than Nas to a certain degree of elevation but his status is still average mc, which it should be beyond that rate.

  • Underrated legend…

  • Soul on Ice

    Always rocked with & appreciated his music. Still remember how I felt listening to Doe or Die originally, craziness

  • NewMoney

    az is the most underrated rapper to never blow up
    hes just as ill as nas but he never managed to go mainstream

  • Hudes

    Support AZ!

    Video was dope as hell

    Is that his crib ? Huge!!!

    Az best of all time

  • CK

    Don’t ever call yourself the best rapper alive when the best rappers don’t even care anymore of being mainstream

  • AZ been that dude since Life’s A Bitch on Illmatic.he makes great albums.He just be in Nas’ shadow but,he’s really just as good almost.This is crazy.AZ stay on his G shit.His flow is crazy.beat is sick.This some soul music.This original was my shit.This is smooth.I used to play this original song to death

  • Power

    Been fiyah. I still listen to past AZ songs !!! just make then tens of thousands & and gracefully exit da GAME MY G. RIP HALF A MIL

  • ripper

    One of the greatest to ever touch the mic. It is a fucking shame that he never blew like should’ve. Real hiphop since like the early 90’s. I am fiending for “Doe or Die 2” like a crackhead. AZ=illmatic

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Been F’n with AZ since Aziatic….and im pissed i didnt know much about him until then but again, i was only 14 but just from that 1 album that surely wasn’t his best…..i had alot of respect and love for his music.

    Great work AZ, keep it up….I’ll buy your shit.

  • @93090tilinfinity

    Dope shit…underrated.

  • ESBE

    az is the shit, “im rather unique”