Yelawolf The Bama Who Cried Wolf Documentary

[vodpod id=Video.5016378&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Yours Truly recently dropped a mini-documentary, showing off some of Yelawolf’s favorite places in his Alabama hometown as well as tales of his time being homeless. You’ve come a long way, baby. Cop Trunk Muzik 0-60 in stores now.

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  • Belize

    What’s up with all these documentaries?

  • yo


  • Niyemortal

    Cosign Belize

    was about to say the same thing….pretty soon, these doc’s will lose value if they keep this up

  • tpm2810

    this was dope!

  • DrDreFukAllYouUp

    That was some quality shit – that acoustic rap of Pop The Trunk with piano. I want an .mp3 that shit. Don’t know this dude too well but I know that track.

  • Devil

    Yela is fuckin’ DOPE!

  • cmosa

    not to be picky, but pretty positive thats Berkeley CA not bama. dope feature

  • I agree

    Dont Make Me Pop The Trunk On You

    N ice!


    Yela’s Documetary>>>>>>>>>>>>> Nicki’s, Wayne’s, Soulja Girl’s..etc. (all the New ones)
    all these muthafuckas think they had a rough Life, but had money to pay for studio time, and big ass mansions…BEFORE they were signed. stop lying to yourself!!!
    I can tell Yela had a tough child hood & growing up…i mean, look at him!! I haven’t seen nicki, wayne or soulja going to their Hood and showing around.
    they just talk-talk-talk and talk about it.

  • Errol

    Surprisingly good

  • 1


  • white milk

    @shady not takin up for minaj but i jus watched her documentary n she been thru some shyt n drake dont front like he had a hood life. thinkin that u hav to be from the hood and u had to hav a hard life to be a credible artist is over.. if u good u good thats it. at the same time everything aint for everybody.. dis shyt was good tho.


    @White Milk
    No DUH! not everybody has to be from tha hood. But, why dont you tell THEM that!?
    the people who “think” they grew up in a hard neighbordhood. I’m not talking about the ones that just rap/sing w/e. they do them, and I respect that.
    but Soulja Boy, Lil wayne, Nicki all think they had tough lives. (Idk about Nicki tho..)
    most of these kats dropping documentaries need to stop frontin.

  • Arlovski


    you can see the UC sign in the beginning.

    Amoeba Music and Bongo Burgers are just around the corner.

  • NoSoup4Yu

    Him and freddie gibbs should do asong together. Shit would be nice

  • che-el-pibe

    yela is the man yo…hes not even close to em but this whiteboy can still kill it

  • rl pro

    yela iight..heard dis the next shady/interscope signing

  • Mega

    Yeah I give props to Yelawolf cause the dude is real and official. On the contrary, I think Mac Miller and Asher Roth need to find new careers cause both of them are WACK AS FUCK. No substance with either of them. Watching Asher and Mac Miller fight each other would be hilarious. Two pussy ass white boys windmilling each other. fuck outta here…

  • MinajBangher!

    Yela is def nice…

  • Yela


    He’s from Bama, but he travelled alot and was just speaking on his times bieng homeless in Berkeley. The part where he said his mom got him a ticket home, he was going back to Bama. This is just a chapter of his life he was talking about.

  • theOne

    Hey Yela,

    nice to see your hard work is paying off ! Remember I made it cool to like you! Keep pushing kid you really got something going!
    I cosign this white boy, he’s true to hip hop!

  • Feenixa

    i first heard him on a Big Boi track and thought he was pretty good, but watchin this he is pretty dope…thats a tough life so props to him for gettin to where he is now
    &he can definitely spit

  • oakland73rd

    Yo that is peoples park in Berkeley I wonder what year he was being homeless there