Angela Yee Announces Resignation

Grand opening. Grand closing. A week after Ed Lover spilled the beans about Angela Yee leaving Shade 45, she finally spoke on her move to Power 105.1. Her new gig with Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy begins next week. Here’s to the next step!

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  • Even though its a cool move, but something like that is bittersweet. Even though you reach more people on terrestrial radio, you lose your lack of censorship. Congrats I suppose

  • sirius

    reach more people on terrestrial? dude, satelitte is heard by millions of people. across the country. and Canada. so don’t think it was the smartest move. but maybe she got offered more money. or had some kind of drama…

  • Does any1 know what happened to Ed or where’s he gonna go

  • @sirius

    My bad, I thought that not everyone had satellite radio (like how not everyone has cable or how not everyone has HBO/Showtime) that’s why I said it was bittersweet

  • Matic

    Probably was some kind of drama behind the scenes along with more money, hopefully she has a killer contract!! I wish her the best she is a cool chick and has show love to me and my peoples all the time!! CONGRATS ANG!!!

  • JD

    who cares?

  • Belize

    I don’t know about the States, but there’s no satellite here. So I don’t get Shade 45 or nothing.


    Shade 45 better bring someone with a sexy voice as hers.

  • dani

    Go ahead and let me take her spot…

    I have a sexy voice, and whenever Em visits, I’ll flirt with him over the air.

  • still best rite now!!

    okay, she is kinda nice in this pic! is this the one one hanging on your wall B.Dot?

  • Black Shady

    WTF Angela??? we dont accept quitters on the Shady Team. smh lol

  • still best rite now!!


    actually ur right! i dont kno one person with satellite that is a hiphop fan. that shits not really major round’ these parts. i think you can hear it on digital cable tho, im pretty sure*kanye shrug*

  • B.Dot

    okay, she is kinda nice in this pic! is this the one one hanging on your wall B.Dot?

  • dutchmaster

    point blank period, you get PAID waaaaayyyyy more in the #1 market for commercial radio…..not to hate on you internet geeks and money haters, but thats a GOOD look for her and her team she decides to bring with her…..

    while commercial radio is a little more unstable as far as job security (again especially in te #1 market) you get the good with the bad…..this is a STEP UP…..

    not a shade45 hater, i love a lot of the shows and the uncensored aspect of it…i even download some of the shows as podcasts (lol)…..but local radio is whats up in YOUR OWN HOOD and satellite can never tell you what party is going on, local sales or if theres traffic on the way to work.

    (yes i work for a radio station, lol)

  • B.Dot


  • backhandin your dad

    shade 45s loss, they shoulda paid her whatever the fuck

  • @still best

    Very true, only way I hear anything close to those satellite stations is when I’m listening to radio on itunes

  • The Truth


    You are way off base fam. College radio is NOT what we are talking about. Knuckleheads pretend they know what they saying.

  • Post no billz

    Dam… Im already missing angela.. Shes really gonna have to watch her mouth on terrestial radio.. Fuck em.. Come back to shade45..

  • Chi-Town

    Damn what’s gon hapen to Lip Service????This feel like when Free left 106.

  • The Other P

    Congrats Angela. Listeners will miss you. No more Trucker Bangin, lol.

    As far as satellite vs. FM radio…no contest for me living down South. I’ve listened to XM for years w/ no intention of cancelling service. Uncensored radio is where it’s @.

  • Please don’t tell me that YN is going to do the morning show at shady totally wasted!!

  • Jersey

    What about Lip Service????????????

  • Cardinal Sin

    Fuck it, Sirius and Shade45 can do without her. She went from being international to local. Great move sweet cheeks. Just like CiphaSounds is irrelevant soon you will be too. Maybe not in NY, but all of us in the rest of the country will have to do without ya. Peace.

    20 million subscribers to Sirius XM and still climbing. This is the future not testicle radio.

  • R

    Oh the Dykes leaving Good 4 Her Watch your kids now the Gays are running the Country now converting all the kids!

  • KanyeSmug

    Angela Yee is leaving for terrestial radio. After that I heard she is going to go work for Print media lol

  • tr

    Damn that sucks, I loved listening to Angela Yee on Shade 45.

  • bigg v dogg

    damn!!!!!!! i only listen to the morning show just to hear that girl……..bigg loss,getcha money,with your FINE ass

  • billy

    Damn yee made the AM for I don’t wanna wake to here dees nicca voices and what about lip service that was my shit hands down

  • billy

    This the shit wit sirius when they have a good thing going they fuck it up they did this similar shit on the foxxhole