T.I. No Mercy Album Trailer Pt. 2

Cliff is back with more wise words for the second installment of his series of trailers. No Mercy arrives December 7.

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  • Word

    Album was really good. Imma show support. Imean hey, it couldnt hurt right? TI one of those people thats gonna do 100-200k and beyond automatically though so im sure he still gonna sell pretty decent.

  • what could have been

    If this dude never went to jail his numbers on this album could be huge but i agree with word hes prob gonna do 100-200k this album is good but its no paper trail. I would put it as the 3rd best hiphop album of the year.
    1.eminem recovery
    2. kanye mbdtf
    3. no mercy
    4. banks hmf2
    5. teflon don

  • http://usershare.net/e97ii4u825r3
    zee haze is that nigga.

  • Post no billz

    That crazy that the feds are spending all that money,resources and time shutting down hip hop blogs..

  • Post no billz

    Shit they prolly come to this one too.. Watch out rr..

  • Damn Homie

    I don’t.. to me.. it seems like T.I. done blew his shot at being one of the elite.. he got a second chance was in a movie and shit.. (though his music wasn’t getting much buzz) but less then 6 months out he back in.. feels like this is it for him.. that he never gonna be relevant again..

    Reason why I say that.. is cuz nigga never really had a huge widespread buzz.. he was hot in the south.. but not yet crossing over like wayne or someone like that.. when he get out next time.. nigga gonna be a marginal star.. no one is gonna back him.. or let him endorse they shit.. he’s to unreliable at this point.. this nigga.. done left MILLIONS on the table bc he can’t get his habits straight..

    nigga you a millionaire.. STAY THE FUCK HOME.. and pop pills with Shrek.. or whatever yall into.. don’t go riding around like a dumb muthafucka.. you know your car to nice for yo ghetto lookin ass and you gonna get stopped everytime you hit the block.. damn.. you fucked up..

    you like the black axl rose.

  • agree with damn homie he was in his prime with music and taken over but screwed himself by going in and out of jail he wont be the same t.i no more he a good mc but think his time is over due being out the game this long.

  • HarlemRoyaltyCD



    Lawd, another one, another installment. I just getting tired of T .I.’s redemption songs and with snip movie. Just go on to prison, go directly to prison, do not pass go, do not stop by studio, just go go go

  • ^^@Damn homie seems you got a case of bipolar! smfh its never over for a king just taking a little hitus. he be back to cut some of the rap game jesters heads off! and eminem recovery album was garbage! where im from we call that trash talk.


    this clown got a blog talkin bout he sick and tired of jail.. nigga it took u ten times to realize that shit.. this guys crazy .. i bet u is sick and tired asshole.. the plan suppose to be to stay out… how u keep going back.. i aitn got no sympthy for this fool.. keep fuckin it up till you at the point where u back to where u started. ..and i aint hearin no fuckin cd u making.. keep that water down bullshit ..

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  • Fuck your stats

    this bullshit album already leaked two days ago this album is trash T.I fell off

  • So Icy Boi!

    ^ Right that nigga album full of more pop songs than Eminem and most of the songs like “dead and gone” type songs

  • Devil

    I’m getting tired of this nigga’s trailers, shut send him to jail and shut the fuck up.

  • Devil


  • bk82

    Boring !

  • Damn Homie

    Imagine.. a nigga named BLACK PANTHER.. hate Eminem.. in other breaking news.. it appears that the sky is blue!

    No one even mentioned him.. you blackin out.. on hate.

    T.I. is through.. he never was “king”.. only in his own mind.. and now he done blown his chance to be a crossover star… that niggaz buzz is like a bee with no stinger.. *dead*..

    and I heard the album… he shoulda kept that shit… I’d rather see Shrek (tiny) stripping then to listen to that shit nigga..

  • Ice Cold

    @Word Cosign

    Heard the album, shit is dope like castle walls, all she wrote and amazing

  • Damn Homie

    hmm… you might be out there on your own with this one.

  • pussy

    TI is king of the south …….niggas from the south are feeding on his trap shit he put them on the map again after outkast fucked up …TI>the south……n hez prolly going to have a number 1 album again…..he is not a good rapper but a great artist who is able to connect with his fans n his catalogue speaks for itself…..TI is a legend….

  • Word

    And I don’t get it. No Mercy is similar to Ems album but why nobody calling TI a pop star? Dude got Christina Aguilera on his shit and that’s okay with y’all?? The typical niggas saying Em is pop would shit on Em if he had Christina on his album but when TI dude it is cool.

    Imean like i said I liked the album but the double standards is crazy. 4/5 for the album

  • Money Mitch

    Yo there was a post on dx where he compared himself to Malcolm x and Jesus, that’s when I totally stopped listening

  • boston-morgan

    No Mercy is a dope album. My nigga tip back on his a-game.

  • powww

    yh No Mercy is a dope album

  • Belize

    @ boston-morgan: When was T.I. not on his A-game?
    @what could have been: How bout you replace Telfon Don with Sir Lucious Left Foot? And HFM2>MDBTF. Both are really really dope, but I think Banks put a bit more effort. I would say Recovery, hfm2, mbdtf, Adventure of Bobby Ray, No Mercy, SLLFTSOCD (Big Boi album)
    These trailers aren’t that great. No Mercy is though.

  • mac DIESEL

    @ T.I.




    @mac DIESEL

    Still making dumb comment shout the fuck up you stupid BITCH

  • Big Mak

    My god … YOU WILL NEVER BE PAC … stop comparing yourself, stop acting like him and just carry on snitching and playing dirty with your cellmate big john