Waka Flocka Goes Gold With “No Hands”

Look ma, no hands. According to The Retail Chick, Waka’s radio rotator featuring Wale and Roscoe Dash, “No Hands” has moved 662,551 digital copies and has officially struck gold. Like it or not, this guy is doing something right. Gotta RESPECT that.

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  • Mitch 3k

    Not surprising, he’s a singles artist, the kind of guy who you dont care about but has that one song that might fit into a mix CD. Basically Soulja Boy 2.0

    How’s his album doing again????

  • alldope795

    @Mitch 3k
    hahaha xD soulja boy 2.0, nice one.

    anyway… i remember when rapradar first posted this song up, like…back in the summer…
    they werent digging it.
    matter of fact, MANY weren’t diggin it :/
    i did, which was unusual b/c i dont like waka music.
    but WALE’s feature made it a good song.

  • dannidavito

    good for him. getcha money while u can cause ur run aint a long one!

  • Donn

    I dont listen to Waka and never heard this song but i just wanted to post and say congratulations. Cus there’s not much positivity on this site. Good job Waka

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Wayne<Waka. Its face it proof is proof#im just saying.

  • Itz Yourz

    Hey, when its hot its hot…thats ah nice look for him.

  • Post no billz

    I know waka aint gonna be nominated for lyricst of the year anytime soon.. But his singles are catchy…

  • The beat made me do it

    Donn is so gay Elton John thinks your a sissy

  • reallyb

    congrats to a real nigga

  • CM

    doing something right or the listeners are just falling victim to the stupidity of todays music?…just sayin

  • Purple Sweater Gang

    Without Wale this song is shit… its still catchy but Wale the only one with a lyrical skills.. Nuff.

  • ALL THAT AZZ IN YO JEANS!! Waka spit that flame! Play waka in the whip bad bitches go crazy! If you hate on waka you defintly dont get no cat unlike myself! Good look for a real nigga who tell you like it is! WAKA AND I FEED OFF HATE!!

  • ME

    These laptop gangsters dont know how hard this song goes when females are around in the club/party. Shit is a banger. I agree wacka is a singles artists

  • studiothuggizmz

    wale wouldn’t be noticed amongst the mainstream if it wasn’t for thay song that’s his biggest hit to date. he released like 8 singles off his album & still couldn’t go gold.

  • haters are annoying

    ZoomZoomDad-Otis your bitch ass just said waka > wayne ??? jump of a cliff eminem stans are fucking pathetic

    topic: waka is making dance records thats it,,,, waka sold more then bank lmfao

  • He suck…will never buy his album…..but will download these type of songs with that one good feature wich is wale or is something catchy…

  • Vinny

    i’m sorry for the 662,551 ppl who downloaded that piece of shit

  • Fuck Ya Life


    Don’t be sorry for them, they was dumb as fuck for even wiling to spend there money on it in the first place.

  • ^^@Donn have you being living under tombstone or a rock? Waka sold more than bank and had 3 club banges to get you update! O lets do it Hard in the paint and No fuckin hands! Not going to *quote* hate on you cause i can tell you rarely get out so go back and listen to that wannabe black pop rapper feminem! ha! Smfh
    Keep up the postive shit cause it hilarious!

  • Word

    @haters are annoying

    Wait, dude says Waka > Wayne and so that means he a Em stan? Explain that to me…cuz that really makes no sense

    @Black Panther

    So you a Waka Flocka fan huh? You get paid to dick ride him or do you do it for free? Prolly for free. You braggin bout dude music like niggas give a fuck what club bangers he put out. I doubt this nigga even puts out more music, his time is up.

  • Word

    And he did NOT sell more than Banks

    “The album debuted at #6 on the Billboard 200 with 37,000 copies sold in the first week released and as of November 24, 2010 the album has sold 97,000 copies in the United States” – On Waka Flocka “Flockaveli”

    The fuck? What are you niggas smoking thinking he sold more than Banks?

  • Can we just give Wale the Gold plaque? He made the song.

  • haters are annoying

    @word cause he always talking about eminem on every wayne post and talking shit about wayne all the time lol

  • seriously

    you people who keep calling Donn gay….why have you not realized that she is a woman? Lol. She’s mentioned it a few times.

  • deetruth

    @studiothuggizmz name the 8 singles wale put out? ill wait while you never reply fucking wale haters say the dumbest shit its pathetic if you dont like sumbody stfu about them why go out of your way to post a hate comment gay ass bitch

  • Yo word stop fucking acting like you dont know [email protected] are annoying what getting @. If you hate wayne you like em and vice versa. Dont come with shit explain what you mean? Nigga you be on feminem dick then award shows! ha Smfh

  • Donn


    Naw i’m a guy, but u don’t have to say nuthen, hiphop fans have been designed to call everything they don’t like gay. HipHop is full of homophobia and i’m not gay which is the crazier part. I just try to stay as positive as i can. But wateva….

  • nonstop

    Smfh wale got 100,000 downloads for his mixtape in the first hour…. he has the best lyrical flow and wordplay of any artist out right now.. just because he’s not on the gay radio doesn’t mean he’s not mainstream

  • Donn why do you sterotype hip hop? What happen to staying postive? Yo make up your mind! and dam if you are not a female you fool everybody on rr. youre softer than charmin tissue and new born booty combine! And if you really are a female its ok cause i love to fuck dem!

  • Donn

    @Black Panther

    Wow…not even gonna respond to that disrespect.

  • fuk waka


  • you stay underground you stay broke as fuck

    oh shit !somethings wrong!why would you listen to this dude?he suck so bad

  • studiothuggizmz

    @deetruth @nonstop you must be part of his homo I mean promo team if so you need to be fired. wale is ass. waka is super ass but at least he went gold. fuck mixtape downloads sell some records. wale had a song with lady gaga & still couldn’t chart. stfu with that bullshit he’s not all that lyrically. he did have a nice verse on ” no hands ” but like I said & I want you wale groupies to hear me loud & clear THAT WAS HIS BIGGEST HIT! get over it.

    Banks did 44k gtfoh!

  • ^^How many albums have he puted out? Yeah to many exactly ! After that low he should sign to aftermath (pun intended)! smfh Waka had feat with niggar who are irrevlent unlike bank and he still did his number. Just cause youre a fan doesnt mean you need to be blinded by his chart topper hit.

  • Word

    @Black Panther

    Lemme guess, you from the south ain’t you? Atlanta maybe? I ain’t tryna say all Atlanta people are ignorant but most of the ones on this site are. And how is it if you hate Wayne you automatically like Em? If you hate Wayne, that means you like other shit like Jay Nas Kanye, you know…real shit. Southern heads be saying the dumbest things sometimes

  • still best rite now!!

    idk what the fk yall talkin bout…this is Wale’s first plaque! fuck a mixtape download

  • dan

    the only reason this songs hot because of the hook. im happy for wale but i really could care less about waka

  • your pusha

    i can see waka getting better and surprise everyone

  • studiothuggizmz

    @stillthebestrightnow co-sign. if we were talking mixtape downloads waka still got wale beat lmao! fuck wale & his groupies end of story!

    like I said earlier banks did 44k lmmfao!

  • wow

    people what does eminem have to do with anything related to this post? Get a life people.

  • “Right” is subjective lol

  • Belize

    smh. Bitches just buy whatever plays at the club so they can practice they booty technique.

  • 3000×3000


  • guest

    WHAT!!!! this is some bulls**t… this song is not waka’s, its roscue’s and its featuring waka (and wale)….plus wale went the hardest so if ANYONE is getting credit for the song’s success its wale

  • Eddie

    662,551 people in the world own a wacka flocka album? how sad is that. We’re all doomed. smh.

  • Eddie

    or is it just a single? that’d make me feel a little better.

  • @Word i guess youre from the north air headed white boy! Cant hide behind the screen bitch ass!

  • Waka the best and im frow the bk!

  • Word you need to expand music wise just box in like a cell!

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