New Video: Clipse x Pharrell “Life Change”

[vodpod id=Video.5038409&w=425&h=350&fv=sid%3DMTV_Videos%26amp%3BconfigParams%3Dinstance%253Dmtv%2526vid%253D602862%2526id%253D1518072%26amp%3BautoPlay%3Dfalse]

Better late than never, but the Thornton Bros. and Pharrell finally release the video for the final track off Til The Casket Drops.


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  • james

    damn this was my favorite song on that album.

  • This was incredibly good.

  • Is it just me or did Pusha sound a bit like Pac on that verse?

  • Sony Music Intern

    i think it should say Clipse x Pharrell x Kenna

    btw i herd j cole new shit in the offices 2day fuckin fire

  • Great,,, such a great song

  • CaniBlog?

    Haven’t felt a video like this in awhile deep song great visuals simple but to the point fits the song perfectly.

  • sway-z

    Crazy!! Definitely my favorite cut off the album, we need more real shit like this

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  • wow

    incredible song and nice visual as well…yo that kenna dude looks weird man

  • yepANDnope

    Nice to see my DUDE Kenna gettin some shine. Make Sure They See My Face gets bumped daily.

    “War in Me” is one of the greatest songs of all time.

    Sorry for my tangent. lol.

  • this is a hip hop video……………we havent seen any in a few years…………neptunes may not make it on commercial albums ,but they do stick to classic cuts like these STARTRAK is a movement!!!!

  • nah

    BOOOORING! Ok i understand ya miss hiphop storytelling but this is average at best,same boring music by pharell n clipse r very overated! they can ryme but there delivery never impresses me!its just lacklustre! but i guess for a change its ok.

  • Feenixa

    i thought that was kenna…why didn’t rapradar give him any props?
    good video, great song

  • Goldie


  • @nah u seriously come from some country like china ……..clipse overrated :DDDD you are a true idiot 4 real…………nice one !!who is your choice 4 a good rapper ??let me guest 50 cent or maybe t-pain ….get out of here this is a rap blog!!JUSTIN BIEBER is not here!!