Rick Ross x Wiz Khalifa Uncovered

Here’s a look behind the scenes with The Source‘s number one draft picks. Wiz Khalifa’s vignette after the jump. Issue hits nationwide December 14th.

Earlier in the week we showed you the rookie of the year, Wiz Khalifa UNCOVERED with The Source Magazine. Now, take a look at the Man Of The Year Rick Ross behind the scenes and UNCOVERED with The Source. He’s not a star? Somebody lied.

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  • J.B.


  • fuk waka

    fuk sakeeee….. hope dis is the last post abt dis titty guy and his source cover

  • HipHopfam

    Yaaaaaaboyy Rossss

  • luck lady

    I love Rick his big ole belly . . . i didnt know Source put out videos . . .gotta check them out

  • NikeQuick56


  • NikeQuick56

    Fat Mothaaa Fukkkerrrrr THE SOURCE Cover looks freshhhhhh

  • Dmizzy



  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    The Officer and a Weed Smoker.

  • Give me The Loop

    Im still pumping BMF I dont know about all of you…..!!!!!!!!!!!! Word best song of the summer

  • DEEEbo

    Taylor Gang or fight Kimbo Slice!!!!

    “Its my bike PUNK”

  • DetroitFamilyMafia

    I cant believe how many fans love this dude Wiz hes like a Snoop for this new generation. Whatever Black And Yellow !

  • NinoJack

    Taylor Gang or work in a salon givin girls pedicures for the rest of your life

  • Taylor89

    Taylor Gang or Drink a cup full of glass shittt it out and use that stupid ass XXL fifty and Soulja boy cover to wipe

  • Turtle292

    word, that why the fuck 50 look like a stupid ass mummy on that shit

  • Shitface

    I been on Wiz shit since Prince of the City, dude can flow

    Ross the dude too, Teflon Don is a classic

  • Taylor Gang or Die

    Taylor Gang and Teflon Dons

    Wiz on Last Train To Paris, The new Jamie Foxx album dudes everywhere……..

    Youuu know what it isssssss!!!!

  • Moxmie

    LOL @ taylor89

  • GssssssUp

    Taylor Gang or catch 3 stds at once, thats word to my man Wiz, thats my son, ill murder ya for that boy

  • SoWatImFat

    i wanna out-eat my nigga Ross, i fucks with all the 5 star restaurtants in Miami, buffet style, he CANT SEE ME

  • SpeakerBoxYourMother

    Word Wiz got the #1 hip hop track on iTunes

    Speaker Box You Mother

  • SoWatImFat

    HAHAHAHAHAHA @ GsssssUp, u sound real G’d up my man, u Wiz bodyguard?

  • SoWatImFat

    I eat shrimp for breakfast, Ross, wats good

  • GssssssUp


    You just said you wanted to eat that dude out choose your words homie……. Ross probably closest thing to King Kong Fatt dude…..Wiz be madddd skinnyyyyyy

  • ImNiceSon

    Who is the top Fattest Rappers of All time

    0All Fat Boys combined 1Big Pun 2Rick Ross 3 Biggie 4Heavy D

    Who is the top Skinniest Rappers of All time

    1Snoop Dogg 2Wiz Khalifa 3Nipsey Hussle 4Big Sean (all them new rappers hungry…litreally)

  • SwallowMyNutz!

    They both eat DICK!!!!False ruined Hip Hop!!!!

  • haters are annoying

    fuck taylor gang

  • Belize

    Wiz>>>>Po-po Ross.

  • GssssssUp

    damm they both eat dick thats cool that thought must have popped into your head i guess the real question hear is your sexuality @SwallowMyNutz!

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