How To Roll A Joint By Wiz Khalifa

One of the things you need to know when smoking the best weed is the best way to roll a joint and Wiz gives us a step by step lesson. Take notes, smokers. Twist it, bite it, light it. Got it?


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  • good ish

    nice J but ur a one hit hit wonder with black and yellow ur music sucks and its not cool to smoke weed inless ur in highschool or got cancer brah grow up

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  • ohioindishoe

    my nigga

  • dumb dumb

    Rap radar you should be ashamed of yourselves, but anything for hits huh

  • me

    I dont smoke, but this was interesting none the less lol

  • Ms Molly

    Well, I gave smoking weed up. But when I did smoke, I didn’t need to let everyone know I did, NOR did i try and make it look cool. It was my choice, but the truth is, if you want to escape from your problems or whatever, then try something else.

  • JD

    man dont hate on the weed you fucking bloggers!
    wiz is still dope
    weed is just weed,just like drinking?
    everyone can do it and no one gives a fuck!
    its their lives…let them live

  • nah

    i dont condone smoking ,even tho this was interesting. not everyone is mentally strong enough to handle weed! its a sacred plant ,u seen what it did to Adam and eve right ? ok then lol

  • set em straight

    This niggas fingers look like the crip keepers fingers..Dude is wack he was on green laterns radio show and couldnt even freestyle and the dummy just got busted with the same shit he’s rolling.SMH

  • not fucking around

    okay so he say its perfect and that it lite perfect yet he lites it like 4 times, if its perfect you shouldnt have to do that

  • Wack! shit i still would blow wiz and then that weed lol

  • tr

    Interesting vid.

  • kghj

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  • Itz Yourz

    Very incriminating wiz….its not legal yet. So hold on showing people illegal drug use.

    When it already rolled people cant say what it is. Thats how you burn on camera.



  • Z

    this was entertaining

  • JaeSays

    cosign @good ish. I don’t really knock those who smoke though but why do you feel the need to broadcast that aaaallll the time. A lot of artists smoke weed but unlike you, they don’t allow that to become their main subject matter when rapping. Get over it Wiz, you’re not cool because you smoke and your music lacks substance. no pun intended.

  • [email protected] Yeah of course i just smoked two
    with the same technic no joke [email protected]
    wanna bet it’s the same strong kush to.
    That is possible of course. 1 in 150

  • Able Danger

    Dude is having fun, not a top sixty-fiver, but has the college kids by their nugs.

  • Jersey

    He’ll be joining TI and DMX in jail soon….

  • kiddo

    weed = overrated
    rapping about smoking is also really dumb. Eminem raps about real things. Even Wayne doesn’t rap that much about it and he constantly smokes.

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  • villain

    u dont smoke weed u can press fastfoward for the rest of us smoke weed everyday while playing wiz khalifa – supply

  • Profit almighty

    That was one of the most instructional rolling video ive ever seen. Actually learned a couple things. I stop smoking blunts cause of the harsh leaf. We smoke BOB Marley Style!
    This is the KUSH KULTURE! Dont hate on the ganja lames.

  • Ricky Retardo

    for those that don’t smoke why did you watch a video based around smoking? do straight men watch Gay porn? I hope not!

    to top it off you complained about what you saw like it was forced upon you. “grow up”. you don’t hit the weed more power to you but don’t preach about its not cool to smoke. cuz you ain’t high don’t mean you gotta fuck my high up.

  • but where the hos at tho?

  • hi haters

    for such a smoker he doesn’t twist very clean!! now if he was up on game he woulda rolled that joint inside out………..the way he rolls looks like he’s usin’ trainin’ wheels- what kinda smoker pre-twists the tip so none falls out that’s straight rookie status lol as for all you “smoking is for HS”, and all that dumb ish, i bet you get stupid drunk?!! trust, that ain’t a good look either! just cuz smokin’ is illegal doesn’t mean it’s bad, the same way jus because drinkin’ is legal doesn’t mean it’s good! do you know anyone who can make alcohol like talkin’ bout, the same way one can grow a plant…c’mon you simpletons!

  • Donn

    And ppl wonder why hiphop gets stereotyped, where’s Lupe when you need him. Can’t wait for LASERS. Dude is talented but u just got arrested dude. Where is JayZ to teach these kids

  • Joe Isuzu

    Mr. E Z Wider voice… “Man, this shit feel so good, I got me a curly hair bad bitch rollin up doobies as we speak! We gon’ smoke blunts y’all”

  • BIG T

    Nothing new. Thats how we do it on the central coast california baby! Wiz is tight aint hatin

  • Wiz

    damn, i love it when ya’ll hate when you don’t even know what you are talking about. It is totally fine for wiz to be smoking, that shit is all medical. The reason he got busted is because he had more than his alotted amount so they were trying to get him on intent to sell. but he is still legally allowed to role one up.

  • Ms Molly

    How come your a hater because you have a different opinion? I can’t judge because as I said in my last post ” I used to smoke”. I don’t have a problem with smoking weed, I just think you should be mature enough to do it if your going to do it. And from what I’ve been reading, yall don’t sound like it! I’m speaking for the young fans who may look up to Wiz, and watch this video, and say, “Ohhhh, that’s how you do it! Now I can roll up!” Yes, people believe it or not, you have some young adults who do follow trends, and are very influenced by rap. And some us say its not “cool to smoke” because SOME PEOPLE ACTUALLY SMOKE BECAUSE THEY THINK ITS COOL! Like some people smoke Newports because they think its”COOL”. If your gonna do it, then fine, but how about it be for your own reasons then trying to fit in, lames. If you smoke then that’s YOUR choice. Don’t tell me I can’t make mine because your so caught up on getting high. And If you find yourself offended by this post, then your probably only smoking now because you think your cool, dummy. How dumb do yall sound to be adults (I assume) and say your a HATER because your encouraging people to find something else to do instead of putting smoke in your lungs.

    P.S I don’t drink either.

  • wizkid

    @goodish wiz can’t be a 1 hit wonder he already has more than 1 hit every head of this plane and say yea, deal or no deal was #1 on digital charts so research before you hate.

  • BBoggz

    that was cool. I like the W in the filter.

  • wizkid

    wiz been doing daytoday for like 2 years now its a shame he can’t do them without it ending up on every blog site now for haters to critique wiz fans no he get a lot of blunt smokers asking him all kinda question about why he switched and blah blah blah this was his answer to them it was not to make it seem like he the expert on joint it was meant for his fans but the video ended up on wshh and hear and no telling where else.

  • FiasCO

    Smoke weed everyday babay wiz is one of the best out and i smoke blunts but i gotta try this and see how it hits. if you dont smoke nobody cares jus leave and go on wit yo sorry ass lives. stay high TAYLOR GANG OR DIE BIEEECH

  • Y.G.R.N.

    i peeped how he tried to shoot down the “papers burn too fast” retort. if you roll a joint identical to his, it’ll burn about as long as a Dutch but Wiz threw like 2 grams in his joint. that’s the only way you can get a joint to burn slow..

    i’ll stick to Dutches, b.

  • yoyp

    What a loser, dude does not have anything else to offer.

  • hi haters

    @msmolly no one is interested in your history… and you speak about why someone is hatin’ when they state their (different) opinion, um, you should re-read your first post cuz that is textbook hatin’ “I didn’t need to let everyone know I did, NOR did i try and make it look cool”.. and your second post “Don’t tell me I can’t make mine because your so caught up on getting high.” *see previous sentence* as for the Newports tip, really?!! #fail 🙂
    ps “you madddddddddddddddddddddddd”

  • Big Homie

    When I did smoke weed, I would of rolled about four joints during the time it took Wiz to roll just that one and probably got just as high.

  • Lu

    I gave this up a couple of years ago but I used to roll damn near perfect joints….I was a firm believer of the filter…..He really should give this is fucking him up

  • JAYE hot. tub. there is a god!

  • Breezy

    that was retarded

    fuck weed and wiz

  • hi haters

    @rickyretardo although i might not have used the same analogy you did, great pt about non-smokers watchin’ a vid based on smokin’, and subsequently hatin’…………. no one forced them to press play, yet they feel the need to comment!! “get a life” is what comes to mind lol

  • where r wiz khalifa papers sold shittt i need me sum!!


  • Ms Molly

    Diss me and you’ll never hear a reply for it……

  • Rhyme

    Jays are wack, blunts are where its at.

  • Herb Green

    Keep doing your thing Wiz!. I fucks with Wiz but I dont fuck with papers. Blunts is where its at, I dont know why Wiz wants everyone on papers. To each his own. Get blitzed niggas!

  • Berlin Slim

    thats how to roll a joint? must be the lazy american can match the double inverted sliff mang!


    The “W” was flyyyy!!!!

    Also the line about breaking up your ingredients with your fingers is prehistoric…. hilarious!!!

    Wiz this was a fresh video.



    Curren$y is that dude.

    His lyrics are NICE.


  • JaeSays

    @FiasCo you proved Ms. Molly’s point smh. Well said Ms. Molly.

  • weed is lame

  • fame

    wiz is doin him.. If you dnt smoke.. Shut da fuck up.. N by the way his music is fire.. I fuc wit wiz dats y I check the vid.. If you dnt fuc wit him.. I advise dnt watch da vid bittttccchhhh…lol

  • yard_warrior

    As a Jamaican, i can relate to this..except his spliff is too small……..

  • prime picasso

    stfu @ good ish …pussy ass..check the youtube views this is way b4 black n yellow..puff puff pass fagot

  • Bret

    One hit wonder? He’s got like 9 mix tapes full of sick tracks… Fall on a knife.

  • For all of you saying he shouldnt be putting this on youtube.

    Did anyone else notice that he is advertising his rolling papers… smart move.

  • Broke Iz A DIsease

    C’mon man, stop frontin like that shit ain’t canoeing like a bitch.

    Backwoods Sweets only, none of that fruity Raspberry or Banana flavor either.

  • hi haters

    ^^ u jus replied lol

  • hi haters

    @msmolly ^^


  • yurr


  • Belize

    ……………..That’s great Wiz. We’ll remember that when you’re in jail.

  • you light the joint to many times to get it burning, i know you dont wanna smoke that paper but still that aint how you get an even burn… waste of good smoke yung khalifa mang

  • Ya’ll are so quik to criticize. “Smoking weed is what you do in High School”, “When I DID smoke, I didn’t let everyone know” etc….. But ya’ll the same ones to go out and get that bottle of Ciroc, Diddy pushin, or that bottle of Conjure Luda pushin. STFU!! You lil kids wanna bitch?? Go back to 92. A LP called “Whut Thee Album” (You don’t know who, kill yourself)….nobody talkin shit on Mr. Noble for teaching us all “How To Roll A Blunt”.

  • feining liquor often

    ya’ll hating for smoking weed? get the fuck outta here

  • haters are annoying

    WEED HEAD !!!

  • Slim

    Why he so pressed to let everyone know he’s high 24-7? Oh well.

  • NotoriousRambo.


  • Ryuk

    kiddo says:
    Sunday, December 05 2010 at 10:26 PM EST
    weed = overrated
    rapping about smoking is also really dumb. Eminem raps about real things. Even Wayne doesn’t rap that much about it and he constantly smokes.

    Yeah rapping about gays, and your dad puting his dick in you as a joe is as real as it gets. Now go kill yourself.

    I knew there would be hate in the comments section but you guys are reaching.

  • Davon

    He is definitly going to jail like dumb nigga for that

  • get it right

    you cant get in legal trouble if there is a picture of you smoking weed or a video of you doing it…but it does give them a reason to try and bust him cuz hes probably got weed everywhere he goes….but hes probably smarter about it than he shows, hes just tricking us into believing he isnt which is what gets him such attention…

  • Mr.west

    Kush (extended west mix) 2 game verses

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  • M.Rager92

    All these haters on Wiz And weed??!?!? all these conservative republicans on rapradar

  • jim
  • jim
  • Tagz

    Weak J, I’m from Amsterdam, I laugh at that…

  • JayJay

    Wiz you inspire me at everything
    your the best
    Taylor Gang or Die!!

  • JayJay

    And all you haters
    shut the fuck up

  • Breezy

    @hi haters s you did the same exact thing as me so why should i get a life dumbfuck? you wasted your time commenting too stupid ass

  • Breezy

    @JayJay he inspires you? wow america is now ruined kids these days are amazed by “weed” this is very sad our youth is fucked

  • Breezy

    @M.Rager92 shut the hell up your probably a dumb ass teenager therefore you have no say what s ever you young fucker ….get outta here and go get high loser

  • Dominic

    I don’t smoke, don’t condone it, but hey, that was an interesting vid though.

  • hi haters

    @breezy shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ur not makin’ sense!! sit boo boo, good dog 🙂

  • HAHA

    @Ricky Retardo just said hes gay and watches gay porn!

  • BrookLyn

    Wiz is Deff. Not a one hit wonder. My son is a beast just download one of his mixtapes and sit down and listent to dat shit is so hawd!!!!!!!!!!!! all ya niggas need to FALL BACK and let dis nigga get money and smoke at the same time! WHat a LIFE

  • Talyor Gang Or Drive Drunk

    HE inspires me too..
    Talyor Gang

  • ODM3TheTruth


    Not hating on weed. Do your thing Wiz, but really?

    I mean you open yourself to getting busted by the police.

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  • Germ

    Yeah, geez. What kind of fucking rap blog is this? All I see is people bitching about random ass Wacka Flocka garbage. If you don’t smoke, don’t listen to stoner music. Don’t hate on people who do different shit than you just because it’s different… smfh…

  • KiDCuDiMAN

    Like he said, “Its harmless.” Why you niggas worried about what this man doin.. he aint hurting nobody by smoking bud. He aint got a family to support or anything to worry about man, just making music. And nobody forced you to watch this video so shut the fuck up.

  • Fuck wiz!

  • Real Talk

    You guys are all haters. If you didnt want to know how to roll the perfect joint, then dont click on the got damned link. And one hit wonder? You just prolly listen to the corny shit you hear on the radio. Listen to the album Show and Prove, Kush and OJ, Deal or No Deal, Prince of the City, ect…. there are many more great albums. And oh yeah grown ups smoke too. You just hating cuz he rolls good dank not that shwag you losers are used to! Now thats Real Talk b*tch!

  • white person

    if u don’t smoke marijuana you should i smoke everyday and im a judge so it seems strange that lowlifes dare even criticise the personal act of consuming the ganja also i know their are millions of smokers so music about weed culture will always have a demographic lastly i just want to shout out burna.

  • weeklyburn

    stop hating wiz is da boss

  • konneh

    whadda…. , what website is this… I have never seen people trying to diss Wiz…


    manne fuqq tha Bs,when and if you make it to get famous yo aint gone want ppl spending their precoius time to criticize yo shxt even tho you got it made,talkn shxt dont change a damn thang.! if thass hw he roll then lettem roll up,i’d be honored to blow wit my nigguh wiz.! Too many haters if you ain posotive then stay the fuqq off.!

  • julia rivera

    all you niggas & bitches is just mad because wiz khalifa is comming up and he showing that he’s better then EVERYBODY elseee real talk ; i LOVE wiz khalifa and taylor gang .. nd whoever dont like him could just blow dee ! anyway i’ma get back to this joint so byeee , btw : taylor gang OR die <3

  • jeff gadz

    your a faggot at the top wiz is my boy

  • froggie06

    dammmmm!!! lol all of his shit over a video of how to roll a joint??? really?? leave wiz alone…let him smoke shit…like you all said its ppls choice to smoke or not so why you hatingg?? nd so what if he sings bout weed all day?? u dnt like it dnt listen to it duh!!!!! its not for u its for those who wanna hear it:) nd for the youngsters tht watch this u swear like its their first time…weeds everywhere just like ciggs nd alcohol young kids see tht shit everyday so why complain to wiz?? he aint their daddy! hes single nd living life the way HE wants! so weather wiz post up videos of rolling weed nd smoking weed up dnt make a fuckin difference now a days shits all on blast no one cares anymore kids are having kids..teens are dropping out. abortions happen everyday so why dont all of you haters focus on something important nd get off wiz’s sack!!!

  • Kunal phalak

    I lov smokin’ weed!
    Nd i’l follow uo tips……
    Itz alluring!
    i lov uo music KHALIFA!

  • FckShtUp

    its funny, all these comments were from 2010. look at wiz now. still up writing and still smoking weed. mad respect!

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  • Ryan babbs

    Nice hot tob can I have any that that fill in the water haha!